Top 6 eTDS Return Filing Software in India for Experts

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Electronic Tax Deducted at Source (eTDS) filing software has become an indispensable tool for organizations to manage the intricacies and complexities of tax compliance. With multiple options available, choosing the right eTDS filing software becomes paramount for businesses seeking efficiency, accuracy, and regulatory adherence.

In this article, we will look at the top TDS return filing software along with their features and benefits to help you choose the right one for your business to streamline your tax management.

Top 6 eTDS Return Filing Software in India for Experts

Let’s look at the best TDS filing software in India along with their best features. The comparison will help you choose the right software for your business.

ProductsFeaturesBest For
WinMan TDSGenerates / validates FVU
Auto-filled paper / e-challans
Interest Calculation Report
Return preparation & filing
TDSMANTDS certificates download
Auto tax calculation
Bulk PAN verification
Tax management
Saral TDSQuarterly return filing
Tax computation
Correction return module
TDS compliance management
CompuTDSPAN verification
File TDS
Import challan
TDS amount calculation
Webtel e-TDSTRACES integration
Auto-update TDS Forms
Return certificates generation
TDS filing certificates generation
Clear TDSAutomated calculations & e-Filing
Bulk PAN verification
Challan generation
Potential TDS notices early detection

Here is the detailed enumeration of the best TDS return utility software with their features, benefits, and pricing.

1. WinMan TDS

WinMan TDS dashboard

Winman TDS Software is used for preparing, generating, and filing e TDS returns. This TDS preparation utility software assists you with computing TDS amount, generating TDS forms, and filing returns.

By using it, you can generate TDS NSDL Quarterly statements to accurately file TDS returns in accordance with the format recommended by the Income Tax Department of India.

Top Features of WinMan TDS

  • Files e-returns for forms like 4Q / 26Q / 27Q / 27EQ, etc.
  • Develops and validates FVU (File Validation Utility) files
  • Generates short TDS reports
  • Automatically fills e- challans while filing returns
  • Clubs Form 16 ‘Part-A’ and ‘Part-B’ PDFs

Pros and Cons of WinMan TDS

  • You can also download digitally signed e-invoices directly from Winman TDS filing software.
  • This TDS return software can also be used to view the revised return changes easily.
  • The network speed of this software is quite poor.

Pricing of WinMan TDS: Pricing details are available on its official website


TDSMAN dashboard

TDSMAN is a TDS return software to help you with filing TDS returns. It can generate TDS returns for different forms like Form 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ. This software can also print TDS certificates directly from the TDS portal.

TDSMAN is used for multiple purposes like preparing returns, importing and validating challans, correcting all types of statements, checking the status of inoperative PANs, etc.

TDSMAN Top Features

  • Generates TDS, TCS Returns & Correction Statements
  • Creates and prints different utility reports
  • Develops Deductees entry without challan
  • Exports important TDS data to Excel and CSV file
  • Performs default analysis via Challan validation, PAN verification, etc.

Pros and Cons of TDSMAN

  • This TDS filing software can correct data entries in bulk via Excel.
  • You can also get 30GB of storage space with this software to save valuable data.
  • The tax interest calculated by TDSMAN on late payments is sometimes inaccurate.

TDSMAN Pricing: No free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 4,900+ 18% GST

3. Saral TDS

Saral TDS dashboard

Saral TDS is a comprehensive TDS management software to help businesses and individuals to simplify their TDS return filing process. It is a popular TDS filing utility software that you can use for quarterly return filing, data validating for e-Returns, tax calculating, bulk challan and PAN verifying, etc.

Saral TDS also generates a Data quality Report to eliminate data defaults before filing for tax returns.

Top Features of Saral TDS

  • Generates Tax certificates for Form 16/16A/27D
  • Automatically computes salaried employees’ tax for TDS return filing
  • Supports online taxes payment via debit and credit card, net banking, etc.
  • Imports Challans and deductions details directly from Excel
  • Integrates with TRACES’s portal to request and download returns

Pros and Cons of Saral TDS

  • You can also generate an MIS report to maintain a record of all the tax related calculations.
  • This TDS preparation utility software lets you generate the correct return statements after rectifying the required data errors.
  • The process to compute tax is a bit complicated in Saral TDS.

