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LeadFuze is a lead generation software platform aimed to help growth focused teams spend more time with qualified prospects that actually WANT to talk to you. It all-in-one B2B lead generation software finds contact info for your ideal prospects, then delivers personalized email messages on autopilot.



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About Leadfuze

LeadFuze is B2B Lead Generation Software for Outbound Sales Enablement. Simply install It free Chrome extension, and you will be able to find contact information for your targeted prospects.No more digging through websites or cold calling companies to find the information you need on the prospects you want to contact. Stop patching together several different tools to do your prospecting, to find emails, to do your email sending, etc. LeadFuze combines all these functions into one easy-to-use lead generation tool for complete sales automation.
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Let Fuzebot (our A.I powered lead researcher) completely automate your list building. Search for leads by job function or title, industry, location and more and then sit back and watch as our software automatically uncovers the following information: Double Verified Email Addresses. Company, Domain, and Job Title. Social Media Profiles.

Automate personalized outreach by creating a series of emails. If leads don’t respond, your follow-up emails will go out automatically! Create a series of emails that go out automatically. Test different subject lines, messages, target markets, and more until you dial in the perfect outreach strategy. Save commonly used emails as templates, use emoji’s, html, and more.

Spend your time engaging with people that are interested in what you offer. This means personalizing follow-ups to people that open or click on links in your email. You might want to connect with them via social, or even put them in your call list since these are now warm calls! These people are worth your attention, because they are qualified potential customers in your target market and meet all your criteria (based on what you set up in your search). Of course, you can just let the system keep sending your follow-ups automatically if you want as well.

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  • Automated List Building
  • Scalable Email Outreach
  • Focus on Interested Prospects


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Below are some frequently asked questions for Leadfuze

Q. What is LeadFuze?

LeadFuze is sales development software that lets you generate leads using real-time data for prospects and send personal outbound emails in an automated fashion.

Q. What can I do with LeadFuze?

If you have a sales process or a sales and marketing team and you’re looking to do outbound sales, you can use LeadFuze to: Prospect: Identify potential leads and create advanced searches using the LeadFuze prospecting tool Generate Leads: Add prospects with the LeadFuze Chrome browser extension and we find validated, real-time contact information Automate: Create and send automated outbound sequences using email templates Measure: Track the success of campaigns with email reporting and a/b testing

Q. What if I import my own list of contacts, does that count against my prospect credits each month?

You have the option to import a list of existing contacts, prospects you already have email information for, and use LeadFuze to send those prospects outbound email sequences. If you import an email address that prospect will have a blue email icon attached and imported emails do not count against your available prospects each month.

Q. What about orange emails?

If you see a prospect's email address that is added with an orange icon instead of green, this means we were able to find an email for that prospect but the email did not pass our 2-step verification process. You have the option to include or exclude orange or 'risky' emails from your sequences. Orange emails do not count against your available prospects each month.

Q. What is an outbound sequence?

An outbound email sequence in LeadFuze is a series of emails you send to cold prospects at the top of your funnel in order to qualify them as leads or get them to convert to the next step of your sales cycle. An effective sequence typically has a minimum of 4 or 5 emails referred to as steps. Based on the cadence of your sequence, a prospect will continue receiving your automated follow-ups until 1 of 3 things happen: The prospect responds to your email OR, The prospect completes your sequence OR, The prospect unsubscribes


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