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About Octa Gst

What is Octa GST?

Octa GST is an offline GST return filing software, designed for all tax professionals and business types. It offers an accurate GST compliance experience to its users and enables them to file returns efficiently. This application has a selected panel of taxation and financial industry experts, along with the Silicon India Editorial Board, to provide its users with advanced features for GST-compliant accounting. 

Octa GST assists its users to prepare GSTR-9, GSTR-1, GSTR-4, and GSTR-3B. The software uses built-in high-performance JSON to Excel Converter to convert the major GST forms downloaded in JSON formats from the Govt GST portal. It also enables the user to access annual consolidated reports of the entire financial year.

Easy Invoice Matching and Reconciliation with Octa GST

Octa GST provides its users with accurate and efficient GST filing outcomes. The software enables its users to find and match invoices across periods and reconcile accounts based on the month, quarter, financial year or even the full book of accounts. Users can access invoices to track mismatch summary, enhanced with a practical and straightforward view of matchings.

Intelligent Reporting in Octa GST

Octa GST enables users to view the month-wise summary of GSTR-1, GSTR-2A, and GSTR-3B. Users can gain access to the comparison of liability declared in GSTR-3B and GSTR-1. The software provides its users with a detailed report of GSTR-1 and GSTR-2A for the entire financial year. One can also get a detailed comparison of the Input Tax Credit in forms GSTR-3B and GSTR-2A.

Pricing of Octa GST

The pricing of Octa GST depends on the specific requirement of users and the business. You can ask for a personalized quote by requesting a callback and we will get back to you shortly.

Benefits of Octa GST

  1. This GST filing software provides its users with the Octa GST assistant, which is a simplistic Firefox and Chrome extension, helping users to download various GST return data from the GST portal instantly.
  2. Users can download data on GSTR-1 JSON files, GSTR-2A JSON files, GSTR-3B JSON files, GSTR-2A Excel files, GSTR-9 JSON files (the System Computed Summary), GSTR-4 JSON files and GSTR-4A JSON files for a specific return period or the whole financial year.
  3. Users can also use the software offline to prepare their returns.

Sold By : Blowbits Solutions LLP

Get Octa Gst support 26 Chatting right now

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Octa Gst Features

 Users can maintain the books of accounts and avail expert advice to get a better understanding of business activities.
 The software allows users to generate bills and invoices as per their requirements, and at the same time, also keeps a track of invoices.
 Users can directly integrate data based on Excel, PDF and CSV with accounting software and other business systems.  
The software ensures its users with convenient and efficient GST compliance.  
 Users can use the software to manage their taxes without spending a lot on expert advice and consultancies.
Octa GST helps and assists its users to register for GST number without any hassle.  
Users can get any GSTIN validated by the software.
The software allows users to enjoy full benefits of ITC provided by the government.  
Users can directly integrate their Excel and CSV based data imports with Tally, Busy, Marg, etc.
The software can be used by multiple users at a time and it enables businesses to work in sync.
It enables its users to share data securely related to invoices and other bills.
Users can file their annual, monthly and quarterly GST returns through the software.
The software provides its users with the utmost privacy and access control to sensitive financial data of a business.
 It provides an amicable, fast and modern interface while also sharing detailed reports on specified forms.
Octa GST assists its users to manage and overlook the inward and outward flow of the stock.

Get Octa Gst support26 Chatting right now

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Octa Gst Specifications


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Octa Gst FAQs

Yes, the software provides its user with a monthly summary of GSTR-1. You can file your monthly, quarterly and annual GST returns through the software as well.
If your business operates from multiple states, Octa GST helps create multiple GSTINs to manage your business data efficiently.
If you end up uploading the wrong data, you can easily clean the GSTR-1 data and invoices on the government GST portal.
The user can generate PDF or print their sales invoices by this software. You can also generate and print other vouchers such as credit and debit notes.
Octa GST understands the privacy of financial data as they are quite large and sensitive. When one uses the software, the business data stays in his or her computer and never gets transmitted outside. This grants full control over your data.

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