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About Wiselap

What is Wiselap? 

Wiselap is a retail billing software specially designed for Indian retailers. The software digitalizes daily retail activities and increases the pace of the workflows. The software facilitates quick checkout with a barcode reader for better customer experience. Wiselap ensures that retail owners are equipped with a billing software that takes care of their billing requirements such as a thorough inventory manager. 

One of its salient features is that this retail billing software automatically deducts the item from the inventory on checkout. Wiselap retail billing software has broad-ranging features that help in growth and amplifying your business to new heights. 

Why choose Wiselap over other retail billing software? 

Wiselap facilitates smoothens in daily operations. It improves workflows and helps retail owners expand their stores. This billing software provides business reports on more than 25 different factors. Wiselap enables you to go beyond the usual ways and grow manifold, as it enables retail owners to make decisions based on business data and vital operational insights. The software is fully compliant with GST guidelines. It also offers a mobile service for both Android and iPhone platforms. It makes data accessible anywhere at any time. 

What is the price of Wiselap retail billing software? 

  1. Wiselap costs Rs. 12000/- (excluding GST) as a one-time payment for the installation.
  2. After that, there is an annual maintenance charge of Rs. 1500/- (excluding GST). For more inquiries, please request a call. Our sales team will connect with you shortly.

What other Purpose does Wiselap Serve?

Wiselap software solution integrates with accounting software like Tally ERP 9 and enables the users to send financial bills and reports via email. It is also available in the form of mobile applications that assist with billing. This billing solution is designed as per the need of your business.

Wiselap makes the filing of GST easy, as it is an essential element for any running business to regularly file the taxes. With 25+ different kinds of reports on the performance and insights of a given business, this platform assures that you take decisions in real-time. Owing to its cloud-based integration, any business, large or small can opt for Wiselap.

Sold By : Wiselap

Get Wiselap support 22 Chatting right now

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Wiselap Features

This Billing software provides detailed insights into your inventory. It helps you maximize your output by optimizing your inventory according to the market needs. 
Wiselap has an embedded barcode scanner for a quicker checkout process.
This retail billing software saves customer details and gives insights into their purchasing patterns. It helps you manage your inventory smartly. 
Check your retails sales performance and understand what it is lacking. This also assists in the assessment of every employee in the retail store. 
The software facilitates item returning features, as well, in case the retailers have that policy. 
The software generates bills and invoices strictly in compliant with GST guidelines
Wiselap enables retail owners to calculate and file their taxes along with tax returns.
 Retailers can analyze their business process with over 25 different reports for a better understanding of their store and its functioning. 
Retail owners can export all the necessary account details and export reports to Tally software for better analysis. 
Wiselap retail billing software offers integration of software with cloud for distributed business. 

Get Wiselap support22 Chatting right now

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Wiselap Specifications


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Wiselap FAQs

This retail billing software provides an offline mode for retailers for seamless functioning in the absence of the internet.
Wiselap offers free updates to users that are paying annual maintenance charges.
No, Wiselap does not require mandatory annual maintenance charges. You can continue using the software in offline mode.
Wiselap is a web-based software that can be accessed through a web browser. Hence, there are no necessary system requirements to run the software smoothly.
All your transactions and other settings are stored in your domain name on the centrally secured host on the cloud. When using offline mode, the software utilizes your PC’s firewall to protect your data.
Yes, Wiselap integrates easily with other accounting software like Tally to keep an account of the expenses and to create reports.
Yes, Wiselap supports cloud-based integration to help users access data from any possible place. Its integration system is suitable for chain businesses too.
Yes, GST returns can be filed through Wiselap. The software supports GST enabled billing management, barcode scanning, inventory Management and billing.
Yes, since Wiselap keeps a note of the inventory of a business, it also looks after the returns. It provides the user with insights into the issues faced by the customers or clients

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