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Collecting basic supplier information and completing initial approval or vetting steps are the start of a successful supplier management program. But these actions are not enough to effectively evaluate an ongoing relationship with suppliers. To realize additional value from your supply base, your organization should consider implementing a robust supplier management program. To reach your goals, you’ll need an “A-team” of suppliers. If you’re still using a manual process for supplier onboarding and management, you may not know which suppliers will fulfill your business needs. Automating your supplier management process can effectively and efficiently manage supplier spending and streamline costly processes – saving you time and money.  

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JAGGAER offers a powerful, comprehensive and complete spend solutions suite to enable streamlined commerce by any business in any industry. JAGGAER representatives are currently in Minneapolis, MN for the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) Annual Meeting, which concludes tomorrow. Built around the theme “Currents of Collaboration,” this year’s meeting places focus on the powerful effect of higher education communities working together toward a shared vision for the future. The NACUBO wisely For more than 20 years, JAGGAER innovative Source-to-Pay (S2P) solutions have been powering the procurement spend.
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Features of JAGGAER Supplier Management

The JAGGAER Direct Supplier Database provides optimum functionality for your SRM needs, such as streamlined connectivity, ease of integration, and scalability. The advanced search function allows you to search across different ERPs. The master data management process keeps your database current and user-friendly. The JAGGAER Direct Supplier Database also allows you manage your category strategy so you have complete up-to-date and accurate information about your suppliers at all times.
Are you collecting lots of information about a few suppliers or basic information on all of them? You could be missing valuable insight into your supplier database that could provide cost savings, prevent the wrong decision, or both! JAGGAER Direct Supplier Registration is the most complete and flexible solution for registering suppliers. The self-registration solution takes the work out of collecting information. Customizable forms allow suppliers to collect general and specific information as well as gather information about suppliers in a particular geographic region. You can also collect information about prospective suppliers as well. Approval workflow may be easily tailored to your company’s needs and suppliers can keep their own information up-to-date and upload certificates themselves.
JAGGAER Direct Supplier Qualification & Classification helps you determine which suppliers fit your needs. The qualification and classification process boots efficiency in managing your selections. Pull any supplier information already captured in assessments and use configurable criteria to classify your suppliers. The qualification and classification process also allows you to more accurate decisions in category management and sourcing and can be rolled out to your entire supply base.
JAGGAER Direct 360° Supplier Cockpit provides you a full overview of a supplier. This overview combines category approvals, certifications, order history, performance ratings, supplier development, and much more. The JAGGAER direct 360° Supplier Cockpit display is updated with real-time information from supplier self-service, third party content, and other modules of your ERP. You have the information you need right at your fingertips with minimal effort. You can drag and drop over 50 information sources into the user view. The interface is a digital “war room” for Supplier Management and helps you get the best from your suppliers. The interface also allows you to set automated rules so that events and trends trigger actions.
JAGGAER Direct Contract Repository is the only solution for Direct Procurement that integrates with ERP to give you real-time alerts. Integrating with ERP helps to keep track of spend, and stay on top of incentives, penalties, and rebates. By ensuring the contract terms are quickly implemented and tracked, the Contract Repository module translates into cost savings.
JAGGAER Direct Supplier Scorecard is an extremely powerful tools for supplier audits and vendor performance. It pulls quantitative criteria from other JAGGAER Direct modules or ERPs and other systems as well as qualitative criteria from your colleagues to assess vendor performance. Ideal for Direct Materials Procurement: Decide which performance metrics are important for supplier ratings and develop category rating models with their own weighting schemes. Improve supplier performance: Develop bonus-penalty schemes for your suppliers based on assessments. Also, connect to Supplier Development and eRFx to incentivize performance improvements and monitor supplier compliance. Easy to run: Assess your suppliers several times a year with automation and workflows.
JAGGAER Direct Supplier Development and Action Management turns audits and projects into action plans for improvement. The Supplier Development and Action Management module also allows you to communicate your action plans directly to suppliers and track their progress and improvement. The Supplier Development and Action Management module connects to other JAGGAER Direct modules and brings all of your development actions together in one place. It allows you to set notifications for both you and your suppliers so you can stay on track.
JAGGAER Direct Certificate Management collects certificates and any other important information either during the registration process or over Document Approval Exchange. The JAGGAER Direct Certificate Management module sends automated alerts so that your suppliers may upload new certificates on time and you never miss a deadline. If a certificate has expired, the JAGGAER platform automatically takes corrective steps by blocking or downgrading the supplier so that you can avoid costly mistakes.

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  • Supplier Registration
  • Supplier Qualification
  • 360° Supplier Cockpit
  • Contract Repository
  • Supplier Scorecard
  • Supplier Development
  • Certificate Management

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Naveen Edwin

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2nd October, 2017

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  • I would highly recommend Techjockey. I used them recently to help me identify my software need. I work for a non-profit and my prior exposure had been primarily to high end, high cost systems that were beyond my budget in this role. Techjockey took time to understand my needs and then recommended 5 companies to consider. I heard quickly from each of the five and we set up demos. Thanks to the initial recommendations we are now moving forward with purchase and implementation of a new system and my team is really excited about the capability we are gaining. The company we selected wasn't even on my radar screen prior to working with Techjockey, so it was a great service for me.
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they are great at their work


25th September, 2017

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  • Excellent fast service.Got an email with product key along with instructions.The key didn't work immediately.I emailed the seller for help(Harry from Techjockey)and received excellent effective customer service!Product still works without problems and certified genuine!Excellent purchase;highly recommend Techjockey!
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