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GeoRadius is a global software platform which is integrated with multiple GPS Venicle tracker devices and is capable of running simultaneously on the same client login. The software possesses industry proven technology that solves real world business challenges in the supply chain and logistics sector through the innovative use of telematics. Various reports and monitoring functions available in multiple languages provide you with an invaluable insight into various parameters like location, speed, stoppage and idling time of the vehicle, total distance covered, device alerts and other data parameters. Modular architecture offers Third Party Hardware integration with the software moreover GeoRadius’s open APIs can be easily integrated with any fleet management system and ERP that is used in real-time monitoring of temperature, camera, cargo lock and fuel. 

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About GeoRadius

GeoRadius is a direct subsidiary of Nucleus Microsystems Private Limited which was established in 2003 with its core operations in Research and Development of Computerized Management Systems. The company is a provider of superior value added solutions and products. 

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₹ 300.00

  • "Below are certain features of the software: Vehicle tracking system: GeoRadius offers a full range of software for commercial fleet tracking and mobile asset management. The GPS tracking devices offer worldwide GPS satellite network coverage with nationwide customer sales and service network. GeoRadius GPS fleet tracking and fleet management solution allows users to effectively monitor entire fleet with real time tracking. Fuel Management: Monitoring through GPS vehicles tracking system informs where
  • when and how much fuel was filled into the tank; it avoids the theft and manipulation of fuel and consequently reduces the operating costs of transport. Information on raising or lowering the level of fuel is transmitted from fuel sensor attached to GPS vehicle tracking system with reference to location and time. Temperature: For refrigerated fleet and for perishable products
  • monitoring is an important activity. The software monitors temperature and sends that information to the tracking server. Refrigerated vans and trucks carry consumable cargo and to protect the vehicle and its contents
  • fleet managers must understand each vehicle’s location and its compliance with temperature control objectives. Cargo: Lock monitoring ensures safe and un-tampered delivery of goods. User can mark the perimeters of loading and unloading point of the journey
  • the system will alert user of any unauthorized access of the compartment. Portable: Provides ongoing location of your goods
  • asset or vehicle
  • it can be installed magnetically in a matter of seconds without drilling or wiring. Camera: Offers fleet owners the ability to monitor their vehicles and drivers activity easily and effectively. In-vehicle camera monitor continuously records images throughout the journey
  • providing you footage of the drive."
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