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About GEN e-TDS

GEN e-TDS software has been exclusively designed for the filing of TDS/TCS returns online as per the norms of TRACES and CPC, India. This software is consistent with easy to use interface. It allows the user to premeditate the TDS amount helping in calculating the TDS returns, calculate Interest and penalty along with late filing fees. It is an approved TDS software with listings on the government of India’s official Tax Information Network website.



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About SAG Infotech

SAG Infotech Pvt. Ltd is sincerely dedicated to achieving and enhancing customer relation by providing quality products through Innovation and Technology for professionals like Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Human Resource Managers etc. All the products are suitable for client’s budget and professionally superior. The company consists of developers, marketing, support and administration, logistics. They have a large team of technical support staff that is proficient professionally to take care of clients and to deliver them exactly what they require. The SAG Infotech Pvt. Ltd. team of professionals works in a consistent manner. They are also trained as per the necessity of customers which guarantees the skills & abilities of employees. 

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GEN TDS allow users to submit & prepare quarterly & yearly TDS statements.
E-Registration facility is also available.
It allows to users to submit correction statements on TRACES.
E-Payment of challan.
Auto Interest Calculation.
Allow users to view & use unconsumed challan of any period to selected period.
15G/15H new forms are also available along with 15G/15H register

Plans and Pricing

On Premise

Gen e-TDS

Rs. 3500.00 ( Lifetime )

  • Renewal after 1 year - Rs 1500 + tax
  • Composes e-TDS return and calculates the taxes
  • Uploads TDS/TCS e-return online (on ITD website)
  • Generates e-filing of the returns 24Q; 26Q; 27Q; 27EQ with proper validations
  • Filling and uploading of Correction Statement
  • Option for filing the TDS/TCS return online from assessment year 2003-04 onwards
  • Declaration filling for no TDS deduction or non-filling of Returns
  • Certificates in Form 12BA; 16; 16AA; 27D and 27A; 27B; TDS/TCS certificates for the form 16;16A;27D in PDF format and signed with digital signature (optional) along with the email facility
  • Calculation of annual taxable salary after giving effect of deduction under Chapter VI-A
  • Request download
  • Calculates month-wise salary and TDS thereon with our TDS Software
  • In case of Lower Tax Deduction or no deduction scenario
  • it is an inclusive tool of all the forms like 13; 15C; 15D; 15G; 15H; 15I; 15J Online filing of 15CA/15CB according to new Schema with both XML generation facility and direct uploadQuarterly Filling of 15G/15 H Forms with 15 G/15H register maintenance facility in software
  • Allows to Import / Export data from MS-Excel Files / Text File/ FVU File
  • Our TDS Software generates various reports in single or bulk mode like continuous printing of certificates
  • challan wise details
  • deductee wise payment (summarized and detailed)
  • certificate issue register and list of clients not having PAN and address
  • The fresh PAN application and correction statements for residents and non-residents can be established using online filing
  • Challan and the Online e-Payment of tax Challan verification
  • Bulk PAN verification


Watch the video for live demo of Gen TDS software, developed by SAG Infotech Company. The software has many features like: Online TDS/TCS e-return uploads (TIN-NSDL), e-TDS return and Calculation of Tax can also be prepared, Generating e-filing of Returns by a single input 24Q, 26Q,






RelyonSoft Saral TDS

RelyonSoft Saral TDS


Below are some frequently asked questions for GEN e-TDS

Q. What is annual e-TDS/TCS Return and whether it can be filled from your software?

Yes, it can be filled from our software Gen e-TDS. Annual e-TDS/TCS return is the TDS return under section 206 of the Income Tax Act (prepared in Form Nos. 24, 26 or 27) or TCS return under section 206C of the Income Tax Act (prepared in Form No. 27E), which is prepared in electronic media as per prescribed data structure. Such returns furnished in a CD/Pen Drive should be accompanied by a signed verification in Form No. 27A in case of Annual TDS returns or Form No. 27B in case of Annual TCS return

Q. What is quarterly e-TDS/TCS statement and whether it can be prepared by this software?

Yes. TDS/TCS returns filed in electronic form as per section 200(3)/206C, as amended by Finance Act, 2005, are quarterly TDS/TCS statements. As per the Income Tax Act, these quarterly statements are required to be furnished from FY 2005-06 onwards. The forms used for quarterly e-TDS statements are Form Nos. 24Q, 26Q and 27Q and for quarterly e-TCS statement is Form No. 27EQ. These statements filed in CD/Pen Drive should be accompanied by a signed verification in Form No. 27A in case of both e-TDS/TCS statements.

Q. What is Form No. 27A?

Form No. 27A is a control chart of quarterly e-TDS/TCS statements to be filed in paper form by deductors/collectors along with quarterly statements. It is a summary of e-TDS/TCS returns which contains control totals of 'amount paid' and 'income tax deducted at source'. The control totals of 'amount paid' and 'income tax deducted at source' mentioned on Form No. 27A should match with the corresponding control totals in e-TDS/TCS return. A separate Form No. 27A is to be filed for each e-TDS/TCS return. In case of Annual Returns the relevant control charts are Form 27A for e-TDS and Form 27B for e-TCS.

Q. By whom should the control chart Form 27A be signed?

Form 27A is an essence of the TDS/TCS statement. It is signed by the same person who is authorized to sign the TDS/TCS statement in paper format.

Q. What is the data structure (file format) for preparing e-TDS/TCS return?

e-TDS/TCS should be prepared by the e-filing administrator in accordance with the prescribed data structure. And, separate data structure is prescribed for each type of form whether it is Quarterly return (FY 2005-06 onwards) or annual return (up to FY 2004-05).


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