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About KGM PetrolERP

What is KGM PetrolERP?

KGM PetrolERP is one of the best Petrol Pump Management software available in the Indian market. It fastens and smoothens the general operations at your petrol refilling station. The online petrol pump supervising software has an easy-to-use interface to increase your employees’ output. 

KGM PetrolERP also keeps track of inventory and sends an alert when to refill your stations and avoid incidences of stock-outs. The petrol station management software also helps manage your bookkeeping in real-time. It records every transaction and maintains an extensive registry of all the entries. It helps speed up your tax calculation and fiscal auditing. 

KGM PetrolERP helps get ahead in your trade. It takes over all the menial and tedious tasks and allows you to focus on the improvement of your services. 

Why Should Petrol Pump Owners Choose KGM PetrolERP? 

  1.  KGM PetrolERP offers an accommodating user interface. Your employees do not have to be very tech-savvy to master KGM PetrolERP functions.
  2.  People with multiple petrol pumps can use the KGM PetrolERP to supervise all their filling stations. 
  3.  You also get access to the point of sales services to create GST compliant bills and send alerts of the transaction to your customers once they pay their bills. 
  4.  The petrol pump software also facilitates coordination between customers, managers, owners at all times. KGM PetrolERP provides SMS, email, and telegram integration for quick, safe, and effective communication. 
  5.  The communication module also helps promote your petrol pump with several discount offers. 
  6.    It is a web-based software that can be accessed through web browsers. Hence, you don’t need to be involved in mandatory system requirements.

KGM PetrolERP Price in India

KGM PetrolERP price varies based on the size of operations and the modules you require. For more features and prices-related inquiries, please request a call. Our sales team will get back to you at the earliest. 

Sold By : KGM Softwares

Get KGM PetrolERP support 20 Chatting right now

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KGM PetrolERP Features

KGM PetrolERP offers a simplistic user interface for smooth workflows. 
The petrol pump management software protects all your files and creates timely backups. You can set a schedule for the backup in the system, and it will automatically start the process.
You can access your petrol pump reports and business data on smartphone and tablets for both Android and iPhone. Keep an eye on key metrics like sales and user reviews to oversee the performance. 
KGM PetrolERP offers a communication module that integrates text messaging, emails, and Telegram to increase communication. 
It provides an efficient bookkeeping module created to boost collaboration and gather useful budgetary insights. 
KGM generates GST-compliant bills; It also sends alerts to your customers after the closing of the bill. 
Take care of inventory, and get alerts whenever stocks get low, avoid complete stock-outs for higher efficiency. 
Get GPS access to the vehicles coming to deliver your fuel and see for their movement. It helps you prevent counterfeiting.

Get KGM PetrolERP support20 Chatting right now

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KGM PetrolERP Specifications


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A. KGM PetrolERP incorporates all kinds of payment options. Such as credit cards, debit, cards, mobile wallets, UPIs, and so on.
A. Your subscription will include all the updates. There are no hidden costs for the software updates.
A. KGM PetrolERP allows you to change the GST rate in tandem with government’s regulations.
A. KGM PetrolERP is available for a demo. Please request a call or write to us at support@techjockey.com, and our sales team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
A. KGM PetrolERP is a cloud-based software that saves all your business data securely online and gives you access of it anywhere and at any time.

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