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About Soundtrap

What is Soundtrap?

Soundtrap is audio editing software that allows users to create music. The software is designed to have the capabilities of a recording studio to enhance the music maker’s capabilities. It offers a repository of beats, loops, musical instruments for users to create their music. In addition to that, sound designers can add their personalized audio or attach their music instruments to work seamlessly. Jam-packed with features, Soundtrap leaves no space for music creators to complain as it offers Antares-powered autotuning, amplifier, over 4000 quality audio pre-sets and much more. 

Soundtrap also encourages users to collaborate with other people digitally on projects through a highly portable and multi-device solution. It allows users to work from any location and from any device with the utmost ease. 

Why Use Soundtrap? 

Soundtrap allows users to work innovatively with the solution. It can be used as a legitimate teaching tool for students to teach the basics of music and how to create a unique sound. The audio editing software has a voice recorder system that allows users to collaborate and work on projects together for better output. Music producers that use Soundtrap can completely remove the use of hardware equipment as it has a library consisting of pre-licensed beats, loops, and digitized instruments as well. If the preferred instrument is not available, users can add it through codecs or by directly plugging the instrument with the software. 

What features does Soundtrap offer? 

Here are the features that Soundtrap offers: 

  1. More than 4040 loops 
  2. Over 540 instruments and sounds 
  3. Online and portable music studio 
  4. Acoustic fenced voice recorder
  5. Virtual class management specifically catered for music learning 
  6. Automation
  7. Autotune 
  8. Time restore 
  9. High-quality rendering
  10. 100+ lesson plans 
  11. MusicFirst Classroom integration 

What is the price of Soundtrap? 

The Soundtrap price starts at Rs. 18,781.45/- for 50 users per annum. 

Sold By : soundtrap

Get Soundtrap support 34 Chatting right now

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Soundtrap Features

The software enables noise-free recording through the microphone built in the device. 
 This audio editing software allows users to connect their microphone, guitar, or any other instrument and work along. 
Editors can use Soundtrap to edit, mix, and master different sounds to create music. 
Soundtrap offers the digitized version for over 540 instruments that users can utilize to create music. 
Beat makers can add special effects like echo, reverb, etc. in their creations. 
Soundtrap allows music producers to create full scale soundtracks and albums. 
The software offers a repository of over 4000 audio loops and pre-sets. 

Get Soundtrap support34 Chatting right now

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Soundtrap Specifications


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Soundtrap FAQs

Yes, Soundtrap requires internet to function at full capacity.
Soundtrap works for both Android and iPhone mobile platforms.
Soundtrap uses cloud-based storage system that also facilitates better collaboration.
Techjockey provides demo before purchase for Soundtrap. Please request a call and get the demo scheduled.
Soundtrap supports both Windows and Mac operating system for seamless operation.

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