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The BIM Quantity Takeoff and construction estimating software from BIM models. Acquire measurements from a 3D BIM model and produce the relating BoQ automatically. Primus-IFC is the construction estimating software from BIM with IFC files. The reference standard of 3D design solutions, in the 3D CAD or BIM logic, such as Edificius, Revit®, ArchiCAD®, Allplan®, AutoCAD®, Vectorworks® and all other buildingSMART certified software solutions.

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Features of Primus IFC

BIM Quantity Takeoff
With the PriMus-IFC software you can open the IFC standard format, deriving from a BIM or 3D CAD model of an architectural, structural or even a plant-engineering project, and get the relating bill of quantities data automatically from the 3D models. PriMus-IFC saves all construction estimate data in PriMus’ standard .DCF format but also allows the surveyor to export to the Word® DOCX and Excel® XLSX file formats.
IFC BIM Viewer
PriMus-IFC opens BIM models or 3D CAD files in the standard IFC file format, and allows the user to view the 3D model of the file with all the related information useful for preparing a construction estimate or quantity take-off. The imported BIM or 3D CAD model can be viewed and managed with PriMus-IFC without the need to install any external viewers or plugins.
PriMus-IFC automatically reads all the necessary measurements directly from the objects used in the BIM or 3D CAD models saved in the standard IFC format. A single software that integrates advanced construction estimating functionalities together with the graphical representation of the BIM or 3D CAD model allowing you to operate with simplicity and precision… with the advantage to be able to constantly verify which elements in the BIM model or 3D CAD file have been accounted for and which haven’t, keeping everything under control in real time.
The PriMus-IFC software automatically connects the construction estimate, the price list items and measurements to the 3D CAD or BIM objects from which the measurements are acquired from and, in case of any changes to the IFC model, the construction estimate is automatically and dynamically updated.
PriMus-IFC allows you to account for all IFC entities in the BIM model. The quantity surveyor can export the estimate in the widely used standard formats (Excel .XLSX, Word .DOCX, PriMus .DCF) so as to even continue to work with other software solutions to add further data if necessary. If additional data is integrated with PriMus, the links with the BIM entities are never lost. Even if the bill of quantities data is updated with PriMus, any changes made to the project with the BIM software will automatically update the estimate too.

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Rs. 715.00 ( Per Month )

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Rs. 4690.00 ( Per Year )

  • Valid for 3 PCs

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27th September, 2017

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