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Netvault Backup
Netvault Backup
Netvault Backup
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Quest NetVault Backup

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About Quest NetVault Backup

What is Quest NetVault Backup?

The Quest NetVault Backup is a data backup and data recovery software. It can protect software applications and data in any physical and virtual environment (cloud backups) from one centralized management interface. This enables the clients using the software to get control of their business from any place. 

Quest NetVault Backup is based on a client-server architecture and maintains a history of the backup. Clients can quickly point out the items they want to restore. The software projects simple yet powerful enterprise-level data backup and restores features thereby, making it the optimal choice of companies.

How does Quest NetVault Software Ensure Scaled-up Virtualization Protection?

The data backup software offers an easy, scalable and automated way to protect your virtual infrastructure. It protects Hyper-V, Nutanix and VMware environments and provides consistent, reliable point-and-click backup and restore without the need for any expert administrator. Using the VMware plug-in, one can protect each individual ESX server or even an entire vCenter environment. This helps create backup policies without having the need for understanding the ESX or VADP internals. 

The software exploits active block mapping and VMware’s CBT and can backup multiple VMs. It improves device utilization and reduces the backup size and demand on a user’s network. The software has a capability to back up thousands of virtual machines with a single unified view by running the VMware plug-in on the available proxy.

How is the NetVault Plus Feature Beneficial for the Client Companies?

The NetVault Plus feature provides protection to the data that are stored in the cloud. It ensures that the data is safe from any natural disaster. It also prevents data deduplication and replication. It serves a simplified backup and recovery platform for the client companies. The data is stored in a high-level FIPS-certified encrypted form. The feature is compatible with the storage, virtualization and cloud technologies and platforms that are already used by the clients.

Pricing of Quest NetVault Backup Software

The pricing of Quest NetVault Backup is available as per the unique needs and demands of clients. If you are interested to experience the services provided by the software, request a callback to get more customized quotes.

Does the software present a simple and straightforward licensing feature?

The software features front end storage capacity and component-based licensing policies. The clients get access to all the NetVault components to optimize their data protection environment and can even choose some more modules as per their needs.

Sold By : Quest

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Quest NetVault Backup Features

For efficient data management, Quest NetVault Backup software has come up with NetVault plus feature which ensures disaster recovery and long term data retention.
The software ensures that all business-related applications (office 365, My SQL, SAP HANA, Oracle, Share point) used by the client are entirely safe and secured against any type of malware. There is no need to do any kind of scripting to run online backups and recovery jobs.
The software comes up with the best protection for the virtual infrastructure of a company. It protects the Hyper-V, Nutanix and VMware environments and also offers consistent, reliable, point and click backup support to the client even if they are not an expert.
This software allows the clients to perform multiple tasks in a single platform. It enables them to conduct all the backup and recovery-related operations from a web-based console. It has an inbuilt wizard guiding system that assists the clients in their everyday tasks such as configuring storage devices, assigning policies, creating backup jobs and generating reports. 
The software provides high-level and advanced data protection for all your information stored on Network Attached Storage devices. The software supports different types of storage topologies and configurations.
Clients can easily move their data from one storage target to another for disaster recovery purposes. The software supports disk and tape type backup to a wide range of storage targets that include tape libraries, disk-based devices and third-party deduplication applications.
With the bare metal recovery feature of the software, clients get to enjoy faster system recovery after a sudden failure.
The software has a flexible job-level encryption system that allows the clients to precisely choose which data are to be encrypted. Further, users also get the option to secure their daily functional requirements, without losing their backup or having to de-duplicate the existing files with an encryption plug-in for CAST-128, CAST-256 or AES-256 algorithm support.
The software saves the clients’ time and eases the whole management system by backing up multiple workloads at the same time. It also breaks large volumes of jobs into small parts to increase its efficiency.
With the software, clients can back up their data into a wide range of storage targets like disk arrays and tape libraries. This helps optimize their workloads and maximize their equipment investments.

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Quest NetVault Backup Specifications

Quest NetVault Backup Reviews

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Quest NetVault Backup FAQs

A. With the software, clients can easily search for files and objects that are in backup and restore. They get access to the metadata of items that are backed up with NetVault.
A. The client gets access to direct-to storage backup with this solution. Now they can exhibit significant delivery performance and show greater storage efficiency.
A. With it, clients can easily perform faster and easier backups along with recovery time and point objectives. They can rightly serve the most demanding business needs with this feature.
A. The software provides all-round support to Office 365. One can easily backup, recover, exchange online mailboxes, calendars and individual files with the software.
A. The software has a Crypto Module that is certified by FIPS 140-2 level 1. It serves the clients as per the government’s data security requirements.

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