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About Binary stream Property Management

Binary stream Property Management (PrM) gives you a comprehensive solution to manage all of your real estate business functions, such as accounting, lease administration, billing, and reporting.



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About Binary Stream

Binary Stream's Loans Management eliminates the need for spreadsheets, reducing the risk of manual errors and improving the accuracy of your financial data. It is easily evaluate your monthly payments or the life of the loan with the Loan Calculator, easily add additional charges to your loan and have them deferred for any period needed
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 Property Management
Property Management (PrM) gives you a comprehensive solution to manage all of your real estate business functions, such as accounting, lease administration, billing, and reporting. Binary Stream offers solutions for every real estate market, with extensive success in meeting the complex requirements for retail (shopping malls and strip malls), franchises, commercial and real estate investment trusts. Manage all aspects of your tenant and landlord lease requirements with the robust reporting and accounting engine from Microsoft Dynamics GP. Easily manage lease creation and maintenance, complex escalations, CAM reconciliations, pro-rated, sales-based rent or metered charges. Easily escalate charges by rate schedules, Consumer Price Index (CPIs), percentages, fixed amounts, or other rate drivers such as cost per square foot.
 Financial Management
Business intelligence and reporting capabilities. Whether you manage a corporate, a commercial, a retail/franchise operation or a residential operation, having essential information easily accessible, such as revenue forecasts or profit and loss reports, helps you make effective and informed decisions quickly. Reporting capabilities provide instant access to stored lease and property management information and charges are broken down to allow you to accurately forecast revenues into the future and run “what-if” scenarios to maximize the return on your assets.
Manage Variable Adjustments and Escalations
Managing variable rent calculations with multiple terms, adjustments and escalations can be complex and time-consuming – and virtually impossible to manage by a spreadsheet. Leveraging your Microsoft Dynamics GP as a natural extension of the lease administration process reduces overhead and the risk of errors while maintaining control of payment and billing execution. • Accurately calculate variable rent terms, based on fixed costs, the percentage of sales or user-defined data. • Manage lease administration and charge complexity with a powerful charge, escalation and amortization engine. • Set caps, floors or ceilings on the CPI increases or escalation increase.
Maximize Return on Your Investment
Easily manage the billing, recovery and reconciliation of CAM and Operating Expenses. The recovery of Common Area Maintenance (CAM), Operating Expense Escalations and other expenses can represent as much as 50% of lease revenues. And, at times, can be the most confusing, incorrectly applied element of a tenant’s lease, and the most painful part of lease billing calculations.
Minimize Contractual and Financial Risk
Provide data transparency to help maximize the value of your property investments. Manage critical contractual dates such as renewals and terminations without worry. Revenue and expense charges may be normalized or straight-lined in accordance with Accounting Standards. Get a “single-version of truth” for all lease activity. Full audit trails between the lease administration system and the back-office financials that process the transactions.
Property Lease Management
Property Management (PrM) features a unique data structure that puts the lease at the heart of the product, making it flexible enough to accommodate virtually any lease agreement, including multiple leases per tenant and multiple tenants per lease. Capture detailed information about your tenant and landlord leases and unit information, including changes to square footage. Create various types of leases such as gross, net, hybrid, landlord or tenant leases. PrM even manages ground leases for some industry requirements. Leases can be associated to both tenants (customers) and landlords (vendors).
Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP & Flexible Deployment Options Property Management is built in Dexterity, the native programming language of Dynamics GP. With the same look and feel as you are used to in Dynamics GP, training time is minimized. Our products can be deployed on-premise, in a hosted environment or in the cloud as part of Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP. Multi-Entity Management & MS Dynamics CRM Integration Property Management seamlessly integrates with Multi-Entity Management, a fully integrated solution to Dynamics GP that offers true centralization of your many entities or divisions. By integrating with Dynamics CRM, you can organize, automate and streamline complex lease and tenant activities. Get ahead of renewals, cases, billing, maintenance, and other time-consuming tasks. PrM fully integrates with CORE Real Estate as well. Leverage Microsoft Solutions & Simple Data Migrations Property Management is part of a larger solution set in the Microsoft ecosystem: Extend the capabilities of your solution with other Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint, CRM, GP Field Service & Maintenance, Construction & Development and other third-party solutions such as Key2Act Job Costing, Mekorma, SmartFill and various BI and reporting tools.
Comprehensive AR and AP lease tracking Comprehensive expense management Meter tracking and billing Common Area Maintenance (CAM) expense management Contribution and overages reconciliations
Build out the entire escalation for the life of your leases, enabling you to easily forecast on future billings Analytical reporting by territory, building, sites or units Detailed rent roll reports and vacancy reports Lease status and delinquency reports Financial reports, such as aged receivables, and P&L by building
Benefit from a flexible expense allocation/management system where users can “pass-through” charges or specifically allocate charges. Account for and process annual Common Area Maintenance (CAM) reconciliations to ensure they match actual costs versus received CAM payments.

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Binary Stream Property Management


  • End-to-end Property Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Aligned Property and Financial Management
  • Manage Variable Adjustments and Escalations
  • Maximize Return on Your Investment
  • Minimize Contractual and Financial Risk
  • Property Lease Management – at the Heart of the Product
  • A Fully Integrated Solution to Simplify Property Management
  • Manage Tiered Leasing & Billing
  • Maximize Occupancy Levels
  • Increase Administrative Productivity
  • Allocation Charges & Expenses


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