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Best Legal Compliance Management Software in 2024

What is the compliance management software cost in India?

The cost of compliance management software depends on multiple factors like inbuilt modules, functionalities they offer, deployment type and such services. You may have to first assess what your requirements are then select the right tool. Finalize the same as per your budget. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Top 5 Legal Compliance Management Software in 2024

  • top product arrowComplinity Compliance Software
  • top product arrowTYASuite Compliance Management Software
  • top product arrowSaral TaxOffice
  • top product arrowGen XBRL
  • top product arrowERPCA

Best Legal Compliance Management Software

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Complinity Compliance Software

Complinity Compliance Software

Brand: Complinity

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Complinity is a cloud-based compliance management system that monitors and tracks all the regulatory, statutory, state & central, legal, and secretari... Read More About Complinity Compliance Software img

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TYASuite Compliance Management Software

TYASuite Compliance Management Software

Brand: TYASuite


4.6 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

TYASuite Compliance Management Software is a complete Legal Compliance Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Legal... Read More About TYASuite Compliance Management Software img

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Saral TaxOffice

Saral TaxOffice

Brand: Relyon Softech


4.3 out of 5

(2 user reviews)

Saral TaxOffice is the most advance and reliable income tax software and audit management software that automates the CA practice and easily manages the ta... Read More About Saral TaxOffice img


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Brand: SAG Infotech


5 out of 5

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Gen XBRL Software has been developed for professionals like Company Secretaries and Chartered Accountants who are involved in e–filing of financial state... Read More About Gen XBRL img

₹5,000 /Year

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Brand: Woodapples Software Solutions


4.7 out of 5

(2 user reviews)

Ideal for helping CA, CS, and Tax professionals expand their business and succeed at every stage of their practice.... Read More About ERPCA read review arrow

₹9,000 /Year

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Indian Mesh Advocate Management System

Indian Mesh Advocate Management System

Brand: Indian Mesh Pvt Ltd


4.7 out of 5

(4 user reviews)

Indian Mesh Advocate Management System helps manage all backend activities of an advocate’s office. Indian Mesh Advocate Management System offers you... Read More About Indian Mesh Advocate Management System img

₹10,000 /Year

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Ways CA Desk

Ways CA Desk

Brand: Ways Software

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CA Desk is an ca office management software that use for office administration & work management specially crafted for Chartered Accountants. This soft... Read More About Ways CA Desk img

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Lawrbit Legal Matter management Solution

Lawrbit Legal Matter management Solution

Brand: Lawrbit

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Lawrbit Legal Matter Management Solution is an integrated solution to manage the lifecycle of Legal Matters, Litigations, Notices, Hearing while controll... Read More About Lawrbit Legal Matter management Solution img

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Lawrbit Global Compliance Management Solution

Lawrbit Global Compliance Management Solution

Brand: Lawrbit

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Lawrbit Global Compliance Management Solution helps the businesses to understand the applicable laws and clearly defined applicable compliance to each func... Read More About Lawrbit Global Compliance Management Solution img

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Wolters Kluwer Kleos

Wolters Kluwer Kleos

Brand: Wolters Kluwer


4.5 out of 5

(4 user reviews)

Kleos is developed by Wolters Kluwer, the European leader in law practice management for over 30 years. This cloud-based practice management software is ta... Read More About Wolters Kluwer Kleos img

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Last Updated on : 19 Apr, 2024

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Best Legal Compliance Management Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

While on-premise compliance management software puts the entire control over data in the hands of the enterprise, cloud-based compliance management software is managed by third parties. The former ensures complete data security, and the latter minimizes IT costs.

Government, risk and compliance software offers strategic framework for corporate governance and IT risk management. It helps enterprises to manage their IT operations as per the compliance and risk standards in their industry.

The best compliance management software for financial services are:  Zenefits  DriveStrike  ProCalV5  SanerNow  TYASuite  FileHold  PowerDMS

Compliance management tools are widely used in industries like food and beverage, automotive, healthcare, biotechnology, financial services, construction, etc.

Legal Compliance Management Software Reviews


TYASuite Compliance Management Software


“ It has helped many businesses I work with centralize their information and streamline their compliance requirements in such circumstances”

- ravi

See all TYASuite Compliance Management Software reviewsimg

Saral TaxOffice


“Taxation became so easy with this software. Easy to use, no unnecessary steps to follow.”


See all Saral TaxOffice reviewsimg



“Simple to utilize, Complete undertaking the board, Charging, Internal - Outward Administration ”

- sher mohammad

See all ERPCA reviewsimg

Indian Mesh Advocate Management System


“I would like to mention that only the software is easy to use but it also keeps me updated related to all the tasks.”

- Sarika Gupta

See all Indian Mesh Advocate Management System reviewsimg

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Legal Compliance Management Software Price List In India

Legal Compliance Management Software Cost
Top Legal Compliance Management Software Starting Price Rating
Saral TaxOffice₹8800.00 4.3
Gen XBRL ₹5000.00 /Year5
ERPCA₹9000.00 /Year4.7
Indian Mesh Advocate Management System₹10000.00 /Year4.7

Buyer's Guide for Top Legal Compliance Management Software

Found our list of Legal Compliance Management Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Compliance Management Software? 
  • What are the different types of compliance in India?
  • Major Compliance Management Software Functions 
  • Compliance Management Software Features 
  • Advantages of Compliance Management Software
  • Types of Compliance Management Software 
  • How to Choose the Right Compliance Management Software

What is Compliance Management Software? 

Compliance management software is critical in designing a compliance framework for meeting corporate objectives, organizational policies, applicable laws, and such business regulations and security policies. Compliance management tool helps standardize operational processes and communication as per the regulations applicable in a particular industry.

