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About Vehicle Tracking System

GeoRadius is a global software platform which is integrated with multiple GPS Venicle tracker devices and is capable of running simultaneously on the same client login. The software possesses industry proven technology that solves real world business challenges in the supply chain and logistics sector through the innovative use of telematics. Various reports and monitoring functions available in multiple languages provide you with an invaluable insight into various parameters like location, speed, stoppage and idling time of the vehicle, total distance covered, device alerts and other data parameters. Modular architecture offers Third Party Hardware integration with the software moreover GeoRadius’s open APIs can be easily integrated with any fleet management system and ERP that is used in real-time monitoring of temperature, camera, cargo lock and fuel. 



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About GeoRadius

GeoRadius is a direct subsidiary of Nucleus Microsystems Private Limited which was established in 2003 with its core operations in Research and Development of Computerized Management Systems. The company is a provider of superior value added solutions and products. 
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 Fuel Management
Fuel is a major cost in any transport and travel related business, thus, fuel tracking becomes the need of the hour. With GeoRadius Fuel Tracking, you get to observe and analyze timely fuel consumption. Do you worry about fuel tampering or theft from your vehicle? Do you think the cost you are spending on fuel and vehicle’s average are unbalanced? If your answer is yes, then GeoRadius Fuel- vehicle tracking system is must for you. It assures maximum accuracy in tracking. Reports are generated through a unique calibration table which is stored in the memory of Vehicle Tracking System. It eliminates the sudden fluctuations due to rough road jumps and gives the right output for the system generated report. Avoid fuel theft and manipulation to reduce obscure costs in vehicle operations.
Temperature Monitoring
Transportation of perishable commodities is sensitive. It has to be preserved at right temperatures to curtail any bacteria growth. Temperature and humidity are important to the quality control of consumables on popular food delivery trucks. Temperature sensors come in handy to control temperature. The temperature sensor in the vehicle becomes crucial in such tasks. Temperature sensors are the perfect complement to the existing controller in your refrigerated transport. It monitors temperature and sends the information to the server at regular intervals. It is must for fleet managers to know their vehicle’s location and cargo temperature for its safety and security. You can set alarms and generate reports based on the information received from the temperature sensors. Avoid damaging the goods by exposure to a wrong temperature.
Portable Monitoring
The system provides an ongoing location of your goods, asset or vehicle, it can be installed magnetically in a matter of seconds without hard wiring. The objective of a portable tracker service is to achieve more information during a supply chain logistic process including shipments on outsourced transport. At multi-modes, a consignor wants to know the exact situation and position of goods in transit or storage. Massive Rare-Earth magnets ensure it never falls off once placed on a vehicle. Durable & water resistant IP66 housing provides uninterrupted operation in extreme weather. Completely sealed with waterproof enclosure gives it high durability and longitivtiy. On a full charge the device is capable of working on 15 days standby time, inbuilt memory ensures data storage in non-GSM network area and transmitting upon network’s availability
GeoRadius offers unique and efficient customization with reports and alerts within the system
Ensure that Cargo is transported in optimal conditions. Goods are delivered fresh at the final destination.
The system provides real-time temperature and location information throughout the transport and storage time.
Analyze the fuel consumption of your fleet vehicles in order to maximize profits from commercial activities.
The critical information such as location data, vehicle status, can be accessed easily with the help of a GPS fleet management software.

Plans and Pricing



Rs. 299.00 ( Per Month )

  • Works Perfectly on All Devices
  • Excellent User Experience
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Fuel Usage Audit
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Status in Realtime
  • Cold Chain Goods
  • Portable Monitoring
  • Customization
  • Status in Realtime


GeoRadius Software detects route violation of the vehicle


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9th June, 2018

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