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  1. Toll Management Software System: Overview
  2. How Do Toll Information System Works?
  3. Salient Features of Toll Management System
  4. Key Benefits of Toll Management Software

Toll Management Software System: Overview

Toll management software is designed to streamline processes related to managing toll queues and transactions. It helps collect toll tax accurately and efficiently. Toll management system streamlines operations like vehicle classification, toll fee calculation, payment processing and receipt generation.

Toll gate management system helps private companies and highway authorities collect toll charges based on vehicle type, weight, and the distance of travel. It helps companies detect, prevent and avoid any leakage in revenue because of loopholes and pilferage.

Toll booth management software integrates all the hardware like automated barrier, FASTag readers, weighing scale, thermal printer, led screens, etc. It helps companies recover their investment efficiently without giving commuters a hard time.

How Do Toll Information System Works?

Toll booth management software integrates different devices and processes to collect toll taxes and charges efficiently. The toll collection process has multiple stages and procedures but can be summarized into four main phases.

  • Vehicle Classification

    An automatic vehicle classification system scans the vehicle's license plate and identifies its type, category, and operator.

    Advanced toll management system identifies the vehicles exempted from toll tax like government vehicles and other specified vehicles. The rest of the vehicles are classified based on the number of tires, the purpose of travel, and carrying weight. It helps in quick and accurate toll collection.

  • Toll Calculation

    Once the vehicles are classified, the data about distance travelled, carrying weight, and vehicle's size are fed into the toll management system. Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) software calculates the exact toll fee based on predetermined tariff, parameters, and vehicle classification.

  • Toll Charge Collection

    Once the toll charges are finalized, the collection is done either manually or automatically. Automated toll tax collection system includes FASTag readers, which read the FASTag of the vehicles and deduct the charges.

    If the vehicle is not equipped with FASTag, it will be sent for cash payment or manual billing. Manual billing can be either done through cash payment, card payment, or even UPI. The latest toll tax collection system allows users to pay toll charges online even before arriving at the toll plaza.

  • Receipt and Recording

    After the toll has been collected from vehicles, automated toll management system software generates receipts with a detailed breakdown and sends it to the thermal printer. Advance toll booth systems can even mail or SMS receipts directly to passengers.

    The toll gate management system is also connected to a centralized server for real-time data collection and record-keeping. It helps companies effectively manage their accounts by monitoring financials like average charge per vehicle, number of transactions, etc.

  • Audit and Reconciliation

    Audit and reconciliation are the last steps in toll collection process. Toll management system stores data in a centralized or cloud-based server. Online toll management system automatically matches the amount collected from commuters by tallying records, billing details, and receipts. It also helps identify any anomaly in charges/revenue by comparing the data.

Salient Features of Toll Management System

  • Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC): AVC technology helps classify vehicles based on their carrying weight, the number of tyres, and type. Automated vehicle classification helps in accurate toll charge calculation.
  • POS System: An integrated point of sale (POS) system is one of the essential features of toll management systems. The software can be integrated with thermal printers, cash drawers, bill validators, etc., to create a seamless experience for operators and travellers.
  • Payment Processing: Toll management systems in India have centralized and integrated payment processing features. Toll management software integrates with swipe machines, online payment gateways, UPI, etc., to process payment efficiently.
  • Receipt Generation: Toll management system software generates a printed receipt for passengers after toll payment. It helps customers get a detailed record of toll charges for reimbursement and expense claims.
  • FASTag Reading: FASTag reading helps companies to collect toll fees directly from vehicles using radiofrequency. It automatically deducts the calculated toll charges from FASTag users, enabling automatic toll collection.
  • Static Weigh Bridge: The static weighbridge option provides real-time data of the vehicle's weight. It enables toll operators to charge accurate toll fees based on the vehicle's weight and eliminate any possibilities of fraud or error in revenue generation.
  • Centralized Data Management: Toll gate management system ensures that all the information is stored in a centralized database. It helps companies use the exact data for toll collection, accounting, auditing, and reporting.
  • Audit Trail: Toll booth management system maintains a proper audit trail of every transaction. It helps with audit, finance monitoring, reconciliation of toll revenue, and accurate reporting.
  • Security and Surveillance: Security and surveillance system is an integral part of the toll gate management system. It helps companies monitor all traffic at the toll gate, identify any anomaly, counter revenue pilferage, and much more.
  • Reporting and Analytics: The reporting and analytics feature of the electronic toll management system helps companies monitor, track, and analyze all financial data. It helps companies to make data-driven decisions.
  • Self Service with Electronic Toll Collection: Electronic toll collection is an advanced feature of toll gate management software. It helps drivers and vehicle owners generate receipts on their own at toll plazas. Self-service system reduces cost, error, and time for toll charges collection.
  • Integration: Companies can integrate the toll collection system to existing IT infrastructure, surveillance system, accounting system, etc. for smooth data flow. It eliminates manual data entry, reducing error and processing time.
  • Automated Reconciliation: Automated reconciliation in toll collection systems helps track and verify every transaction against its counter receipt automatically. It helps in matching the cash declaration with daily transactions.

Key Benefits of Toll Management Software

  • Ease of Operations: Toll Plaza software offers an automatic process with minimum human intervention for toll fee charges. It helps in cost reduction, easy operation, and seamless integration with other systems.
  • Revenue Optimization: Advanced toll gate management software provides advanced features like audit reports, reconciliation, analytics, etc., to ensure accurate toll fee collection. It helps companies to optimize revenue by reducing error, pilferage, and omissions.
  • Integrated Process: Advanced toll collection software provides companies with various hardware like ETC, card acceptance devices, cash registers, etc. It helps in the seamless integration of all components and eliminates the need of manual data processing.
  • Detects and Prevent Revenue Pilferage: Toll booth management software helps companies effectively monitor toll plaza operations round the clock. It ensures the prevention of revenue leakage/pilferage caused due to manual transactions.
  • Security and Surveillance: Advanced toll management software is integrated with core security features like video surveillance, alarm bells, vehicle identification, etc. It provides an extra layer of security and helps in effective surveillance of toll plaza operations.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is another critical benefit of automated toll management software. It ensures better experience at tolls without compromising on security or revenue.
  • Government Compliances: Government compliances like Vehicle Identification numbers, driver identification, etc., can be easily managed with an advanced toll booth system. It ensures that all legal formalities are met and helps in smooth operations.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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FAQs About Toll Management Software

Although every toll management system has its specialization and features, Strenuus TMS and Metro TMS are widely regarded as the best toll management software.

Toll management software helps construction companies and highway authorities efficiently collect toll charges. It offers various features like automated toll calculation, integrated operations, accurate billing, etc.

Automated toll management software offers great benefits to toll operators in terms of easier toll operations, faster transactions, cost optimization, and quick receipt generation. 

Electronic toll collection systems automatically issue toll charges as soon as a vehicle stops at the toll plaza. The system identifies license plate and debits the amount from the account of registered vehicle owners. Vehicle do not need to stop; the amount is detected automatically from their registered account.

Metro TMS

Metro TMS

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GreenTech TotalToll

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What is Toll Management System?

Toll management system is designed to streamline processes related to managing toll queues and transactions. Basic features of Toll Management System includes Automatic Vehicle Classification, POS, FASTag Reading along with other toll booth management requirements.

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