About I-TAX Income Tax Software

I-TAx software is the best Income Tax and audit software in india. I-TAX (one Law one Software) is for filing Indian income tax returns forms [ITR-1 to ITR-8] easily from offline as well as online computers. Income Tax Refunds generated on processing of Income-tax Returns are transmitted to State. The i-tax login covers computation of income tax payment as well as the generation of ITR, either by the way of XML via e-filing or a printout via paper filing.

Product Features

  • The user can prepare computation from asst. the year 1995-1996 to the current year and also a provisional calculation for next asst. year
  • Enables direct login and eReturn submit in government website
  • Data import facility in account statement and TDs and many more
  • Helps export all the reports in Word, PDF, and GUI
  • Provides in-built eTDS/eTCS and AIR software in ITAX
  • Parameter setting using to set I-TAX as per your requirement
  • Automatic computation of income that includes salary, house property business, deduction, tax & interest, etc.
  • Auto computation of fringe benefits gets calculated easily that includes tax, surcharge, education cess, interest, etc.
  • Wealth calculations are done automatically that include exempt one residential property, business-related property, jewelry valuation and provides space for any type of notes
  • Manages account statements that include trading account profit & loss amount, capital account, balance sheet, and annexure print
  • E-TDS/TCS management is done effectively in this module

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Features of I-TAX Income Tax Software

You can prepare computation from Asst Year 1995-1996 to Current year and Also Provisional Calculation for Next Asst. year.
Direct Login and eReturn Submit in government website.
Data import facility in account statement and TDs and many more.
Inbuild eTDS/eTCS and AIR software in ITAX.
Parameter setting using to set I-TAX as per your requirement.

I-TAX Income Tax Software plans and pricing

On Premise

Single User

Rs. 5500.00 ( Lifetime )

  • Data Import Facility
  • All Report in Word; PDF and GUI
  • Inbuilt eTDS/eTCS
  • Parameter Setting
  • From asst year to current year

Multi User

Rs. 8500.00 ( Lifetime )

  • Data Import Facility
  • All Report in Word; PDF and GUI
  • Inbuilt eTDS/eTCS
  • Parameter Setting
  • From asst year to current year

AMC for single

Rs. 2100.00 ( Per Year )

  • updation charges

AMC For Multi User

Rs. 2850.00 ( Per Year )

  • updation charges

I-TAX Income Tax Software Demo Video

Monarch I-TAX (Income Tax Software)

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I-TAX Income Tax Software Faqs

Below are some frequently asked questions for I-TAX Income Tax Software

Q. What I want to do if I Want to Print Company Details On Computation?

Go to Main Menu in I-TAX Select option 9.Utilities > 3. Parameter Settings > 2. Statement P > Select Option 1. and Press "Y".

Q. If there is Data Mismatch in Statement of Computation ?

Then restart the I-TAX software again and Press "Z" or Go to Main Menu 9. Utilities > 1. Data Maintenance > 1. Index DataBase.

Q. How to change Date and Time in I-TAX software?

Set PC Current Date and Time and Contact us to create new PUK code to software in Single or Multi PC.

Q. If download file not found for 2016-17 after due date?

Then Select option ITR 12 and upload return.

Q. How to Disable

For Enable Notification in I-TAXGo to Action Center and Check never Notify and then Restart your PC.

I-TAX Income Tax Software Reviews and Ratings

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Mohd Shahid ansaro

Very happy with my product


22nd March, 2017

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  • I am highly highly satisfied with the service!! Matt was patient with all my questions and helped me navigate the software space. His recommendations were right on target!
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