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E-Lal Kitab 4.0 logo
E-Lal Kitab 4.0 logo
E-Lal Kitab 4.0 logo
E-Lal Kitab 4.0 logo
E-Lal Kitab 4.0 logo
E-Lal Kitab 4.0 logo
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E-Lal Kitab 4.0

Sold by : Mindsutra Software

Starting Price ₹1000

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About E-Lal Kitab 4.0

What is E-Lal Kitab 4.0?

E-Lal Kitab 4.0 is an astrology software. It is exceptionally easy to use with simplified features. Practicing astrologers can use it to deploy into their operations and start functioning in real-time. You can incorporate it and work on the go.

E-Lal Kitab 4.0 offers very detailed functions for Vedic horoscope. It prepares your charts for planetary alignments. It gives detailed information about your astrological particulars and Varshphal report for your 120 years. E-Lal Kitab 4.0 also generates Sadhe Sati and Shodash Varga chart for your clients. It offers you a diverse set of features to check for the effects and remedies of Pitra Rin. Also, check for permissible and non-permissible solutions in E-Lal Kitab 4.0. 

Who can use E-Lal Kitab 4.0?

E-Lal Kitab 4.0 can be used by astrologers and individuals alike. Astrologers can use it to ease their daily workflows. Individuals can use it to produce kundlis at home and send it to their astrologers. Companies can use it to integrate the E-Lal Kitab 4.0 to address the issues of their clients.

Benefits of E-Lal Kitab 4.0

  1.  Acquire access to one of the best and economically viable astrology software in the Indian market. It improvises your horoscopy-related workflows.
  2.    It can be used by novices and masters, smoothly and efficiently. 
  3.   It consists of modules embedded with detailed information about mantras for quick reference. 
  4.   E-Lal Kitab 4.0 offers great Panchanga reading that gives a better insight into your well-being and future.
  5.   E-Lal Kitab 4.0 incorporates a multitude of Vedic horoscopy methods, such as planetary positions, shodash varga charts, and many more. 
  6.   It offers multi-language support in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bangla, Telugu, and Kannada.

Price of E-Lal Kitab 4.0

E-Lal Kitab 4.0 is a single time purchase software that comes at the starting price of Rs. 1,250/- The software is an on-premise software that saves all the data in your system. For further inquiries, provide your contact details, and our sales team will get back to you. 

Sold By : Mindsutra Software

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E-Lal Kitab 4.0 Features

E-Lal Kitab 4.0 designs your Kundli after careful assessment of your bhavas. It creates your Kundli on the basis of Vedic Horoscope. It identifies your Kundli dosha and helps you manage your horoscopy efficiently.
Create horary reports for your marriage predictions, economic growth, and other vital attributes with the help of Vedic horoscope reading. Get your Vedic horoscope reading on different qualities.
Identify the doshas that are damaging your career prospects and recite mantras (chants) for your prosperity. 
E-Lal Kitab 4.0 offers you simple and easy printable results in PDF reports. 
E-Lal Kitab 4.0 produces comprehensive charts and tables to match reports for marriage proposals, success predictions, among many others. Build charts based on astrological particulars.
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E-Lal Kitab 4.0 Specifications


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E-Lal Kitab 4.0 FAQs

A. E-Lal Kitab 4.0 works only for Windows only. It works with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. It works with easily with 32-bit and 64-bit.
A. E-Lal Kitab 4.0 offers several Vedic horoscopy methods for future predictions and character analysis. For example, Prayer of Planets, Varshphal – 120 years, Shodash Varga Charts, Dharmi Horoscope, Permissible and Non-Permissible Remedies, Sadhe Sati, and many others.
A. E-Lal Kitab 4.0 is a completely on-premise software. It stores all your data in your PC.
A. Yes, please request a call and provide your contact details. Our sales team will get in touch with you at the earliest.
A. E-Lal Kitab 4.0 works with the single-time payment model, as it is an on-premise software that does not require subscription.

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E-Lal Kitab 4.0

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