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Priava venue management software is designed so that it’s simple and easy to use, enabling you to get ‘up and running’ quickly, ensuring your organisation feels the benefits of this amazing venue and event management solution immediately.

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About Priava

Priava specialises in delivering enterprise management software through the cloud for booking-centric businesses. Whatever your venue or event requirements are, we can help you save money, maximise profits and productivity while reducing business risk.
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Alll Point

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Fair Field City

Features of Priava Venue and event management

Want to see your future bookings at a glance? Give your organisation the visibility of what’s on through Priava’s cutting edge chart together with a folder for each Event, providing overview, planning and manage view because events are always changing.
A good CRM is all about trust and confidence. Trust & Confidence = quality of data. In a first class CRM, the users putting the right data in the right place is crucial. That is why with Priava, we’ve simplified the CRM experience to put your information at your fingertips.
Are you navigating old and complex venue software? Would you like to spend more time focusing on customer and prospect relationships? Using Priava, you spend less time in your software, and more time asking for that referral, selling another piece of inventory or securing that repeat booking.
Priava takes seriously the responsibility it has to your organisation. We’ve taken away the headaches and given you a full service, state-of-the-art event & venue management software that will ensure you’re always connected to your data, wherever you are.
Our typical client is often what we refer to as a “unique venue”, a venue that could be a museum or a university for example. These types of organisations may well have a “1 system does all” with the exception of a venue and event management component. That’s where Priava has become a leading solution provider for venue and event management. But of course, you need your venue management software to integrate seamlessly with the other systems within your organization and that’s where our Developer API comes into play. Imagine your clients submitting enquiries directly from your website that integrate within your Priava system and being able to respond instantly. Or an integration to your finance or other in-house system. It’s all possible with the Priava API.

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Priava is committed to helping both private and public organisations to manage their venues and events more effectively. Our innovative, reliable and powerful cloud-based software has been purpose built to streamline the processes that go into booking and managing events. In turn, you can increase your team’s efficiency and productivity, minimise running costs, deliver exceptional customer service and also maximise occupancy levels and revenues for the long-term.

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Total Party Planner

Total Party Planner



Priava Venue and event management Faqs

Below are some frequently asked questions for Priava Venue and event management

Q. Can we access the system from anywhere?

Yes, Priava users can access the system anytime, anywhere from any flash enabled computer, tablet or mobile device with an internet connection.

Q. Do we need servers or IT support to get access to Priava?

No, just an internet connection.

Q. Does Priava offer a mobile app?

Priava is moving to HTML5 in early 2019. As part of this move, Priava will be responsive to Tablets, and a mobile application will be made available for all users in the latter part of 2019.

Q. How easy to use is Priava?

Priava has been designed with the end user in mind. Work across multiple windows & tabs, access real-time availability using the interactive chart, capture and track opportunities, coordinate all of the details for upcoming event bookings, assign user tasks and customise your own reports.

Q. How much training is required?

Priava is a highly intuitive application. It follows a logical process based on best practice standards, so it is easy to understand, with new users finding it easy to pick up. That said, to ensure you get the most out of the system, we offer remote training sessions for all of our new clients. These training sessions are designed for system super users only and are tailored to your business needs including key information about settings, configuration and reporting. Once your super users have completed the initial training, they will be able to share this knowledge with other staff members in your organisation. The reason we limit training to super users is that often staff have questions about business processes, and the super users are best able to answer those questions once trained on Priava.

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Sudip Sarkar

thank you for your help and service!


22nd September, 2017

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  • First time buyer from Techjockey. Will be looking for a couple of other downloads soon. Techjockey will be the first one i use. 100% good.
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