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Nursing Homes software from Reckon Sales is a leading edge solution that equips the nursing homes with functional tools and features to enhance the performance and services. It is a smart end-to-end solution to manage patients, doctors, appointments, pharmacy, pathology, stores, and accounting from a single platform effortlessly. The software is Windows based software backed by SQL Server secure database allowing easy access to the automated management of the entire nursing homes operations. The software supports multiusers, multiple locations and billing operations. The software provides an array of useful reports to get analytical data that helps in taking informed decisions

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About Reckon Sales Pvt. Ltd.

Reckon Sales Pvt. Ltd. is a solution provider for the application based software founded by an executive team of industry veterans that bring broad experience in technology, sales, marketing and executive leadership. With dedicated software development center and professional teams having years of experience, the company has developed cutting edge software solution for different trades.

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  • OPD: Outpatients can be well managed with exclusive features. From registration to billing all functions can be effortlessly performed. The specially developed features and tools allow record capturing
  • history recording
  • diagnosis
  • prescriptions
  • and many more to be performed efficiently. In-Patient: All in-patient functions can be performed with in-patient features. These features enable easy and quick registration
  • allocation of rooms
  • doctors’ assignment
  • schedules and appointments. The billing is a crucial part that has been simplified with this solution. Doctors: The doctors’ details can be maintained in specific modules long with their expertise and remuneration. Their schedules and availability can be administered here. The solution helps is effective doctors management in term of expert service for the patients. Appointments: The solution allows hassle-free appointment scheduling and execution. Record of all appointments patient wise
  • doctor wise
  • department wise and based on other criteria can be readily maintained. Stores & Inventory: The solution facilitates effective inventory and store management also. Users can record all the items
  • code and categorize them
  • keep a check on expiry and view the accurate stock status on the go. The stock gets auto-calculated as a transaction or stock transfer takes place. All items in the store can be administered closely and the notifications for shortened stock or expired items are enabled. Sock evaluation can also be done without errors instantly.• TPA: Insurance and TPA management is enabled within the software. Nursing homes can smoothly process as insurance and TPA operations errorlessly. Pharmacy: Pharmacy operations can also be managed from an interactive interface. Details of all medicines and other medical items etc. can be captured along with the prices
  • expiry etc. Supplier details and quotations can be recorded
  • purchase and sales operations can be effectively carried out
  • daily transactions can be stored
  • invoices can be generated and other related functions can be executed smoothly. Pathology: The pathology module can be integrated within the solution and all essential functions can be executed with ease. The solution allows defining all tests
  • packages and their relative details at a centralized place. The pharmacy module deals with sample collection
  • diagnostics and radiology as well. Patients’ tests results can be stored in the system and shared with the respected doctors as well the patients. Billing can also be done smoothly. MIS & Reporting: Various useful reports (patient/ doctor/ department/ month wise) can be generated without any extra efforts with interactive interface. It is simple to generate the reports that can be exported to word/ excel/ pdf or emails. Expense management reports can also be generated. Accounting: All tax calculations have been automated. The software facilitates all accounting operations without errors. Debit/ credit note generation
  • maintenance of journal
  • ledger
  • balance sheet
  • P&L
  • cash/ bank books
  • bank reconciliation and many more can be flawlessly handled in the specially designed modules. Security: The software provides password protections to keep the data safe. Users can be created with passwords and roles can be assigned to restrict the users. Only authorised users can use the billing
  • accounts
  • patients and appointments etc. operations. User log book can be monitored for all user activities.
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