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Birlamedisoft PathoGold is a reputed laboratory management software program that has made life simpler for many pathologists all over India. It facilitates overall pathology lab operations more efficient, thereby reducing the time, effort and costs. With built in complete envelop printing management software, it enables data backup and restore, appointment scheduler with 'auto reminder' facilities. Birlamedisoft Pathogold is a user friendly and easy to use solution.

Product Features
Birlamedisoft PathoGold is in a foray to reduce costs while enhancing the quality of the pathology lab services and management. Besides, the obvious benefits that computerization brings, this software offer many 'extras' that fall in the realms of Management Information System (MIS), which will help labs to maintain profiles of patients and doctors, control costs by analyzing expenditure, improve productivity by introducing superior search and storage facilities for data. The eminent features include:
  • 500 'ready to use' test report formats already entered
  • Pathology, Cytology, Serology, HIV, Antibody test reports as well as reports on all types of pathological investigations e.g. bio-chemistry, clinical, etc.
  • Has built in Histo-pathology, Cytology, and Serology test formats
  • Built-in databank for Histo-pathology reports
  • Multiple Histo-pathology, cytology reports
  • Create profiles for selecting multiple tests with a single key. Ex. Antenatal profile
  • Automatic alerts for abnormal data entry
  • Enables ultra fast patient search facility
  • Auto Load Default Test Results.
  • Built in formulas for auto calculations. Ex. Globulin=Total Proteins - Albumin. Also you can create your own formula settings.
  • A user can find the number of tests conducted in any given period, test wise, complete snapshot of how many tests conducted during a period.
  • A user can print multiple test results on a single page and can combine Hierogram and Biochemistry reports on one page
  • Chronic disease scheduler (Ex. Diabetes Patient) with auto reminder Facilities
  • Windows based graphical printing on laser/inkjet printer @ approximately 6 page per minute.
  • Print reports on any type of printer: Dotmatrix/LQ/Laser/Inkjet printers.
About the company
Birlamedisoft was founded in 2001, with headquarters in Maharashtra. It has been a pioneer in developing software for the healthcare industry. Since its inception, Birlamedisoft has proven itself as a most trusted brand in delivering end-to-end solutions in a better and affordable way. It caters to its customers with innovative and advance integrated software which helps reduce the usage of time and paper work involved in the healthcare industry and provides efficient software solutions at affordable prices and has software solution offerings like hospital management, blood bank management software, PACS software, laboratory management along with other medical management software. All software are developed through a cutting-edge-technology and is user friendly for doctors and from small to large scale enterprises.

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