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Edificius is not only a BIM software, but an integrated solution. Edificius is the full professional solution to satisfy your 3D Design needs in the world of architecture.

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Features of Edificius

BIM modeling with parametric architectural objects
With Edificius from the simple straight-forward use of parametric architectural objects (beams, pillars, walls, etc.), automatically produce detailed construction documents such as floor plans, elevation and cross-section views, together with axonometric views, 3D cutaway views, etc… All in a unique 2D or 3D input! Every variation of the BIM model corresponds to an automatic and dynamic variation of all the relating project documentation!
Garden, exterior spaces & landscaping design
Edificius is a simple to use tool that effectively fuses architecture and landscape design. A BIM modelling environment designed to address garden and landscape design. While keeping under control all earthwork related cut & fill data with a dynamic comparison of the surveyed land model and the landscaping design plan.
The on-line BIM Objects Library contains tens of thousands of free design resources already optimized for use in Edificius (HD Textures, 2D CAD Blocks, 3D Models, etc.). All the resources that you need to help you create high standard architectural content and without any fuss. Download as many resources as you need and even publish and share your own creations with other users.
Thanks to the Edificius-RTBIM module, Edificius is the first BIM software that integrates Real Time Rendering and BIM to produce photorealistic architectural renderings in real time while continuing to work in the design phase. You can finally get constant visual feedback by checking the results of your design choices in real time. With Edificius, even create and publish 360° Panorama images on Facebook, created in the Real-Time Rendering environment for immersive representations.
With Edificius-VR you can publish your 3D models on the BIM Voyager online platform and share them with whoever you want. The software saves the BIM file to a cloud based platform and creates a link for shared access to the 3D BIM model in a virtual reality viewer. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser to view the project from a PC, a smartphone, or a tablet.
With Edificius you can compose your drawing models with great freedom with simple drag & drops. Produce highly detailed architectural reports, tables and project schedules. Even export all drawings in the DXF/DWG/DWF file formats and technical reports in the RTF format.
Edificius can import and export in the standard IFC format. IFC is the “common” file format that allows all team designers (architectural, structural engineer, plant engineer, etc.) to exchange their BIM models. IFC 2×3 import and export is compliant with the Coordination View 2.0 certification issued by Building SMART.
Edificius is the ideal solution for preparing renovation works or work variation surveys. In a unique design environment, you can manage two separate BIM models (de facto or surveyed and project). You can automatically produce a comparison table with drawings and the relating cost estimate of the planned interventions.

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Rs. 4690.00 ( Per Month )

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Rs. 47621.00 ( Per Year )

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Razi Ahmad

You have to trust these people guys


26th September, 2017

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  • Great experience. I am still reviewing the recommended softwares, my representative was very thorough and prepared me for what was going to happen following our conversation. Like he predicted, I was contacted by a rep fromn each company either by phone or via email to set up a convenient meeting time. I have had 4 demos so far, pending 1. I am very satisfied with Techjockey service. I will certainly pick my software from my proposed list.
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