Jobless During COVID-19? Try These Websites & Make Money During Lockdown

Jobless During COVID-19? Try These Websites & Make Money During Lockdown-feature image
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“100 million and more jobs are at risk… The unemployment rate in India has increased by 23% since lockdown… We have agreed for a 10 per cent pay cut because we want everyone’s job to be safe. It is better to take a pay cut than lose jobs – Bajaj Auto Union”

Well these are the headlines from different news websites, which are certainly scarier that any horror shows on Netflix! So, how will India survive the lockdown? Here’re a few ideas and the websites on how to make money online during lockdown and manage your expenses.

15 Websites To Make Money During Lockdown in India

Share & Earn Money Online up to 40 Thousand Per Month

There must be some start-up entrepreneurs in your list who are looking for tech solutions, or someone in your acquaintance who lacks resources to sustain their business and make money during lockdown. You can refer different tech solutions to them and earn commission on every sale.

  • BigRock

Sign up for BigRock affiliate program and earn up to Rs 10K per sale. As soon as you register at the BigRock page, you will get access to their attractive promotional banners. Just share these banners on your website, blog site, social media pages, etc. and earn money or commission by driving visitors on their website that convert.

  • Tech Bandhu

Tech Bandhu is a money earning app created by Techjockey, an ecommerce platform for business software in India. Through this app, students, professionals, housewives and retired professionals, anyone can make money online. You can sign up for free and get access to in-demand software solutions, which any SMB, start-up or enterprise would need at this time.

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Earn Money in Lockdown Up to ₹500 Per Hour with Online Tutoring

Online education has become the new normal! Traditional classrooms might stay closed for a few more days or months, so why not connect with your students online and make money during lockdown!

  • BharatTutors

On this website, you can search for different tutoring jobs as per your skills and knowledge base and register yourself as a tutor. It helps connect with your students to start online teaching and keep your income flow consistent as you make online money.

  • TutorIndia

This is another popular website to register yourself as a tutor at the time when regular schooling is a far cry. So, you can earn sustainable income during the lockdown by registering yourself as a teacher and becoming a part of one of the most demanding career options in India currently.

Get into Translation & Make Money Online Up to ₹5 Per Word

There is always a demand for multilinguals who have a knack for learning and writing different languages. Different freelancing sites provide such freelancing project opportunities, where you are paid on successful task completion, in other words make online money that too during lockdown in India.


At Upwork, you can charge on hourly basis or have a fixed charge. You can take as many projects as you can as per your schedule. Your clients can also review your work to further enhance your chances to make money during lockdown.


You will find many translation jobs on Freelancer. So, this is the best time to earn some money by utilizing your multilingual skills and take up various translation jobs in global or regional languages.

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Add to Your Revenue with Web Designing Projects

Depending upon the requirement of a project, you can easily earn online money up to Rs 20K! There is a huge demand for web designers and coders for setting up websites. Freelancing project sites like Fiverr and Upwork have plenty of jobs for web designing, which you can easily acquire if you adopt the approach of design thinking.

  • Facebook Communities for Freelancers

People and businesses often post their job requirements on such communities. You can share your interest in a project and contact them with your work samples to get hired online! Facebook communities also provide a great opportunity for networking.

  • Fiverr

On this freelancing website, you can set your price upfront and work confidently with the payment guarantee. You can take up diverse types of projects for logo design, illustration, web and mobile design, cartoons and comics, etc.

  • Join Online Communities of Designers

Communities like DevianArt and CreativeMarket will not just help you rope in big graphic designing projects. These platforms have groups and forums to grab new opportunities and network with possible clients to make money during lockdown.

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Turn Your Passion for Photography into Income

There are many stock image websites where you can submit your best photographs and earn money with every image download. On an average, with the download of every image, you can get up to 4K or 5K.

  • Shutterstock

The price per download on Shutterstock increases with time. Initially, you will get ₹17 per download. Gradually, with Shutterstock image downloads, you can have a consistent income in thousands.

  • ImagesBazaar

With every license a customer buys for your image, you will earn the royalty amount. The royalty is a certain percentage of the amount paid by a customer. More license purchases by customers for your images, the higher will be your income.

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Make Money Up to ₹300 Per Hour with Data Entry Jobs

While businesses are operating remotely, they are dealing with a large amount of data lying unattended with the employees. If you don’t mind spending hours on Excel sheets, you can easily begin with data entry jobs from home and find a way to make money online.

