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About CSI COL v9

What is CSI COL v9?

CSI COL v9 is a constructive designing software that can be used to design and analyze multiple columns. Users get to design columns for their composite cross-section and reinforced concrete projects. The software comes with a wizard tool which provides step by step guidance to its users, helping them to design professional looking columns. Users can create designs according to the IS 456-2000, ACI 318-49, ACI-318-11, CSA A-23.3-04, Eurocode 2-2004 codes. Further, CSI COL v9 is capable of determining the effective length factors of the columns based on their framing and end conditions. 

Further, the software enables its users to generate multiple intuitive reports to simplify the analysis and designing process of their columns. Users can customize the reports by adding graphical images and relevant information as per their needs and requirements.

How do the shapes provided by CSI COL v9 ease out the whole column designing process for its user?

  1. Predefined shapes: The software offers multiple predefined parametric shapes including different varieties of hollow, solid and flanged shapes, along with standardized steel-based shapes as well. That can be used to design composite columns. 
  2. Robust tools: Users can either edit or explode parametric shapes, make drawings of arbitrary shapes with the help of the polygon drawing tool of CSI COL v9 or create professional-looking columns.
  3. Advanced merging options: CSI COL v9 enables its users to efficiently merge drawn or parametric shapes to generate new shapes out of them. They can also assign ‘hole’ properties within a shape and place it on another to create composite voided sections. 

Pricing of CSI COL v9

The pricing of the software is available as per the needs and demands of the customer. Please request a callback for more pricing-related information. 

Compatible Platforms of CSI COL v9

CSI COL v9 is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 operating systems. 

What are the benefits of using CSI COL v9?

  1. Creation of Cross Sections: Users can easily create a cross-section with the help of CSI COL v9. They can even define the reinforced circular and rectangular sections, add cutouts of arbitrary shapes and holes as per their choice.
  2. Easy Editing: CSI COL v9 offers multiple resizing tools to its users, enabling them to change the dimensions in an interactive way. They also get to flip, mirror, move and rotate shapes and cross-sections to place them at a desirable location. Users can even edit shape nodes, modify the pre-existing shapes by using alignment and stacking tools provided by the software.
  3. Stress Curves: By using CSI COL v9, users get to use multiple stress curves in order to model out different properties and materials of rectangular stress blocks, simple linear blocks and parabolic curves.
  4. Reinforcements: The software allows its users to add rebars of any size, within the cross-sections. They can also distribute the bars in an appropriate way by using the individual side, perimeter, corner, linear and circular distribution tools.
  5. Rebar Calculator: CSI COL v9 comes equipped with a rebar calculator that can be used to define the rebars and find equivalent sizes out of them as well. Users can place the rebars at arbitrary locations by using the alignment and distribution tools provided by the software.
  6. Capacity Calculators: Users can easily generate full capacity interactive surfaces with the help of CSI COL v9. P-M curves are being used for any bending directions. Stress-strain diagrams and neutral axis orientation can be used for load conditions and M-M curves can be helpful for the given load levels.
  7. Auto Design Options: Auto design options provided by the software enable its users to control various aspects of their design solutions and the changes within their dimensions and reinforcements as well.
  8. Conditions for Column Framing: By using CSI COL v9, users get access to advanced column framing conditions, which they can use for determining length factors to compute slenderness effects.

Sold By : CSI Engineering

Get CSI COL v9 support 17 Chatting right now

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CSI COL v9 Features

By using CSI COL v9, users get access to multiple designing tools like corner, linear, distribution, polygon drawing and resizing, enabling its users to create advanced designs.
The software enables its users to create reports as a part of the output analysis or design process. They can also customize the reports as per their needs and requirements.
Users get access to multiple predefined templates for shapes that include a variety of flanged and hollow shapes.
The software offers 50+ parametric shapes along with 3000 standard steel shapes and connectors that can be used within composite columns. 

Get CSI COL v9 support17 Chatting right now

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CSI COL v9 Specifications


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The software enables its users to generate Moment Curvature diagrams based on any axial load and moment direction for specific failure criteria.
The software efficiently calculates the elastic stress for axial load, torsion, shear force and biaxial bending moments. It also enables its users to display 2D and 3D cracked stress contours for composite and reinforced sections as well.
Yes, Techjockey does provide live software demos to its customers. You need to send us a demo request along with your preferred time and date.
Users’ devices need to have: ? a 1GB RAM ? Pentium 4 2.4GHz processor ? Minimum 6GB out of the total space available within the hard disk.
Currently, CSI COL v9 is not compatible with mobile OS.

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