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About Qlikview

What is Qlikview?

Qlikview is a modern analytics platform that offers powerful and interactive dashboards and analytics for better task management and a more productive workflow. The game-changing Associative Engine that the platform is built upon, takes analytics to the next level. With such modern analytics, methods of data management and utilization have undergone revolutionary changes in every organization. It comes with an intuitive visual dashboard and analytical reports that allow you to enhance your business intelligence and handle your multi-cloud structure efficiently.

How is Qlikview Beneficial for Your Business?

Qlikview comes with a classic and best-in-class analytics solution that enables you to create and deploy engaging and governed analytics and dashboards with the help of a flexible and interactive development environment. With the modern and AI-based analytics of Qlikview, you can empower and boost your entire workforce and motivate your team members by providing them with real-time insights.

What More Can I Do with Qlikview?

Qlikview provides the users with resources with which they can build apps, load and explore data, perform analysis and work collaboratively. You can form, connect to and interact with your communities and build strong networks for more productive teamwork. With Qlikview, you can transform your entire business with meaningful data and analytics. You can even make informed decisions and bigger discoveries each new day, thereby augmenting your work productivity and assisting you in solving your business challenges.

Qlikview Price

The price of Qlikview is available on request as it depends upon the specific requirements of the user. You simply need to request a callback to discuss your needs and business goals and what are you looking for in this application. You can also talk to our representative by reaching us over the phone or via online chat or send us an email with your queries. We assure you of providing only the best price by customizing it according to your preferences and the discount offers running on currently.

How is Qlikview Different?

Qlikview is a complete platform that allows you to discover the possibilities in your workforce and your data management that transforms your business to a whole new level. It allows your business to take the lead by getting all possible insights and bringing all your data in one place. If you desire to add value to your data, then you can provide all your team members with access to the workforce. In this way, you can carry out your tasks more efficiently and even handle data integration seamlessly with Qlikview. It comes with features like a clean and engaging dashboard view, generating guided and accurate analytical reports. 


Get Qlikview  support 34 Chatting right now

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Qlikview Features

With Qlikview, you can analyse the performance of servers and monitor its functionalities to ensure that things are on track.
It comes with a clean and interactive dashboard view wherein you can manage and view all your tasks and projects.
The platform comes with a powerful OLAP technology that enables you to perform data discovery, report generation and viewing. It also helps make complex calculations, gain in-depth insights, and plan and manage tasks.
Qlikview ensures that you are following the best industry practices. It generates performance metrics to help you in calculating time and analysing ways of carrying out a task.
The app comes with ad hoc reporting feature that is specially designed for BI (Business Intelligence) business models. Reports generated by Qlikview are useful for non-technical BI users as well.  
Qlikview comes with dynamic dimensions and expressions that aid you in performing Profitability Analysis. It generates visual reports with interactive charts and other analytical tools and lets you store formulas in variables.  

Get Qlikview  support34 Chatting right now

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Qlikview Specifications


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Qlikview FAQs

Being a robust analytics solution, Qlikview provides its users with guided analytics and ensures smooth user experience. Using this software, you can deploy analytical apps and interactive dashboards to your business stakeholders.
Yes, you can absolutely customise Qlikview’s UI to cater to your business goals so that it addresses the specific challenges of your organisation. It promotes the highest level of discovery and interaction, thus maintaining governance and a more coordinated workforce.
Qlikview builds rich and interactive analytic apps and tools and delivers them to the users for allowing them to carry on with self-service analytics. You won’t require any external tools as the platform comes with a data integration layer that loads and transforms data from multiple sources.
Qlikview helps you maximise your performance with large deployments, thus making it easier for enterprises and IT professionals to scale, administer and secure their data. It is designed with an enterprise-class architecture that offers robust security for all your valuable information.
With Qlikview, you can access, load, combine and transform your data, no matter where it is located. All the Qlikview apps are hosted with its Enterprise Server, thus enabling businesses to access them through standard web browsers or mobile platforms.

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