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Best Gate Pass Management Software in 2024

What is Gate Pass Software?

Gate pass management software is an automated desktop application designed for monitoring and maintaining visitor records at the time of entry and exists to their respective premises. It is also used for preparing digital badges and tracking the overall duration of the visit. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Best Gate Pass Management Software

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Vizitor App

Vizitor App

Brand: Vizitor


5 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

Vizitor is an all-in-one visitor management platform to streamline visitor registration, improve security, and simplify check-ins.... Read More About Vizitor App read review arrow

₹14,400 /Year

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Facility Suite

Facility Suite

Brand: Fsuite Intelligence


4.5 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

Facility Suite is a facility management software that helps realtors to manage facilities operations efficiently. It helps your business to manage work pe... Read More About Facility Suite img

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Aarvi Society Management System

Aarvi Society Management System

Brand: Aarvi Technology

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Society Management System developed by Aarvi Technologies simplifies all tasks related to managing big and small housing societies. It also manages other... Read More About Aarvi Society Management System img

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One Stop Gate Pass

One Stop Gate Pass

Brand: Codeit Sofwares Ltd.


5 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

... Read More About One Stop Gate Pass img

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Brand: Envoy

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Envoy is a visitor management software especially designed to manage access facilities in an office. This visitor management software also offers support... Read More About Envoy img

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Cogent Gate Pass Management System

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Brand: Swipedon

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... Read More About SwipedOn img


Honeywell Forge (Formally Sine)

Price On Request

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Best Gate Pass Management Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

There exist two types of gate passes in security- RGP or returnable gate pass and NRGP or non-returnable gate pass. Returnable gate pass system is generated for those visitors or vehicles which has to go back or come again. The non returnable gate pass system is generated for those materials which have to enter your premise and not return.  

Visitor pass system is a computer application that ensures the security of an organization's premises by regularly monitoring the appointments and creating provisional digital badges for the visitor's convenience. 

Gate pass systems are used by companies for visitor and material management. The system is necessary to track and monitor the movement of materials, visitors and machines to and from your premises and ensures complete security.

Security gate pass systems help manage the movement of visitors and materials in your premise with instant alerts, tracking systems and visitors & material records. It helps prevent any anomalies or illegal activities.

The visitor gate pass systems support a drop-down menu and an easy interface for managing the arrival and exit of visitors and material within a premise. 

Some of the popular gate pass management systems are:  Traction Guest  Veris  Navigate360  The Receptionist  WorkInSync  WhosOnLocation  SwipedOn

Gate pass management software helps in improving security by meticulously tracking the entry & exit of people and goods at your facility.

Here are some of the highly recommended gate pass management software like Axis Gatepass, SwipedOn, Cogent Gate Pass Management and VisiTrack.

Some of the most noteworthy systems for material gate pass management are Versionx, OneStop, AXIS Gatepass and WINHMS.

Gate Pass Management Software Reviews


Vizitor App


“Digital transformation of business. Contactless check-in and check-out Easy to install . Easy to operate.”

- simar singh

See all Vizitor App reviewsimg

Buyer's Guide for Top Gate Pass Management Software

Found our list of Gate Pass Management Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What Is Gate Pass Management System?
  • Who Can Use Gate Pass Management Software?
  • Why Use Gate Pass Management Software?
  • How Does Gate Pass Management Software Work?
  • Most Common Features of Gate Pass Management Software
  • Advantages of a Gate Pass System
  • Online Gate Pass Management System Types
  • Things to Consider While Buying Gate Pass Management Software

What Is Gate Pass Management System?

Gate pass management systems are automated solutions designed for maintaining visitors' records, their entry & exit times, preparing digital badges and tracking the overall duration of visit. Gate pass software helps organizations maintain the daily record of visitors to their premises.

Manufacturing units, corporate offices and industrial organizations can automatically record visitors' data with gate pass management software. The software standardizes these processes with powerful dashboard functionality to manage visitors and ensure compliance and detailed reporting.

Who Can Use Gate Pass Management Software?

Gate pass management software is used by corporate offices, industries, and manufacturing plants to enhance their security, record visitors’ data and mitigate the risk of any unauthorized access. Hospitals, hotels, logistics companies, airports, schools & government agencies use this system to control and manage the movement of people or vehicles on their premises.

The software helps security personnel of a facility or event in managing entrance requests and keep a tab on people who have entered or exited a particular area. Moreover, it is also used by housing societies for visitor management and maintaining a robust security measure in the locality.

Why Use Gate Pass Management Software?

There are several reasons for choosing a gate pass management system:

  • Keep a check on visitors: Unlike the manual visitor tracking process, gate pass management software is a fast and reliable way to track guests at the entry or exit points. They are granted access after checking their record in the database. The security system assists the guards in checking visitors’ details, noting their arrival & departure times, recording vehicle information, etc. Moreover, it also enables the supervisor to manage MIS reports, employee attendance, shifts, leaves, and duty schedules.
  • Round-the-clock security: Gate pass systems are available in both offline and web-based versions that allow round the clock monitoring of visitor records with or without any human intervention. Additionally, some systems are also equipped with an image-capturing module, which allows your guards to capture visitors' pictures on arrival and provide a temporary ID card with the image.
  • Compliance with regulations: Companies have to follow certain rules and regulations about visitor management and access control. Gate pass management software helps them in seamless compliance with these rules by keeping accurate records and making sure that only authorized people are granted access to the facility. 
  • Smoother entry process: Moreover, the software helps in providing a world-class visitor experience by reducing the wait time to obtain ID cards or gate passes. By using this software, you can ensure a faster, more secure and smoother check-in process.

