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    [brand_description] => RezNext is a true real-time enterprise distribution technology company and preferred profit management partner. Software offerings from the company empower hotels to adopt a distribution strategy that simplifies the complex global distribution environment and makes it understandable and manageable.
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ReX is an industry-first intelligent distribution platform which is powered by real-time technology and leverages a smart algorithm to maximise yield management. The solution offers a real-time two-way distribution platform that enable hotels to completely automate their reservation process, be open for bookings 24×7 with reduced dependency on manual labour. It acts more than a channel manager and allow hoteliers to establish a strategic relationship with demand generators and dynamically monitor the yield. ReX is a true real-time hotel distribution solution with an inbuilt revenue intelligence system that helps user to take informed decisions quickly and confidently. With the solution, hoteliers can measure ROI from each channel on a real-time basis and distribute inventory based on channel performance.

[rating_average] => 4.950000047683716 [total_reviews] => 2 [avg_features_rating] => 4.549999952316284 [avg_value_money_rating] => 4.950000047683716 [avg_ease_use_rating] => 4.849999904632568 [avg_support_rating] => 4.799999952316284 [size] => 1-10,11-15,16-200,201-500 [industries] => 22 [organization_type] => mid_market,enterprise,startups,agencies [deployment] => 1 [operating_system] => 2,3 [hw_configuration] => [sw_configuration] =>


[device] => 1 [languages] => 21 [business] => -1 [spec_count] => 0 [screenshots] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [section_id] => 2959 [image] => [section_name] => Channel Manager [screen_description] =>

Real-time connectivity to top domestic and international channels to increase bookings. Stay connected on the go with the user-friendly distribution and management app. Connect your business to leading OTAs and showcase your property to thousands of visitors to maximize revenue.

) [1] => Array ( [section_id] => 2960 [image] => [section_name] => Booking Engine [screen_description] =>

Manage bookings with ease on our user-friendly interface and build a brand image to your hotel website. Packages and promo code functionality works with no more than few clicks. Maximize revenue, increased direct bookings and reduced OTA Commission with Integrated Booking Engine.

) [2] => Array ( [section_id] => 2961 [image] => [section_name] => Rate Shoppe [screen_description] =>

Rate index and strategy system to aid market positioning and benchmarking. Have a unique view on pricing transparency for your hotel's competitors with minimum extra work. Monitoring the prices of your competitors and reviewing your marketplace, is a must to maximize the revenue.

) [3] => Array ( [section_id] => 2962 [image] => [section_name] => Central Reservation System [screen_description] =>

Boost your hotel reservation with Central Reservation System(CRS) to save time and raise productivity. A stat driven PMS helps manage multiple partners, and easily access all collected data in a central repository. No matter what size or type your hotel is, you can use CRS to centrally manage all your units.

) [4] => Array ( [section_id] => 2963 [image] => [section_name] => Website Design [screen_description] =>

We offer contemporary design and multi-device compatibility to keep your website at its latest best. Integration with booking engines to give consumers a seamless experience. Our websites not only looks amazing but is also equipped to engage visitors and strengthen your digital brand identity.

) [5] => Array ( [section_id] => 2964 [image] => [section_name] => Digital Marketing [screen_description] =>

A complete Digital Marketing support for hoteliers to take your hotel business to the next level. Strategic management of brand image and reputation through the several social media platforms. Our in-house talent delivers the best SEO, SEM, and PPC to boost online visibility and ranking.

) [6] => Array ( [section_id] => 2965 [image] => [section_name] => Revenue Management [screen_description] =>

Tracking real-time occupancy, optimizing revenue performance yields profitability with the help of smart price suggestions. Revenue management service is complemented with integrated digital marketing offerings to help hoteliers maximize their ROI.

) [7] => Array ( [section_id] => 2966 [image] => [section_name] => Global Distribution System [screen_description] =>

Immense distribution solution manages GDS audits, RFP collations, and submissions.GDS ensure that rooms get distributed across the biggest hotel booking resources without any issues.Get access to exclusive GDS providers and connectivity.

) ) [videos] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [video_title] => RezNext ReX - Intelligent Distribution Platform [video_url] => ) ) [category] => Array ( [category_name] => Channel Management [category_slug] => channel-management-software [category_id] => 234 ) [faq] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [id] => 952 [question] => How does the RezE internet booking engine help my hotel? [answer] => With the RezE internet booking engine you are able to power your website by allowing your guests to directly make a booking on your website. Because it has a two-way integration with your PMS it displays real-time inventory and rates to your guests. With RezE you can enhance your direct sales efforts. Since the booking is happening on your website, you can save on the commission cost paid to OTAs as well. ) [1] => Array ( [id] => 953 [question] => Does it show real-time rates and inventory? [answer] => Yes, RezE displays real-time rates and inventory. ) [2] => Array ( [id] => 954 [question] => Will guests receive a booking confirmation instantly? [answer] => Yes. Once a booking is made, guests will instantly receive a booking confirmation delivered directly from the hotel's PMS. ) [3] => Array ( [id] => 955 [question] => Does RezE integrate with a payment gateway? [answer] => Yes. You can integrate RezE either with your existing payment gateway or use the one from RezNext. ) [4] => Array ( [id] => 956 [question] => Can I also have a pay at hotel facility? [answer] => Yes, you can choose not to integrate with a payment gateway and provide guests with the facility to pay at the hotel. ) [5] => Array ( [id] => 957 [question] => Can I display promotions on my website in real-time? [answer] => Yes, RezE has inbuilt promo code functionality that allows hoteliers to track the guest’s journey and offer promo codes accordingly. This helps guests in making a quick booking decision and results in more conversions. ) ) [product_plan] => Array ( ) )