Meshink Retail Management System

Meshink Retail Management System

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A single cloud-based solution to manage your entire retail business across all channels and touchpoints. Managing a real estate business has high risks as it involves money matters. Manage your business activities with a user-friendly app. RMS can help businesses in a variety of ways, including managing inventory, sales, POS, invoicing, purchase, customer management, identifying opportunities and overcoming weaknesses in the store.

Product Features
  • Client Database- Maintains customer records of your business and helps you to tap potential customers by knowing the product trends they follow.
  • Sales Analytics- Helps simplify your complicated sales data by breaking down your complex sales reports into simple to view and easy to understand report charts.
  • Customer Management- Improves customer interaction and strengthen your business relationships
  • Employee Management- Manages employee recruitment, attendance, schedule tasks and much more without bothering yourself with manual records.
  • Order Management- Provides customers with easy buy and return options at anytime from anywhere. It also, helps you track the orders successfully with a positive feedback and complaints.
  • Inventory Control- Helps you track material movements, purchase-to-order, do away with pilferage, inventory valuation and much more. It also helps in tasks related to quality control, material requisition etc.
  • Point of Sale- Enjoy fast billing, access sales history and much more with this module. With a quick processing timing, it is capable of handling multiple vendors such as cash, card, gift voucher etc.
  • Invoicing- Generates easily understandable invoices for customers. Informs your customers about exactly where their money has been used with a simple categorization of service tax, VAT, discount etc.
  • Retail Promotions- Manage your store’s promotions easily from a single platform including – loyalty card programs, gift vouchers, discount schemes etc. It also helps you to recognize your loyal customers and provide them with a loyalty management functionality.
  • Reporting- Get automated updates related to your business projects, activities etc. and know where your employees are busy, which products customers are buying, which campaigns have been successful and much more.
  • E-commerce- Allows you to integrate your products via a website and mobile application for easy accessibility to your potential customers.
  • Purchase and Supplier Relation- Tracks region wise supplies of your products, sets rules for procurement, generates requisition automatically, sets purchase approvals at various levels and manages multiple purchase price lists.

About the Company:
Meshink is a system management solution provider, specialised in software sales such as Inventory System, Project Management System, ERP and CRM. The company provides highly integrated solutions to manage all aspects of retail businesses that help decision making perfectly.

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