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February 5, 2024 5 Min read

The HSN code for software services serves as a universal language for trade, enabling businesses to navigate the complexities of cross-border software services transactions efficiently. It enhances transparency, simplifies taxation, and ensures that the appropriate duties and tariffs are applied.

Adhering to the HSN coding system contributes to a more organized and harmonized global trade environment for software services. Let’s find out more about HSN code for software development and the applicable GST rate.

What is Meant by HSN Code for Software Services?

HSN Code is a standardized system for classifying goods and services into various categories. It is used for classifying services for taxation and payment.

HSN Code for software services is used to categorize software-related services. These services are categorized under Group 99831 of SAC codes pertaining to information technology services.

GST Applicability on Software and Software Services

GST is applicable to various software services such as supplying software in various formats, supplying them online, exporting services, or creating e-invoice. Here is the detailed breakdown of GST applicability on all the software services and the ones exempted from GST below:

GST Applicability on Software and Software Services
  • Software Supply in Various Forms: According to Schedule II of the CGST Act, tasks like “development, design, programming, customization, adaptation, upgradation, enhancement, and implementation of information technology software” comes under the services supplied, (No. 5 (2)(d) of Schedule –II of the GST law). On the other hand, when the pre-developed software is delivered via any medium, storage, or encryption keys, it will be considered as goods supply falling under 8523 heading.
  • Online Software Supplies: Providing computer software online has a unique classification. Accessing and downloading software with updates is considered as an OIDAR (Online Information Database Access and Retrieval) service. Therefore, any service related to software provision will be headed under an OIDAR service.
  • Exemptions: Specific software like the one issued by the government is exempt from GST. Moreover, specific types of software have a 0% GST rate depending on the usage and beneficiaries they are serving.
  • Supply Place: In-state

In-State Sales: When both the supplier and receiver are in the same state, then CGST and SGST are applied.

Interstate Sales: When the supplier and receiver are present in different locations, then IGST is applied.

  • Software Services Import: As the software imported comes under HSN Code 997331, it is considered a service import. Businesses that import software do not need a Bill of Entry. But they need to pay the required IGST on a Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) basis, as Notification 10/2017-IT from June 2017.
  • Software Services Export: Software exported to Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and developers are 0% rated within GST, implying the tax payment is not necessary. However, exporters could claim input tax credit upon all resources utilized to develop export services.
  • Invoicing and e-Invoicing: e-Invoicing is compulsory for business-to-business software transactions and firms having a turnover of more than INR 5 crore.

HSN Code and GST Rate on Software and Software Services

HSN code for software development services covers plenty of services and each service has a different code and GST rate.

For example, discs with information technology software has 85243111 HSN code and it has a 0% GST rate. Here is the complete list of all software services along with their HSN codes and applicable GST rate.

HSN CodeDescriptionGST Rate
49119910hardcopy (printed) of computer software12%
85232990other for recording sounds18%
85238020discs with information technology software18%
85243111discs with information technology software0%
85244011magnetic tapes with IT software0%
85249112information technology software on disc or on cd rom0%
99831management consulting and management services; information technology services18%
998311consultation in management areas: finance, strategy, hr, marketing, operations, and logistics 18%
998312enterprise advisory services, inclusive of pr consultancy18%
998313IT guidance and maintenance services18%
998314designing and formulating it solutions18%
998315services for IT system hosting and infrastructure setup18%
998316management of IT systems and networking18%
998319additional it-related services, not elsewhere classified18%

Input Tax Credit Availability on Software Services GST

Input Tax Credit Availability on Software Services GST

Yes, Input Tax Credit is available on software services GST for businesses who use software for operational activities. However, those using this software for personal use cannot claim Input Tax Credit.

HSN Code for Software Services for GST Software Users


GST software can be used for paying GST on software-related services. For example, it helps you to find a taxable base for software services after considering any exemptions in accordance with GST compliance and regulations. This will ensure you are paying the correct tax amount according to the HSN code applicability.

Additionally, GST software can also track software services GST-related tasks transactions and import details directly when you file GST returns. This assists in simplifying GST return filing and reducing data discrepancies.


The Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN) code for software services plays an important role in classifying and identifying these services in international trade. It delivers a standardized system that facilitates smooth communication across borders.

Software services are categorized under specific HSN codes based on their nature and characteristics, allowing for accurate documentation and streamlined regulatory processes.

  1. What is the GST rate for software products and services?

    The GST rate for software products and services comes under 0% to 18%.

  2. Do software upgrades attract GST?

    Software upgrades are generally considered a new software supply service and therefore, the GST depends on the prevailing rates.

  3. Are there any exemptions in GST for open-source software?

    While open-source software is free to use, any related services and customization will attract GST payments.

  4. What is the HSN code for computer service and installation?

    The HSN code for computer service and installation is HSN/SAC 998713.

  5. What is the SAC code for software maintenance?

    The SAC code for software maintenance is 998314 that deals with management consulting or IT services.

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