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Bitdefender ANTIVIRUS

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About Bitdefender ANTIVIRUS

What is Bitdefender? 

Bitdefender is one of the best antivirus software to protect PCs from any type of malware infestation. This antivirus software has one of the highest performance scores for protection and performance on the AV test. This antivirus is a widely recommended antivirus for its top of the line security services. The software offers protection to both Windows and Apple systems. Bitdefender provides complete real-time data protection measures. This software continually runs system scans in the background to track threats and it does not overload PC’s ram in the process. 

Bitdefender offers innovative multi-layered ransomware that protects your files from encryption. The software integrates with other applications and checks for data trackers. Users can prevent all types of web attacks in real-time. Bitdefender antivirus ensures protection from hacking or malware infestation from harmful websites. The software makes safety checks on every website during access and alerts users if anything suspicious is found. 

Unique Features of Bitdefender:

Bitdefender is a great software for domestic use. The software offers exemplary features to ensure 360-degree protection. Users can save their payment details safely in the software and use it anytime during checkout. Bitdefender creates an extra layer of security on all the applications and monitors them. The software also comes with a VPN to ensure that nobody is snooping on your web history. It also allows users to track phishing and fraud emails automatically and remove them from their inbox. Bitdefender has received numerous awards for its high-quality malware detection, quarantine, and elimination. 

Features of Bitdefender: 

Here is a quick rundown of the features of Bitdefender: 

  1. Complete real-time data protection 
  2. Advanced threat defense 
  3. Multi-layer ransomware protection 
  4. Anti-tacker
  5. Parental control
  6. Web attack prevention 
  7. Wi-Fi security advisor
  8. VPN 
  9. Password Manager 
  10. Vulnerability assessment
  11. File shredder
  12. Privacy Firewall 

What is the price of Bitdefender? 

Bitdefender is available in 2 different plans, these are: 

  1. Bitdefender Antivirus – Rs. 234/- per year for 5 devices
  2. Bitdefender Antivirus – Rs. 442/- per 3 years for 5 devices

For further inquiries regarding the product, please request a call. 

Sold By : Bitdefender

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Bitdefender ANTIVIRUS Features

This antivirus software offers exclusive features that detect any threat that come from online sources. 
There are new bugs and virus consistently attacking the software. Bitdefender offers an upgradable solution that keeps updated with the everchanging security landscape. 
The software offers protection from online ransomware that has a high probability of slowing down the system and stealing personal data. 
 Bitdefender ensures thorough web security, e.g. websites are consistently checked for their safety risks and alerts are sent to the user. 
The software offers exclusive protection from unwarranted and unsafe emails. 
This antivirus integrates with user inbox and checks for fraud emails in real-time. 
Users can clear the spam clutter with this software in just a few clicks. It also assists in mass unsubscribing the newsletter that is not relevant anymore. 
 The software offers features to manage anti-theft activity remotely. It generates alerts and locks the key-logger or any type of malware. 
 Users can lock their webcam and prevent it from getting hacked by unknown and unauthorized sources.
All the files on the PC are safely protected and encrypted into a file.
This antivirus allows users to have their important payment details for quick checkout. 
Parents can use this module to monitor their child’s internet activity. It also allows parents to block websites with keywords of their preference. 
All the user data is kept safe under a security firewall. It ensures that no malware can affect the working of the PC. 
 Bitdefender allows users to save all the passwords in the system. The software helps in auto filling the data whenever required. 

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Bitdefender ANTIVIRUS Specifications


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Bitdefender ANTIVIRUS FAQs

A. Techjockey provides demo for Bitdefender antivirus. Please request a call to avail the demo.
A. Bitdefender antivirus is available for both Android and iPhone platforms.
A. Bitdefender antivirus is compatible with Windows 7 & higher, and macOS Yosemite (10.10) & higher (for mac). Minimum RAM required to operate this software is 1 GB and the hard disk space required is 1 GB.
A. Bitdefender supports Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and chromium-based web browsers.
A. Bitdefender uses cloud-based data storage system. It also saves all the setting on cloud, which makes it easy for reinstallation as well.

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