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Gen XBRL Software has been developed for professionals like Company Secretaries and Chartered Accountants who are involved in e–filing of financial statements such as balance sheet and profit & loss account. The software is attuned in latest XBRL format to save time since e-filing financials is a time-consuming process. This software makes the above-stated work very easy. Just by following few steps, any individual can categorize all the problems faced while using XBRL format files.

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About SAG Infotech

SAG Infotech Pvt. Ltd is sincerely dedicated to achieving and enhancing customer relation by providing quality products through Innovation and Technology for professionals like Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Human Resource Managers etc. All the products are suitable for client’s budget and professionally superior. The company consists of developers, marketing, support and administration, logistics. They have a large team of technical support staff that is proficient professionally to take care of clients and to deliver them exactly what they require. The SAG Infotech Pvt. Ltd. team of professionals works in a consistent manner. They are also trained as per the necessity of customers which guarantees the skills & abilities of employees. 

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Features of Gen XBRL

Feeding the whole financial data with all relevant Notes and Disclosures in Gen-XBRL utility, available for download with Latest Revised Schedule-III Taxonomy (AS and IND AS).
Converting the XBRL data from our utility into XML file format by our two Products "Gen-Comp Law" & "Gen-XBRL" Software tool with professional(s) assistance.
An Instance document containing Balance Sheet and Statement of Profit and Loss Account will be generated and ready for e-filing.
We have developed an integration of MCA’s new taxonomy conversion with revised schedule VI, validation for pre scrutiny& e-filing (Gen-XBRL Utility).
Self loading generation of PDF files(e-forms).
Complete collection of all the versions of current e-forms can be downloaded as given on MCA website.
Administrator can create Director, Shareholder, CA, and CS Relative Mater which avoids duplicity of data. Administrator can create Masters (Resolution, Minutes & Agreement, etc) with customization which ignores repetition of data.
Complete range of resolutions is available for objectives other than e-filing.

Gen XBRL plans and pricing

On Premise


Rs. 10000.00 ( Lifetime )

  • Renewal after 1 year - 2500 + tax
  • e –filling of balance sheet
  • Profit & loss A/c in XBRL format as per taxonomy
  • Validation tool of MCA

Gen XBRL Demo Video

See the video and get the complete details of Complaw software with XBRL, produced by SAG Infotech Private Limited.

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Gen XBRL Faqs

Below are some frequently asked questions for Gen XBRL

Q. How many companies can be filled by using the Gen-XBRL Software?

The software can be used to file unlimited number of companies

Q. Can I create the Final accounts documents again by using XML file generated and filled from any other XBRL software?

The software is provided with a vice-versa function to import the XML file and check the financial data as per taxonomy.

Q. Whether is it requiring opening MCA Validation tool separately?

No, opening MCA validation tool separately is not required. The software is facilitated with the option to check Validation and pre-scrutiny error.

Q. Can I generate PDF file, even if there is error in XML validation or pre-scrutiny to check the file as what is left?

Yes, PDF file can be generated without validation also for checking the further requirement.

Q. How can we solve Validation Errors?

The error can be rectified by pressing F4 on the home page. Double clicking the errors will let users reach the concerned page where the error is located.

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Theju Jayakumar

Outstanding Customer Service!!


16th November, 2017

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Customer Service

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  • My search for a solution that would fit my particular company and use case scenario was significantly enhanced by the targeted information that I obtained from Steve at Techjockey. His recommendations allowed me to reduce the scope of my search, reducing the time to decision and I'm very happy with the results so far. I would highly recommend using Techjockey to anyone just beginning a solution search.
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