EBS Hospital Management System (wardmaster)

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About EBS Hospital Management System (wardmaster)

Wardmaster is a best cutting-edge Hospital Management system software that equips the hospitals with comprehensive automation tools for effective management. The solution is a robust and scalable solution catering to the entire automation needs in hospital management system. The software allows the hospitals to manage their patients, pharmacy, inventory, billing, payroll, accounting, and diagnostics efficiently.  In-patient as well as outpatient management from admission to billing is simplified with this software. Hospitals can focus on their services as this scalable solution takes on all the management related issues.

Hospital management system software features
Wardmaster (hospital management system) is powerful, flexible, and easy to use solution. Designed and developed to deliver real conceivable benefits to hospitals and clinics, this hospital management system results into cost cutting and efficient management covering almost every area in the hospital management such as patient management (IPD and OPD), X-ray, scan and diagnostic reports, Pharmacy, store controlling(general and assets), payroll, and complete centralized accounting system. The user-friendly interface of the software allows users to effortlessly manage all hospital elements from a single platform with proficiency.
The frontend features of Wardmaster consist of:

  • Patient Management: Entire patient management of in-patients as well as outpatients is quite a simple task with this exclusive module. The module offers automated features to manage all operations including patient registration, admission, prescriptions, doctor in-charge, doctor’s schedule, room and bed allotment, patient billing and discharge among many more.
  • Pharmacy: The dedicated pharmacy module integrated within Wardmaster enables the hospitals to manage their pharma units effectively. Departmental indent, purchase order, purchases and returns, retail cash memo (IPD/OPD and Direct), in-patient credit bill statements, OT medicine statement (department wise), stock adjustment (+/-) and stock transfer to damage/expiry can be administered in this user friendly module.
  • Billing: The Billing module deals with Standard charges of outpatient, consultation / visit charges of in-patient, registration of diagnostic examination (in / out patient), separate billing for diagnostic examination (including x-ray, scan and others), payment mode wise billing details, preparation of credit bill (against company and corporate client) and many more.
  • Stock Controlling (Pharmacy): The Stock Controlling is a comprehensive module that helps complete stock management from a single platform. The module allows the administration of stock summary (product wise), closing stock statement (product wise), product ledger, stock summary (product and batch number wise), closing stock statement (product and batch number wise) and damage and expiry stock registers.
  • Purchase: The software consists of Purchase module exclusively to handle the product (category) wise purchase, product (category) monthly purchase, purchase query, cumulative analysis of purchase, category wise purchase-date and month wise, category wise purchase-(Y2K analysis), product analysis of purchase, purchase-product analysis (Y2K analysis), supplier-product-division wise purchase analysis, supplier-product-division wise monthly purchase analysis, supplier-product-division wise purchase analysis (Y2K) etc.
  • MIS (Pharmacy): The MIS module facilitates the generation of analytical data for effective decision making such as daily sales statement, cash collection (cashier or shift wise), in-patient outstanding, credit bill with outstanding register, refund register and OT medicine issue statement etc.
  • MIS (Patient Management): Complete patient management reports can be generated including bed status monitoring, booking register, closed and cancelled booking register, in-patient admission record, patient admission list, discharges register, vacant beds, bed occupancy status, advance deposit statement, cash collection statement, consultation / visit charges of in-patient and out-patient in this module.
  • Issue: All issue transactions can be managed with this feature rich module such as requisition slip, product issue register, issue query, cumulative analysis of store issue, department wise product issue register, division/category wise product issue, and Y2K analysis of store issue.
  • Payroll: Payroll management is one of the most complex task that has been simplified by this software. The module allows to capture and maintain worker attendance (casual, permanent), pay sheet, pay register, professional tax, income tax deduction register, annual leave register, bonus register and others deduction register with other payroll operations.
  • Stock Reports: Various stock related reports can be generated on the go to get a fair ides of the stock status that helps in taking effective decisions as well.
  • Diagnostic Report: Various diagnostic reports can be created based on customized filters in the module. The reports include master health checkup, complete heamogram test, blood test report, urine analysis, culture & sensitivity, pathological reports (customized), USG reports etc.
  • Accounting Reports: A wide range of reports can be created using this intuitive module that helps in administration of cash/ bank books, journal book, ledger, debit/ credit notes, VAT and other taxes, trial balance, balance sheet, reconciliation, confirmation of accounts and many more.

Sold By : EBS Software

Get EBS Hospital Management System (wardmaster) support 33 Chatting right now

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EBS Hospital Management System (wardmaster) Features

Patient Registration (In/ Out Patient). Out Patient Ticket Entry. In Patient Admission. Out Patient transfer to In-Patient (Admission). Patient Check up and prescription (In and Out Patient). Doctor Visiting Schedule. Operation Theatre Scheduling. Doctor and patient appointment Details. Category of Bed / Wards, Bed Number Bed Charges. Advance Booking. Appointment Schedule of a Department. Department wise Machine Schedule Entry. Doctor fees Structure. Unit Dosages facilities. Patient Discharge. Birth / Death Certificate Issue. Create of Corporate and Insurance Companies Database.
Departmental Indent. Purchase Order. Purchase of Medicine. Purchase return of medicine. Retail Cash Memo (IPD/OPD and Direct). Cash Memo Return. In-patient Credit Bill Statement. OT Medicine Statement (Department Wise).. Stock Adjustment (+/-). Stock Transfer to Damage/expiry.
Prepare and Ward Request. Medicine Request to Pharmacy. Lab Request to Laboratory. Provision for viewing results after generating lab result from laboratory department. Reduce paper work and paper. Monitor pending requests from pharmacy or store. Request for procedures from departments such as laboratory, x-ray and scan. Log daily services or medicines given administered to patients. Keep track daily observations – Pulse, BP, Temperature etc. Keep record for doctors notes on each ward visit.
Product (Category) Wise Purchase. Product (Category) Monthly Purchase. Purchase query. Cumulative Analysis of Purchase. Category Wise Purchase-Date and Month wise. Category Wise Purchase-(Y2K Analysis). Product Analysis of Purchase. Purchase-Product Analysis (Y2K Analysis). Supplier-Product-Division Wise Purchase Analysis. Supplier-Product-Division Wise Monthly Purchase Analysis. Supplier-Product-Division Wise Purchase Analysis (Y2K).
Worker Attendance (Casual, Permanent). Pay Sheet. Pay Register. Professional Tax. Income Tax Deduction Register. Annual Leave Register. Bonus Register. Others Deduction Register.

Get EBS Hospital Management System (wardmaster) support33 Chatting right now

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