Freelancing Sites

Such jobs require no specific skills. All you need is a system and a good internet connection to finish data entry projects on time. Some of the most trusted websites to find data entry jobs are and PeoplePerHour.

Participate in Survey & Feedback

Do you love to share your experience and options with the world? Well, this can now help you make money as well. Here is one of the best paid survey sites where you can earn and redeem points for sharing your views and feedback.

  • Clinchbucks

You can earn up to ₹500 per survey by answering to the questionnaire shared by different companies. Your surveys can help companies improve their products and services. You will have a way to earn money through Clinchbucks points, which you can convert into gift cards for different e-commerce sites to buy your essential and non-essential items.

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Start an Affiliate Business

If you have your own website or a blog page with a decent traffic, you can enroll in different affiliate programs to earn money during lockdown. Even social media influencers can get into the affiliate business to make money in the time of Coronavirus.

  • Flipkart & Amazon

Flipkart Affiliate & Amazon Associate programs are quite popular among the beginners who want to make quick money with affiliate marketing on their website.

  • Google AdSense

You can register on Google AdSense and get started. You will start getting ads from Google AdSense and you can earn commission on every purchase through your website. Different advertisers pay different amount. The more you sell, the more you earn!

You Can Earn for Being an Avid Music Listener

There are a few sites which pay you for reviewing the music available on their portal. The more music you can review in a day, the better you can earn. Whenever you feel sleepless or have free time, just review a few songs to earn money during the lockdown.

  • Slice the Pie

On this website, you get paid as per your star rating. And the star rating increase with the number of reviews you submit and the number of total words you write in the reviews. This is surely going to be one of the most enjoyable activities for which you will be paid that too during a lockdown!

Self-Publish Your Story on Amazon Kindle

  • Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is a great platform for the self-published writers to share their story with the world. You can register yourself on the platform with a minimal charge and start selling your books by setting a decent price.

Other Interesting Ways to Make Money During Lockdown

  • Make Trendy Masks from Recycled Fabrics

There must be some unused fabrics lying in your bed box. It’s time to take them out, sanitize and start making masks out of them. You can also make vibrant, printed masks with superheroes for kids, tailored masks for the elderly, extra-protection masks for those who need to step out of their house frequently. Customized, trendy mask will not just be in demand in your locality but also will be easily taken by chemist shops nearby. There is shortage of masks in India, and this is your chance to contribute to the noble cause making money from home during lockdown.

  • Create Your Own Art & Craft Collection

If you have a knack for art & craft, you an create your jewellery collections, home-decorative items, carry bags, printed containers, grocery baskets, paintings, etc. You can promote your collections on social media platform to make money online during the lockdown with the help of people in your locality or in your contacts.

  • Put Your Empty Parking Space on Rent

These days, people are completely homebound during the lockdown! There must be people in your locality who are finding it difficult to park their vehicles at a secure place. You can shell out your empty parking space with the assurance of security and make money during the lockdown.

5 Easy Ways Make Money Quickly as India Unlocks

You discovered some of the best websites to make money during the lockdown. But there are plenty of opportunities to make money fast as the lockdown ends.

  • Create Chatbots

Chatbots have quickly become one of the smartest ways to earn extra money. You can either create chatbots and sell them to a company to make quick money, or you can integrate the payment option in your chatbot. This way, you can offer products directly to your users and make sales.

  • Become a Career Coach

Children preparing for entrance exams need more help now than ever. As a career coach, you can assist them in selecting the right career path. This will be one of the most fulfilling jobs and you can do this online from anywhere.

  • Rent Your Car Out

If you don’t need your car quite frequently, you can rent it out and earn extra money. Start with a small website where you can create a network of your clients and track the location of your car in real-time. In the beginning, you can start renting out your car to acquaintances to ensure security.

  • Put Ads on Your Car

This is one of the quickest ways to earn money with zero investment. Just put an ad banner on the back window of your car and start earning money. No investment required and you can pick a brand that you want to promote.

  • House Cleaning/Car Cleaning Business

House cleaning and car cleaning business in India is still quite unorganized. Here’s an opportunity for you to start an online business with a network of trusted car cleaners and house helps in your locality and make money online fast. 

These websites will ensure that you earn money during COVID-19 lockdown! After all, you have to earn money online to continue with your passion and support your loved ones.

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