Seqrite Unified Threat Management

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About Seqrite Unified Threat Management

A one-stop solution for all enterprise security needs. With the UTM appliance as your first line of defense, your network is secure and your employees can focus solely on productivity and business impact. Admins can permit or block access for traffic between internal and external networks based on enterprise compliance policies. Scrutinizes network traffic in real-time and forestalls a broad range of DoS and DDoS attacks before they penetrate the network.

Sold By : Seqrite

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Seqrite Unified Threat Management Features

Get Seqrite Unified Threat Management support13 Chatting right now

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Seqrite Unified Threat Management Specifications


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Seqrite Unified Threat Management FAQs

Seqrite Endpoint Security is the best endpoint security for small to mid-size organizations. This application security provides complete antivirus protection to the computers against malware, Trojans, and worms, network security against backdoors, hackers, and spyware, and web security against phishing, riskware and pornware. It is a web-based IT security management application that includes the following features: 1. Manage clients in the small to mid-size network. 2. Group the clients into domains for managing network security centrally. 3. Provides latest information of all clients and keeps comprehensive logs about virus incidents, company security policies, and web security updates at a central location. 4. Coordinates automatic deployment of antivirus security policies, signature pattern updates, and software updates on every client and server.
Yes. Seqrite Endpoint Security works on client/server architecture that ensures complete networking security. 1. Agent Server: runs on server where Seqrite EPS is installed. 2. Client Agent: runs on workstations 1. Default Port of Agent Server: 5047 (Administrator can change this default port) 2. Default Port of Client Agent: 62118 (If this port is used by any other application, Client Agent configures itself to some other port which is free. (E.g. 62118, 62119 etc.)

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