Regulatory compliance management software performs incident management to mitigate risks associated with improper document management. It helps with managing evidentiary documents and vendor contracts. Organizations can comply with all legal requirements and serve their employees and customers as per the norms.

What are the different types of compliance in India?

The different types of compliances are based on the kind of industry you are operating. Some compliances have general applicability while others are meant for specific industries like health and finance.

In India, there are majorly these types of compliances:

  1. Financial Compliance 
  2. Corporate Compliance 
  3. Labour Compliance 

Some of the compliance examples for finance and corporate bodies are: 

  • The Companies Act 2013 
  • The Income Tax Act 1961 
  • The Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 
  • The Goods and Services Tax Act 2017. 
  • The Reserve Bank of India guidelines 
  • The Banking Regulation Act 1949 
  • The Securities and Exchange Board of India 1992 guidelines 
  • Labour law examples are: 
  • The Industrial Disputes Act 1947 
  • The Employees State Insurance Act 1948 
  • The Factories Act 1948 
  • The Employees’ PF and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952 
  • The Payment of Bonus Act 1965 
  • The Contract Labour Act 1970 for Regulation & Abolition 
  • The Child Labour Act 1986 for Prohibition & Regulation 

Major Compliance Management Software Functions 

Managing compliance requirements is necessary to avoid legal issues and penalties. A legal compliance software is majorly used for the following functions:

  • Creating a list of regulatory compliance requirements
  • Managing citations, permits and policies at a single platform
  • Determining the regulations for every department within your organization
  • Creating a pool of people who would ensure the adherence to permit and policies
  • Generating automatic alerts for non-compliant processes
  • Addressing non-compliance in real-time
  • Identifying updates in terms of regulatory obligations
  • Planning for the upcoming tasks that would help in staying compliant with regulations. 

Compliance Management Software Features 

Audit Management: Systematic workflows with compliance tracking tools help identify compliance issues and generate real-time reports for auditing purposes.

Regulatory intelligence: Compliance management tools track XML and RSS feeds to track the latest regulatory standards. Existing policies can be modified accordingly.

Conflict management: Compliance management tools detect any chance of the conflict of interest in trems of the employee trading or gifts.

Fraud management: Regulatory compliance management software ensures that fraudulent activities like bribery and anomalies in vendor payments never go unnoticed. The software regularly records and reports these to prevent the fraud of every kind.

Process visualization: Compliance management system software offers flowchart and mapping tools for visualizing processes for seamless and collaborative activities. The application also supports the remapping and dissecting of such processes.

Compliance reporting: Compliance management tools produce an array of compliance reports and data extracts for making the right business choices. It ensures adherence to KPIs across different processes and generates an auto alert for any compliance issue.

Controls monitoring: Regulatory compliance management software helps create an incident escalation process and document the control in the form of a centralized catalog.

Advantages of Compliance Management Software

Compliance management system software is required for minimizing the risk of legal issues and ensures compliance with the latest regulatory policies. It also offers other benefits like:

Reduced legal hassles: Every business has to comply with established government, social, environmental, financial and such policies. Compliance requirements can be fulfilled and fines, penalties or lawsuits can be avoided with legal compliance software.

Enhanced process efficiency: Compliance management solutions document and store information related to external/internal audits, evaluations and feedback solicitations. This information proves critical anytime a business decides to make changes in its existing workflow.

Compliant & informed decision making: Regulatory compliance management software helps escalate scenarios related to financial and legal processes so that they can be immediately assigned to the concerned officers for quick action.

Positive brand reputation: Compliance tracking software helps in creating an edge over your competitors. Your company's reputation gets a boost when your customers get to know that your business sticks to environmental and employee welfare codes.

Effective risk management: Compliance management system software sends alerts about inconsistencies with respect to regulations & policies. The software makes sure that such incidents and issues are addressed immediately.

Bird Eye View of Regulatory Measures: Compliance tracking software provides analytics and reports for checking overdue tasks, compliance levels and charts of risks.

Types of Compliance Management Software 

All-Purpose Compliance Management Platforms

This kind of compliance management tool is designed for general usage across multiple industries. All-purpose compliance management software helps with monitoring risks, performing due diligence, undertaking change management and generating compliance reports.

Industry-Specific Compliance Management Tools

This type of compliance management tool is designed for specific industries using their specific commercial or legislative requirement. It could be for health, finance, or any other industry.

Government, Risk and Compliance Software

GRC software offers a strategic framework for enterprise risk and compliance management. This type of compliance tracking tool is also used for aligning corporate strategies with the latest compliance risk standards. GRC software helps with IT governance and internal audit processes and ensures minimal operational risk.

How to Choose the Right Compliance Management Software

Legal compliance management software offers several modules for auditing business associates/vendors, checking compliance levels, viewing chart of risks & highlighting pending tasks. Other parameters for making the right choice for compliance management software are:

Data safety & security: Compliance tracking tools need to ensure complete security of system integrations and cross-network databases. Make sure that the software offers adequate data security, a lack of which could cost you your entire business.

Integration Capabilities: Integration with CRM, HRM, research and trade systems helps save costs and ensures operational efficiency. Such integration capabilities are therefore a must in the compliance management tool that you select.

Business requirements: Some compliance management solutions cater only to specific industries like health and finance while many others are built for general use. Create a list of your specific business requirements, issues and activities to see which solution is the best. You can also ask software vendors for free demos.

Compliance requirements: Every business has a specific compliance requirement. Make sure that you check what your specific legislative, financial, policies and regulations are to select the right compliance management software accordingly.

Security framework management: A compliance management tool should be able to handle all types of security frameworks, then be it NIST, HIPAA or any other.

Volume level: Ensure that the compliance management system software helps you stay updated with all types of compliance programs, whether simple or complex.

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