Labour Charges HSN Code: Ultimate Guide

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January 22, 2024 4 Min read

Labour charges play a crucial role in various industries such as repair and maintenance, serving as a fundamental component in the economic landscape. Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN) codes provide a systematic way to classify goods and services and facilitate international trade and taxation.

In this context, understanding the codes associated with labour charges becomes essential for businesses and regulatory bodies alike. In this article, we will explore more about HSN code and its significance in various industries.

What is Meant by Labour Charges HSN Codes?

Labour Charges HSN Codes are the subcategory of HSN code nomenclature used to classify all the services associated with labor.

These codes are assigned to the types of services where manual or physical labour is used to produce a specific thing in construction, repair, or maintenance. These codes are used in industries like construction, automotive, manufacturing, etc.

The Importance of Labour Charges HSN Codes

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HSN code for labour charges is important for multiple purposes. They help you to accurately classify services delivered by a business. The classification is essential for taxation purposes because it helps determine the tax rate needed to pay by the business

Moreover, labor charges HSN codes help compile trade statistics, which is important for the government for overseeing and regulating trade in different sectors.

Lastly, it serves as a common language to facilitate international trade that makes it easier to perform cross-border transactions for different businesses.

How Can You Determine the Labour Charges HSN Code for a Particular Service?

The HSN code for a service is identified depending on the service provided. The HSN code of labor charges ranges between 9954 to 9967 and is divided into several subcategories. For instance, automotive repair services come under HSN code 9966 whereas construction services come under HSN code 9954.

Therefore, to determine a service’s HSN code, you need to analyze the type of service provided by your business and identify the category within which this service falls.

Construction Services Construction services Labour Charges HSN Code

Construction Services Construction services Labour Charges HSN Code

The HSN code for construction covers a wide variety of services like constructing buildings or preparing sites, excavation work, renovating existing buildings, etc.

The HSN code 9954 is used to classify these services under construction. The tax rate for construction services varies based on the services’ nature with some services being exempted from tax.

Automotive Repair Services Labour Charges HSN Code

Automotive Repair Services Labour Charges HSN Code

Automotive repair services come under HSN code 9966 of Labour Charges. Under this code, vehicles and repair and maintenance services like electrical repair work, engine repair, suspension repair, etc. The tax rate for automotive repair services is around 18%.

Manufacturing Service Labour Charges HSN Code

Manufacturing services come under HSN code 9988. This code covers plenty of manufacturing services like working with metals and plastics, assembling components, etc. The tax rate of manufacturing services depends on the nature of the service delivered.

What is the GST Rate with HSN Code on Labour Charges?

Service Accounting CodeNature of ServiceGST Rate for Labour Charges
998511Executive/retained personnel search services18%
998512Permanent placement services18%
998513Contract Staffing Services18%
998515Long- Term staffing or payroll services18%
998516Temporary staffing-to-permanent placement services18%
998517Co-employment staffing services18%
998518Other employment and labour supply services nowhere else classified18%

HSN Code of Labour Charges for GST Software Users

GST software can help a lot to pay GST on labour charges. For instance, it determines the taxable base for labour charges, considering any exemptions or exclusions in accordance with GST regulations. This will ensure that you are paying the right tax amount as per the HSN code applicable.

Moreover, GST software can automatically track labour-related GST transactions and imports its data directly while filing for GST returns. This will help in streamlining GST return filing and eliminating data discrepancies chances.


Labour charges HSN codes are the important elements of global trade and taxation. Accurate classification of labour-related services under HSN codes ensures transparency and consistency, benefiting businesses, government authorities, and consumers alike.

As industries evolve and economic landscapes transform, a comprehensive understanding of this becomes essential for effective governance and commerce.


  1. How is the Labour Charges HSN Code used in invoicing?

    The Labour Charges HSN Code is utilized in invoices to indicate the service type provided along with the tax rate. This code is also used to generate GST returns and to claim input tax credits.

  2. Is it mandatory to use the Labour Charges HSN Code in invoicing?

    Yes, it is important to use the Labour Charges HSN Code in invoicing for all services that involve labour charges. Failure to do so may result in legal implications and penalties.

  3. Can the Labour Charges HSN Code be modified?

    Labour Charges HSN Code cannot be modified because it is a standardized code assigned by the government. However, the GST council can update or change Labour Charges HSN Code from time to time.

  4. Is there a separate Labour Charges HSN Code for different types of labor services?

    Yes, there are different Labour Charges HSN Codes for providing various labor service types like repair and maintenance, installation, construction services, etc. These codes are enlisted on the GST portal and can be used as per your requirements.

  5. How can one find the Labour Charges HSN Code for a particular service?

    Labour Charges HSN Code for a specific service can be located from the GST portal or through consultation with a tax expert. The code could be located in the SAC (Service Accounting Code) list which is a common list of all labour sev ices and their associated codes.

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