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Prime Jewellery Accounting

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About Prime Jewellery Accounting

What is Prime Jewellery Accounting?

Prime Jewellery Accounting with its point to point data entry technology is an advanced jewellery accounting software for its users’ business. It features a friendly user interface, enabling users to operate their accounts without having to go through any prior training. Prime Jewellery Accounting offers single and multiple user interfaces, allowing admins to assign role-based access rights to their accounting staff. Users can maintain records of money lent or loans given against jewelry, land, promissory notes, etc. using the wide variety of transaction management tools offered by the software. Prime Jewellery Accounting software maintains the sales and purchase related register in a detailed manner along with user-defined tax forms and types. It also calculates all the A/C ledgers along with their interests in an automated process. 

How does Prime Jewellery Accounting software simplify operations?

The accounting software for jewellery business is divided into four main parts, enabling users to manage their jewelry stock and accounts in an intuitive manner. 

  1. Financial Accounting - In this part, users can maintain separate books for bank receipt, cash receipt, karigar receipts, sales, purchase, karigar issue, etc.
  2. Rojmel - This section offers a traditional way of writing accounting books where two books are maintained namely Rojmel and Ledger. The everyday transactions are recorded in Rojmel, which gets posted in the ledger book in an automated manner.
  3. Money Lending - The money lending section helps its users to keep a track of customer’s capital, balance, and interest rates. It also offers automated ledger posting and loan ledger printing options.
  4. Stock (Mangmel) - This section enables its users to maintain the stock based on their tag numbers for individual products. Users can also find out the dead stocks and print product tags as per different size labels.   

Pricing of Prime Jewellery Accounting Software

The pricing of Prime Jewellery Accounting system is available on request. You can send in a call back request to connect with our product experts. 

Compatible platforms of Prime Jewelry Accounting Software

Prime Jewellery Accounting software India is compatible with Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 versions.  

Benefits of using Prime Jewelry Accounting Software

  1. User-based Access Rights - Prime Jewellery Accounting software’s multi-users and group login features enable admins to assign user-based access rights and work with their team for better results. 
  2. Daily Updates - Users can install and update the software without any hassle as it operates with very little space within the computer memory.
  3. Print Review - The jewellery accounting software offers print preview along with a direct printing option. Users can preview their documents before finally processing them for actual prints. They can send and receive business-related reports via print, email, and fax. Further, users can determine the suitable paper size and font size through the software before generating the printout.
  4. Advanced Features - With Prime Jewellery Accounting system, users get access to advanced keyboard shortcuts along with several advanced filtering and searching options.
  5. Alerts and Data Backup - Jewelry Accounting Software sends in real-time alerts to its users, notifying them about unsaved entries. It also backups up all the data in an automatic way by the end of the business day. All stored data is saved with proper security guides with end-to-end encryption.

Sold By : Prime

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Prime Jewellery Accounting Features

Users can write cash books in both double entry and single entry systems. They can also maintain a separate cashbook and gold books to avoid confusion.  
With Prime Jewellery Accounting software, users get to maintain stock valuation using FIFO or Weighted average methods based on their business requirements.
Users can maintain their stock of gold, platinum, diamond, and branded jewelry separately, mark the sold items with red and can also divide the stock as per the supplier.
With Prime Jewelry Accounting software, money lenders can maintain their loan entries as per their entry date and customer’s details.  They can also issue loan based interest receipts.

Get Prime Jewellery Accounting support21 Chatting right now

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Prime Jewellery Accounting Specifications

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Prime Jewellery Accounting FAQs

A. You can maintain a detailed stock of raw golds that have been converted into beautiful ornaments, old gold ornaments that have been converted into raw gold bars.
A. Prime Jewellery Accounting software provides its users with three methods of interest calculation: ? Daily ? Half monthly ? Full monthly
A. Yes, you can request an online demo of Prime Jewellery Accounting system software with Techjockey.
A. By using Prime Jewellery Accounting software, users get access to karigar specific reports like: ? Pending gold-based reports. ? Karigar specific Issue-receipt registers. ? Weight-related ledger and print of its confirmation style.
A. No, the current version of this jewellery accounting software India does not have a mobile app.

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