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About Legal XGen

Legal Xgen is a robust software, especially designed for lawyers and law firms. Through this software, lawyers can organize their work force, documents and all the activities they are responsible to escalate. The solution is hosted in the secured cloud environment that keeps your sensitive documents and messages safe at one place. It allows you to access them anywhere and anytime. With bundle of features such as case management, document management, etc. the software helps you to streamline your legal operations and seamlessly organize your activities.



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About LegalXGen

Legal X Gen is a team of technology experts that have years of experience in software development. The team began with the idea to create a niche platform for lawyers and legal firms which simplifies their day-to-day operations and liberate them from focusing on their firms. They crafted a software that helps Legal Practitioners to focus on their practice and relationship with clients instead. Legal X Gen software solution is a web-based solution designed for legal practitioners. The software has revolutionized the legal industry with its captivating features that has helped thousands of legal practitioners to manage their time and cases effortlessly.
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Rs. 1500.00 ( Per Month )

  • Case Management
  • Document Management
  • Collaboration with Associates and Clients
  • Time Management
  • Bill Management


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Below are some frequently asked questions for Legal XGen

Q. Who owns the data?

It’s your data only. We simply help you to create this data leverage its capability to make your law firm streamline and productive. So, at any point of time we are able to provide you the data.

Q. How secure my data is?

We understand for a law firm data is the most critical and sensitive item. There are various level of security we have imposed, its hosted on one of the most reliable and secure cloud i.e. Windows Azure, https, Data Level Security implementation. Overall we call it a military security.

Q. Where my data resides and what are the hosting models available?

Considering the need of verity of customers i.e. Independent Practitioners, Small Firm, Medium Firm and Large Size Law firm, we have various hosting which are mentioned below. Data resides as per the hosting plan opted by you.

Q. I have my legacy data (earlier data), how to use that data?

We understand the importance of your data. We help you to import/migrate your legacy data into the system. We have migrated more than 10 years of data for our customers.


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23rd August, 2018

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