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by : NGINX (part Of F5)

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Brand: NGINX (part Of F5)

Type: Software

Operating System: Ubuntu

Free Trial Available: Yes

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NGINX Plus Software Overview

What is NGINX Plus?

NGINX Plus is the only cloud-native solution, which combines the features for content caching, security controls, load balancing, Web Server, Reverse Proxy, Web Application Firewall, Internal DDOS Protection, API Gateway, K8s IC, and Sidecar Proxy.  It is a complete software package, helping enterprises transform digitally and modernize their legacy. NGINX Plus further helps modernize monolithic applications through its innovative microservices-based applications. 
NGINX Plus is an extension of NGINX Open Source with more features and round the clock support. It is a complete application delivery solution, which helps improve resiliency and speed while reducing the cost.

NGINX Plus Features

  • checkbox Cut Costs Save more than 80% of cost on hardware solutions without using artificial caps on throughout or SSL connections
  • checkbox Accelerate Time to Market You can scale up instantly without waiting for procurement of hardware
  • checkbox Deploy Anywhere Use any public, private, or hybrid cloud, without having to worry about restrictive proprietary hardware
  • checkbox Modernize IT Infrastructure It will help you to move towards microservices and DevOps with a software ADC designed for modern app architectures
  • checkbox Integrate Easily You don't need to rip-off and replace your existing hardware, and you can use the NGINX Plus alongside it.
  • checkbox Empower Developers You can use NGINX Plus in development, staging, and production environments with low-cost developer licenses
  • checkbox Single sign-on NGINX Plus allows adding single sign on to every app with the help of connect compatible providers like OpenID. 
  • checkbox API Authentication NGINX Plus uses JWT tokens to restrict API access.
  • checkbox DDoS Mitigation NGINX minimizes network and service-related abuse by imposing bandwidth and rate limit.  
  • checkbox Service Discovery You can auto detect services that have DNS service discovery integration 
  • checkbox Layer 7 Routing You can easily direct your clients to a more suitable service with URI-based content routing. 
  • checkbox Flexible Deployments You can run your existing hardware in containers or in cloud using flexible software. 
  • checkbox Eliminate Vendor Lock‑In Feel free to choose between any cloud: public, private or hybrid, with feeling trapped by your public cloud vendor. 
  • checkbox Get Predictable Pricing Keep the cost in control by using volume discounts, site licenses.
  • checkbox Improve performance It helps you reduce page load time and slash costing with flexible content caching.
  • checkbox Maximize Compatibility It is compatible with Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos and other app development tools.   
  • checkbox Improve Site Speed It profoundly increases the frontend performance with the use of HTTP/2 and ensures that backend services are not
  • checkbox Speed Up Encryption Backward compatibility with RSA/ECC encryption is maintained in a way that the performance increase significantly. 
  • checkbox Save On Bandwidth You can reduce your bandwidth by more than 75% through content compression.
  • checkbox Monitor Performance Thanks to its real time monitoring dashboard, you can track your app’s performance.
  • checkbox Scale When You Need It Scaling of performance becomes easier with TCP, UDP & HTTP load balancing. 
  • checkbox API Definition and Publication You can define APIs once and can publish to various environments using a simple process. 
  • checkbox Rate Limiting It helps you protect your APIs from bad client requests and DDoS attacks.   
  • checkbox Real-Time Monitoring and Alerting You get critical understanding into application performance with visibility into over 100 metrics. 

NGINX Plus Plans & Pricing

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Enterprise‑grade Load Balancing

NGINX Plus ensures enterprise-grade performance in load balancing for TCP, UDP and HTTP traffic. It ensures active health checks without asking for a server restart.


Supports all API Gateway Models

NGINX Plus maximizes speed and capacity by bringing session persistence and caching. It also brings several algorithms to increase the speed and capacity.


Reverse Proxy - Additional Defense against Security Attacks

NGINX Plus maximizes speed and capacity by bringing session persistence and caching. It also brings several algorithms to increase the speed and capacity

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NGINX Plus Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Device:
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Ubuntu
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

NGINX Plus Reviews

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We love to hear from our buyers! If you have used the solution already, why not share your thoughts and help others make the right purchase.
William Chew, Manager, IT Infrastructure & Service Delivery
22, Feb 2021
star star star star star
With a second, containerized private cloud, we had to ensure minimal impact and downtime to our existing ticketing solution. We knew that if we stuck to a traditional configuration, we could face challenges with deployment efficiency and scalability. We needed a cost?effective way to address these and enable our teams to enjoy smoother collaboration so that they can introduce new and better features for our customers
Likely to recommend : 7/10
Seth Hochberg, Director of Engineering
22, Feb 2021
star star star star star
The architecture we had was cobbled together over time to meet the needs as we grew. But it had come to a point where it was increasingly difficult to manage individual components and even more so to ensure the level of service our users expected.
Likely to recommend : 8/10
Clinton Fung, Head of Digital Innovation at African Bank.
22, Feb 2021
star star star star star
We think of ourselves as a technology company that happens to operate a retail bank. As such we are constantly looking for ways to utilize technology that not only improve the bank’s operational efficiency but add value to our customer experience.
Likely to recommend : 8/10
John Flanagan, System Administrator
22, Feb 2021
star star star star star
When your company delivers mission critical applications like VoIP, network performance and complexity are big concerns. We can’t have downtime when patching servers. We can’t have bottlenecks caused by servers choking on traffic. To continue to delight our customers with new products or features and great service, we need core components in the network like our load balancers, proxies, and API endpoints to be easily updated and super resilient.
Likely to recommend : 8/10

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Q. Is NGINX Plus certified? arrow

A. Yes. NGINX Plus is a tested and certified product. It works seamlessly with Red Hat, Amazon Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian. The software has certified module partners like Curity, Cequence Security, Device Atlas, Forgerock, IDF Connect, Perimeter, Ping Identity, Phusion, Tala, and Wallarm.

Q. What is the difference between NGINX Plus and NGINX Open Source? arrow

A. NGINX Plus offers some additional features like active health checks, cache-purging API, JWT authentication, OpenID Connect single sign-on, built-in dashboard, configuration synchronisation across the cluster and key-value stores. These features are not available in NGINX Open Source.

Q. What Does Commercial Support Cover? arrow

A. The NGNIX+ Commercial Support Cover - 1. Use of Open Source NGINX and NGINX Plus 2. Assistance with Installation and Deployment 3. Debugging and Error Correction 4. Security Notifications 5. Software Updates 6. Documentation Discrepancies

Q. What are the supported SSL/TLS versions by NGINX Plus? arrow

A. NGINX Plus supports TLSv1, TLSv 1.1, TLSv 1.2, TLSv 1.3, SSLv2 and SSLv3.

Q. What is the difference between NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus? arrow

A. Both the variants of NGINX are designed by their core engineering team. With NGINX Open Source, you get the benefits of the community support. And with NGINX Plus, you will get the managed release process and timely service by experts. Some of the other highlighting features of NGINX Open Source & NGINX Plus, which will help make an informed decision are: NGINX Open Source allows compiling of 100 plus third party modules. The commercial version includes more features like live activity monitoring data & load balanced groups with dynamic reconfiguration. NGINX Plus is an easy to use solution, which does not require supporting tools and third-party modules. NGINX Open Source users can enjoy similar benefits as that of NGINX Plus. However, they will require third-party implementations. NGINX Plus includes features, which are often missing in a web browser Most importantly, NGINX Open Source complements NGINX Plus and acts as a load-balancing frontend for NGINX OSS servers.

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