Saral TDS Pricing: No free plan available| Paid plan starts from INR 5640/User

4. CompuTDS

CompuTDS is used for preparing and filing TCS and TDS returns. This TDS return filing software is designed for Tax Practitioners and Chartered Accountants to streamline their tax management procedure.

It can be used for calculating TDS amount based on the payment nature, generating various forms to file TDS, storing and managing information about deductees, etc. Making e-payment of Challans and generating different types of reports are also the functions of CompuTDS.

CompuTDS Top Features

  • Prepare e-TCS returns and e-TDS for multiple forms
  • Generates TDS and TCS certified 27D, 12BA, 16 and 27A Forms
  • Prepares TAN application and amendment via TAN registration
  • Manages records for e-Challan payments
  • Supports changing of invalid PAN number

Pros and Cons of CompuTDS

  • Analyzing TDS data and generating reports is quite easy with this TDS filing utility software.
  • This software automatically generates TDS and TCS certificates.
  • CompuTDS’s interface is a bit complicated to navigate according to some users.

Pricing of CompuTDS: Pricing of CompuTDS starts from INR 4500

5. Webtel e-TDS

webtel etds

Webtel e-TDS is another popular TDS filing software that you can use to streamline your TDS filing procedure. It comes with multiple features and reports to make your TDS compliance process easier to manage.

Webtel helps in calculating TDS amount, generating TDS certificates, making changes to the existing returns, generating Form 15G/15H for the non-deduction of TDS, etc.

Top Features of Webtel e-TDS

  • Integrates with TRACES and NSDL Portal for easy return filing
  • Shares TDS certificates in the 16 and 16A Forms
  • Offers Advance Default Predictor to rectify errors before filing
  • Verifies your employees’ PAN details in bulk
  • Supports Excel to import data and generate TDS returns

Pros and Cons of Webtel eTDS

  • It supports multiple TDS Forms like 16, 16A, 27D, 12BA, 12BB, etc., to download certificates.
  • Webtel e-TDS also lets you encrypt your important data to eliminate any chances of data theft.
  • This software often crashes when you make changes to the existing TDS statements.

Webtel e-TDS Pricing: No free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 4650

6. ClearTDS

Clear TDS dashboard

ClearTDS online E filing software prepares and maintains TDS Returns in accordance with TIN NSDL. It can help you with TDS Calculation and e-Filing, bulk Challans generation, TDS-related data management, TDS calculations errors detection, PAN card validation, and so on.

Top Features of ClearTDS

  • Sends alerts about unconsumed challans to file TDS returns
  • Notifies about the late TDS payments
  • Automatically generates and merges Form 16s online
  • Verifies and validates the PAN details in bulk
  • Comes with built-in AI to identify late deductions in TDS Returns

Pros and Cons of ClearTDS

  • ClearTDS helps to find out potential errors in calculations or challan details before submission, minimizing penalties for non-compliance.
  • With a single tap, you can build and share Forms 16 and 16A over the email.
  • Sometimes, this software hangs while verifying PAN details in bulk.

Clear TDS Pricing: Pricing details are available on its official website

Which is the Best e-TDS Return Filing Software: Conclusion

Selecting the best eTDS filing software is important for businesses to streamline the tax related procedures. Through our comprehensive review, we have analyzed the unique features, user-friendliness, and reliability of top eTDS filing software.

By choosing the right eTDS filing software, you can navigate the complexities of tax compliance and easily file TDS and TCS online. Based on the features comparison, WinMan TDS, TDSMAN, and Saral TDS are the top software that you can use to file your returns.

Best e-TDS Return Filing Software: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the cost of TDS return software?

    The cost of TDS return software depends on the software vendor and all the features it provides to its customers. However, on average, the pricing of this software starts from as low as INR 13800/4 users.

  2. How can I file TDS return by myself?

    To file your TDS return by yourself, you need to visit the e-Filing Portal and login with your credentials. After that, fill all the tax-related details as asked by the portal. Once you do that, your TDS will be filed and processed easily.

  3. Which software is used for TDS return?

    There is several software available that you can use for filing TDS returns. Some of the prominent options include WinMan TDS, TDSMAN, Saral TDS, CompuTDS, etc.

  4. Which is the best TDS filing software?

    Some of the best TDS filing software to streamline the TDS filing procedure include Saral TDS, CompuTDS, Webtel e-TDS, Clear TDS, etc.

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