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About BMC Helix Chatbot

What is BMC Helix Chatbot

BMC Helix Chatbot is an intuitive chatbot solution that offers an omnichannel experience to your employees who can request services through a personalized interface. The AI-powered technology used by the software makes it easier for IT companies to deploy it and deliver a consumer-like experience to their employees from the platform of their choice.

BMC helix Chatbot offers a personalized and conversational interface making it easier for its users in generating service requests. Further, with it users also get to search across structured and unstructured data stored within multiple knowledge bases in a hassle-free manner. They can also measure the performance of a Chatbot in real-time by conducting end-user surveys and analysing smart reports.

How does BMC Helix Chatbot ensure intelligent service delivery?

The BMC Helix Chatbot is a popular and effective self-service channel, using which companies can remove the extra workload from their service desk staff while improving their user experience at the same time.

  1. BMX Helix Chatbot offers consumer-like experiences that are tailored as per the platforms which are already used by the employees of a particular company.
  2. BMC Helix Chatbot offers a flexible knowledge base and a user-friendly service request platform.
  3. Users can reduce the number of calls on their service desk by offering an intuitive self-service system that is powered by predictive analytics and context-aware devices.

Pricing BMC Helix Chatbot

The pricing of BMC Helix Chatbot can be customized as per the requirements of interested buyers. You can send in a callback request to connect with our experts.

Benefits of BMC Helix Chatbot

  1. Omni-channel Experience - With BMC Helix Chatbot, your employees can raise service requests across various channels without leaving their current application or logging into a separate portal.
  2. Modern User Experience - BMC Helix Chatbot creates an intuitive user experience that is powered by predictive, proactive, automated and highly accurate service delivery.
  3. Efficiency and Speed - BMC Helix Chatbot helps its users in overall cost reduction, enhances their satisfaction level and frees up multiple resources for high-level priorities such as multi-cloud management.

Sold By : BMC

Get BMC Helix Chatbot support 29 Chatting right now

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BMC Helix Chatbot Features

Users can search and make service requests through a personalized and conversational interface offered by BMC Helix Chatbot.
With BMC Helix Chatbot, users can resolve the employees’ concerns raised across different channels like SMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, etc.
BMC Helix Chatbot helps with timely service delivery to employees.
Admins can generate a contact on Skype for Business, which can be used by the end-users to communicate with the chatbot.  
BMC Helix Chatbot can be operated by end-users from their mobile devices without accessing any additional app.  
Employees get to monitor the full status of their requests in real-time and rate the knowledge provided by the chatbot in a hassle-free manner.

Get BMC Helix Chatbot support29 Chatting right now

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BMC Helix Chatbot Specifications


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BMC Helix Chatbot FAQs

You can search across structured and unstructured data stored within different knowledge bases using the cognitive search feature of BMC Helix Chatbot.
Yes, you can communicate in familiar messaging tools like SMS, Skype for Business, Slack, MS Teams and Progressive Web with BMC Helix Chatbot.
Yes, you can request an online demo of BMC Helix Chatbot. In-house software experts from Techjockey will get back to you as per your mentioned date and time.
Users get access to specialized chatbots that are tailored as per the specific needs of individual departments within an organization.
No, BMC Helix Chatbot does not have a dedicated mobile app.

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