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About Primus TAKEOFF

A Quantity Take-Off software from CAD drawings or raster images. Here’s the SMART solution that allows you to prepare detailed construction estimates and BoQs automatically from DWG, DXF, PDF, JPG, BMP. Primus-TO, the Quantity Take-Off software for extracting material quantities directly from CAD drawings or Raster images. The Drawing-Estimate is born.



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Quantity Takeoff Document
PriMus TAKEOFF is equipped with essential CAD drawing commands and the basic construction estimating management functionalities provided in PriMus. With PriMus TAKEOFF, quickly open a DWG or a Raster image and acquire precise metric data from the drawing’s graphical entities: the quantity survey is automatic. Easily associate a drawing entity to a Price List item creating a dynamic union between the drawing and the BoQ.
Draw and edit your CAD
With the PriMus TAKEOFF internal CAD, you can draw or edit the graphical entities of a DWG CAD drawing. By means of the classic 2D commands, the software also allows you to change common graphical entities present in a DWG (eg, lines, polylines, arcs, circles, blocks, hatches, etc). If necessary the same entity can be drawn from scratch to “vectorise” a Raster image. The PriMus TAKEOFF file is a native DWG file (fully manageable by other CAD applications). The program opens and saves files in the “AutoCAD” format (from Release 2.5 to Release 2010) and in the “AutoCAD DWG” format (from release 11/12 to release 2010) and also allows you to open DWG files created and saved with AutoCAD 2012. with these very same entities you can “vectorise” Raster images (in PDF, BMP, JPG…).
Drawing – BoQ connections
The drawing and the bill of quantities become two different views of the same objects. When your drawing changes your Bill of Quantities is updated automatically. You can edit your drawings using the PriMus TAKEOFF internal CAD or your own personal CAD application. PriMus TAKEOFF correctly reads the entities in the drawing and allows you to edit them together with the relating BoQ data at the same time; even when opening your modified DWG you’ll find all changes in place and of course, even when using your own CAD application. If your BoQ data derives from a Raster image, PriMus TAKEOFF offers elementary DWG entities such as basic lines, polylines and blocks to vectorise the drawing and therefore retrive the relevant measurements (lengths, widths, areas, etc.) for quantity take-off input.

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Rs. 715.00 ( Per Month )

  • Valid for 3 PCs

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Rs. 4690.00 ( Per Year )

  • Valid for 3 PCs




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