How Does Gate Pass Management Software Work?

Gate pass management software is specifically designed to ensure the security of buildings and manage visitors’ entry and exit process. Let's find out how this cutting-edge software system works.

Registration and check-in

When someone arrives at your facility, the software captures their basic information like name, contact detail, entry time, address, and the purpose of visit. Some software also comes with an image-capturing feature that allows you to keep a digital record and manage the movement of people and vehicles in your premises.

Manage check-out details

When visitors leave the premise, they use the management system to check out. It logs in their exit details and creates a thorough report of the total time they spent in the facility.

Employee authorization in corporates

To ensure hassle-free access to your employees, the gate pass management software can be integrated with HR software. On the other hand, for visitors, access is granted after meticulous inspection as per pre-defined aspects.

Most Common Features of Gate Pass Management Software

  • Approver workflow: Gate pass management systems help control the visitors’ approval workflow and configure sequential/parallel approvals anytime a gate pass request gets raised.
  • Reports and analytics: Gate pass systems convert the gate pass data generated so far into analytics and MIS reports for operational efficiency and better decision-making.
  • Tracking material movement: Online gate pass management systems make it easy to track the movement of materials at multiple branches or locations and generate reports in real-time.
  • Smart scheduling: Makes it easy to manage the schedule for material movement and real-time visitor tracking and material movement.
  • Image editing: Gate pass software has image editing capabilities that can be used for registering visitors' details and preparing provisional identity cards.
  • Instant notifications: This platform provides instant alerts to the host about a visitor's arrival, entry, and such details.
  • Visitor management: Gate pass systems are time-efficient tools that approve visitors’ entry to a company premises only after checking all records and that too within seconds.
  • Accurate records: The material gate pass management system ensures accurate records of every visitor detail and eliminates the possibility of data redundancy in any way.
  • Appointment management: Create appointments quickly through a gate pass management system and provide digital badges immediately on their visit.
  • Material details tracking: Details like the quantity, serial number, and vendor’s ID can be tracked and maintained in real time.

Advantages of a Gate Pass System

  • Enhanced security of buildings: Online gate pass management systems ensure complete security of entry and exit points by maintaining a complete record of visitor entries, company vehicles and material entry.
  • Easy administrative functions: This software provides an interactive interface as a result of which cross-checking the visitors' validity and maintaining the administrative database is super easy.
  • Automated gate pass workflow: e-Gate pass management systems send reminders and alerts for escalating requests for pending items, return issues from vendors, initiators and approvers.
  • Quick check-in/check-out: Online gate pass management system ensures speedy check-in and check-out processes for visitors’ appointments and vehicles.
  • Easy integration: Gate pass management software can be easily integrated with vendor management software systems, vehicle tracking and visitor management apps for seamless business operations.

Online Gate Pass Management System Types

Material Gate Pass Management System: Material gate pass management systems help companies keep a track of the inward and outward movement of goods. The software generates non-returnable and returnable pass types for maintaining the record of materials, their quantity, and serial numbers. It monitors their movement and maintains the vendor’s ID.

The material gate pass system can be returnable or non-returnable. The RGP (returnable gate pass system) is issued for those materials which have to be sent back from your facility. NRGP (non-returnable gate pass system) is issued for those materials which will enter your facility but not make an exit.

Material gate pass management systems generate auto-escalation emails for the concerned heads to report any anomalies. The software is therefore critical for not just avoiding material loss but also preventing unauthorized material access.

Visitor Gate Pass Management System: Visitor gate pass software maintains the record of every entry and exit by a visitor to a business premises for ensuring both visitor’s and the organization's security.

The software has other capabilities like screening visitor's details, creating approval workflows, logging in arrival timings, doing pre-registrations and performing digital check-ins. Visitor gate pass management system also generates reports on the number of visits, the purpose of visit, etc.

Things to Consider While Buying Gate Pass Management Software

  • Simple Interface: The first thing you should consider before buying a gate pass management system is its interface. If the interface is complex, it will require technical knowledge to operate the software, increasing the overall cost. Take a gate pass management software demo first and choose a user-friendly option.
  • Relevant Features: It would be best if you chose software according to your needs. Do not buy a gate pass system that does not cover up all your requirement and has a complex implementation process. Also, software with more features than your needs, will ultimately increase your cost.
  • Deployment Type: There are two types of gate pass management systems, on-premises and cloud-based. While on-premises would be more effective for centralized operations, the cloud model is suitable for multi-branch organizations with decentralized operations.
  • Integration with Third-Party Applications: Gate pass management systems are often considered distinct from other business management systems. Make sure your gate pass offers integration with other business systems like logistics operations and visitor management system.
Top Gate Pass Management Systems
Name Major Features Compatible for
  • Mall Services Module
  • Asset Management
  • Valet Parking System
  • Feedback System
  • Shopping malls
  • Parks
  • Schools
  • Residential Building
  • Hospital
  • Hotels
Axis Gatepass
  • User Module
  • Canteen Management
  • Material Outward
  • Multi Gate Integration
  • Visitor Management
  • Housing Society
  • Logistics Companies
  • Corporate offices
  • Hospital
  • Community gate pass
  • Invoicing
  • Vehicle tracking
  • CRM facility
  • Handling visitors at entry points

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