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Mind Element Theory Expert System by Jan Scholten makes it easier for users to understand the complex periodic tables associated with homeopathy software. The system helps the users correlate the elements in the periodic table with homeopathy. It has 4 books by Jan Scholten namely, Homeopathy and Minerals, Homeopathy and the Elements, Secret Lanthanides and Repertory of Elements.

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About Mind Technologies

Mind technology is the result of 29 years of efforts and dedication. It is an emerging technology company that started with Homeopathic softwares and moved to providing complete IT solutions. Currently it offers web based apps, content management service, web designing and multimedia services, web applications, e-learning solutions, et al. With 30,000 users in 87 countries, Mind Technology has been fulfilling its clients’ professional needs exceptionally well.
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Features of Hompath Element Theory expert system

Easy search options letting you browse through thousands of rubrics from collection of 6 repertories within no time. Apply strategic repertorization filters. Prescribe perfect similimum
Complete information of more than 1200+ homeopathic medicines. Compare and confirm remedies from different homeopathic materia medica books
Packed with 25 homeopathy books including 3 books by Jan Scholten: Homeopathy and the Elements, Homeopathy and Minerals and Secret Lanthanides. It is easy to search and browse.
Study the entire element in detail including its Materia Medica, cases, etc. from Practical analysis screen. Record the desired keyword and see the detailed analysis in Recorded analysis.
Features like Practical Analysis, Element Theory Reference, Spirals, Periodic Table, information on stages and series helps you to understand the elements and minerals better with respect to Homeopathy

Hompath Element Theory expert system plans and pricing

On Premise

Hompath Theory Expert

Rs. 15000.00

  • Homeopathy RepertoryHomeopathy Repertory
  • Element Details
  • Remedy Information
  • Homeopathy Materia Medica
  • Quick Symptom Recording
  • Analyse and Record

Hompath Element Theory expert system Demo Video

Element Theory Expert System | Repertory Of Elements | Secret Lanthanides | Jan Scholten - Hompath

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26th June, 2018

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  • Highly recommended software provider! I came across them initially on Techjockeyand although I was a bit sceptical in the first place, the customer experience turned out to be excellent. Harry readily provided me with a fresh one which worked out very well. The service was very personalized, you really cannot ask for more from a software provider! I will come back anytime I need some new piece of software.
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