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AnyLogic Simulation Software is a prominent simulation modeling software available for different kinds of business usage. This platform enables managers, engineers, and analysts to conduct simulated experiments to understand the feasibility of any project/product before launching them. It allows th... Read more

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AnyLogic Simulation Software Pricing, Features & Reviews

What is AnyLogic Simulation Software?

AnyLogic Simulation Software is a prominent simulation modeling software available for different kinds of business usage. This platform enables managers, engineers, and analysts to conduct simulated experiments to understand the feasibility of any project/product before launching them. It allows them to evaluate and compare alternative plans and designs for better decision making and problem solving.

This simulation modelling software aids in the optimization of business processes and systems across different industries such as manufacturing, supply chain, mining, oil & gas, healthcare, defense, transportation, rail logistics, etc. AnyLogic software offers distinct features like Model Integration, Multimethod Modeling Environment, Industry-Specific Libraries, Simulation in Clouds, Customizable Platforms, GIS-Maps Integration, etc.

Industries that Use AnyLogic Simulation Software

  • Supply Chains: Allows you to manage challenges faced in the supply chain by optimizing the logistics network, planning, and optimizing transportation, designing the supply chain, etc.
  • Manufacturing: Enables you to allocate resources, bring improvement in processes, conduct bottleneck analysis, plan inventory and manufacturing capacity, optimize production plan, etc.
  • Transportation: Helps you to tackle complexities in fleet management and transportation planning by making strategic logistic plans, evaluating cost and feasibility, fleet control, etc.
  • Warehouse Operations: Allows you to monitor performance metrics like inventory levels, execution time, etc., load and unload gate requirements, manage floor space, plan layout, etc.
  • Rail Logistics: Facilitates the design of rail yards, optimizes rail-route systems, fleet & resources, schedules the maintenance of spare parts, etc.
  • Mining: AnyLogic's mining simulation can be used for planning excavation, forecasting mining rates, planning phase development, performing operations analysis, routing, pit optimization, etc.
  • Oil & Gas: Helps in the analysis of the oil transfer process, designing of rails, ports, and roads, analysis of refinery system, design of pipeline network, etc.
  • Ports & Terminals: Assists in performing yard planning, berthing, logistics analysis, increasing container, multimodal transport, etc.
  • Road Traffic: Used for adding road networks, managing the timing of traffic lights, integrating buildings & public objects into road networks, generating congestion/traffic jam reports, etc.
  • Passenger Terminals: Aids in accessing customer traffic at the shopping area, planning evacuation, finding pedestrian bottlenecks, managing pedestrian flow at public places, etc.
  • Healthcare: Assists in the planning of healthcare policy, allocation of medical resources, supply-chain simulation for pharmaceuticals, planning production, marketing of medical items, etc.
  • Business Processes: Helps in the optimization of business processes and improvement, identification and removal of any bottlenecks in business operations, cost-cutting, etc.
  • Asset Management: Aids in investment & financial risk analysis, managing assets, resource optimization of projects, maximization of profits, estimation of NPV (net present value), etc.
  • Marketing: Enables you to analyze consumer behavior, understand promotion response, competitor behavior analysis, market behavior analysis, perform brand loyalty tests, etc.
  • Social Processes: Used to model as well as simulate healthcare scenarios, and environmental issues to decide mitigation policies, policy, etc.
  • Defense: Helps in the simulation of military practices, aerospace industry, designing and optimization of logistics, modeling of civil defense, planning evacuation, etc.

Why Choose AnyLogic Simulation Software?

  • Risk-free Environment: Offers a safe environment to test and investigate different "what-if" scenarios using simulation modeling before implementing changes in the actual world.
  • Save Money and Time: AnyLogic simulation models offer virtual experiments which are comparatively less expensive and time-consuming than real experiments.
  • Visualization: Provides 2D/3D animation for models, enabling you to present your ideas and concepts in a transparent way to be easily communicated, verified, and understood.
  • Handle Uncertainty: With the help of simulation models, you can easily showcase any type of uncertainty in the operation enabling you to quantify all your risks.
  • Increased Accuracy: Compared to an analytical model, a simulation model may collect a lot more information, leading to improved forecasting and accuracy.
  • Insight into Dynamics: Allows for the detailed observation of system behavior throughout. For example, checking the amount of storage space in a warehouse.

Benefits of AnyLogic Simulation Software

  • Minimizes product development costs by analyzing the feasibility of a project using simulations.
  • With the help of design simulation, you can minimize the cost of your product lifecycle.
  • Design simulation allows experimentation, and in this process, designers identify new opportunities to work for.
  • Allows you to build prototypes for any product that you are planning to launch into the market and check their feasibility.
  • Enables you to set competitive pricing strategies for the new products to be launched based on their features and market response.

Pricing of AnyLogic Software

AnyLogic Simulation Software cost details are available on request at Please request a call back for subscription-related details and to avail offers on premium packages.


AnyLogic Simulation Software Pricing & Plans

AnyLogic Simulation Software price is available on request

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AnyLogic Simulation Software Features


Data Interoperability

Allows you to integrate simulation-based models into the company’s data workflow using AnyLogic’s Private Cloud.


Model integration

This enables you to integrate your simulation models into your existing ERP or MRP for risk reduction and robust planning.


Building Support

Offers consultative customer support for any issues related to the model planning and designing.


Customizable Platform

Allows you to use your own optimization engines & algorithms to design a model or experiment as per your requirement.


Multimethod Modeling Environment

You can use multiple visual modeling, process flowcharts, stock/ flow diagram, action charts, etc.



Allows you to present visually attractive models using 2D/3D graphics, CAD drawings, shape files, etc.


Industry-Specific Libraries

Provides industry-specific simulation to assist different businesses to have a thorough analysis of object simulations.


GIS Maps Integration

Systems like logistics networks, supply chains, etc. can be modeled using maps where locations/roads are to be considered.


Simulation in Clouds

Allows you to run your model using any device and share simulation analytics with your clients using web dashboards.


Experiment Framework

Determine how parameter change would affect the behavior of your model by trying different experimental techniques.

AnyLogic Simulation Software Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Device:
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • Manufacturing, Logistics, Transportation, Oil & Gas
  • All Businesses
  • English

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AnyLogic Simulation Software FAQ

A. AnyLogic Simulation Software is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu Linux operating systems.
A. No, currently AnyLogic Simulation Software app is not available.
A. AnyLogic Simulation Software supports web-based deployment.
A. AnyLogic Simulation Software is typically used in different industries namely transportation, manufacturing, mining, defense, healthcare, oil & gas, etc.
A. AnyLogic Simulation Software demo is available for free with
A. AnyLogic Simulation Software offers a free trial. However, the premium plan with advanced features is available at with exciting deals.
A. For AnyLogic Simulation Software Simulation Software installation, insert the given CD/USB flash storage in your system and open the Setup Wizard to get started.
A. AnyLogic Simulation Software solution helps with optimizing business processes and cuts down the cost for any organization. It allows users to perform simulated experiments to analyze the working and feasibility of any project or product before launching them.

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