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About Squarespace

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace website builder enables users to design websites for any given organization or for personal use and provide it with a professional finish. It is a platform that empowers the users to convert their ideas into reality as it helps them choose from a variety of templates that are designed by world-class designers.

Apart from serving for a website, this app even allows editing the style apart from offering free and attractive fonts. Connectivity features provided by Squarespace allow the users to connect with their social media accounts easily, along with Facebook integration. This platform ensures complete security over a website as it allows users to lock in the contents of their pages through the password.

Price of Squarespace

The price of a Squarespace website builder depends on the requirement of a potential customer.

  1. Personal - The Personal Plan comes with a price plan of Rs. 857.01 per month.
  2. Business - The Business Plan is available for Rs. 1285.52 per month.
  3. Basic Commerce - The Basic Commerce Plan comes at Rs. 1856.86 per month.
  4. Advanced Commerce - The Advanced Commerce Plan can be availed at Rs. 2856.70 per month.

Just drop us your requirements and we will get back to you shortly, providing you with the best price. You can also reach us via online chat, Emails or phone calls for further queries.

How is Squarespace Different?

Squarespace website builder is a fully-featured application. It ensures a professional appearance for the user’s sites. This platform covers the design, image management, connectivity services, data security and other important elements of a website.

This website builder also helps in the scaling of an enterprise by supporting email marketing campaigns and Search Engine Optimisation for the websites. This software can also be used to develop any business from scratch as it offers free logo designing along with an analytical overview of the market demand.

Sold By : Squarespace

Get Squarespace support 13 Chatting right now

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Squarespace Features

Get Squarespace support13 Chatting right now

iconTechjockey Buyer Protection

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Squarespace Specifications


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Squarespace FAQs

Yes, users can cancel their subscription at any point in time. Squarespace does not hold up its users under contract period.
A. Yes, users can easily change a given colour, font and other style options as per their requirements and as per their creativity. They can also take inspiration from pre-designed templates and free fonts available for use.
Yes, users get the option to upload any custom image they find suitable. Squarespace also enables users to have access over 40 million Getty Images.

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