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3,000 /annum

  • The above is starting price for basic feature and module
  • Its supports listing of upto 36 products

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freKart is a complete bundle of automated features and tools empowering the businesses with impeccable ecommerce marketplace development tools. Businesses, irrespective of their types and sizes can create their own eStore and marketplace online on the go. The solution enables to manage catalogues, vendors, orders, delivery and all other vital components on fingertips with cloud-based ecommerce solution. The payment gateway and virtual wallet integration helps the online businesses to process the orders and generate invoices online for order completeness effortlessly. freKart allows the complete inventory management based on automatic stock updating from within the solution itself as and when a transaction place.

Product Features
freKart is a leading edge ecommerce solution for online businesses to create their eStore and marketplace effortlessly. The solution supports ecommerce marketing and accepts payments through integrated payment gateways and virtual wallets. Complete database management to securely deal with products, catalogues, vendors, orders among others is facilitated within the solution. Subscription based sales can be performed and bulk uploading of products is enabled in freKart. The solution also provides CRM, blog and discount engine to effectively handle the entire online sales operations including funding, planning, marketing, payments and shipping. Primary features of freKart include:
  • 200+ Design Themes: The software provides stunning first class store front with prebuilt design that allows businesses to change look and feel of the website with just one click. 200+ luxury beautiful themes for all industries from we make are available.
  • Ecommerce Marketing: freKart offers striking tools and assistant which help to sell online and offline. The software associations provide excellent marketing networks that help getting online traffic on your store.
  • Accept Payments: IVR/Credit/Debit/Net banking options allows businesses to accept payment IVR, SMS, Email or WhatsApp thereby allowing multiple payment option with user friendly interface.
  • Delivery: COD option for product delivery is facilitated. Simple and fully integrated logistics services allow flawless shipping across the globe. No additional contracts or integration needed 20+ logistic company with price comparison are associated.
  • Native Mobile APP: The solution is supported almost all widely popular phone devices. With native mobile APP, Google Play hosting is enabled. iTunes and Windows platforms are supported.
  • Automated Build in SEO: With URL change control, freKart SEO module allows and helps businesses to rank products in various search engines without paying heavy SEO charges.
  • Automated Cloud Storage: Businesses can effortlessly manage the store access from anywhere. An analytical system about sales and members helps businesses to understand what they like to buy, when and how within-built repeated order management.
  • Reward Points: Customers can be rewarded to retain loyal customers. Loyalty programs and deals can be defined and managed effortlessly.
  • Catalogue System: It is easy to create public and private catalogues of products that allow sharing the creative’s and products. Empowered with password protection, freKart restricts login access with a strong analytical system feeding with valuable information.
  • CMS, Blog and Discount Engine: Ready to use CMS and Blog with ultra-modern discount engine has been embedded within the solution. Businesses can refer codes and earn commissions or provide discounts.
  • POS - Accept Phone Order: freKart comes with free POS (Point of Sales) System with all intelligent plans that works on all devices including Android, iPad iOS, Windows, PCs, Touch Screens, Tablets etc.
  • Manage Stock and Inventory: Ultra smart management as a complete inventory management tool to capture all online and offline transactions and update stock instantly is facilitated in freKart. Businesses can efficiently manage stock and inventory for office, retail store, mobile site, Facebook store, go down, warehouse and offline- all within a single platform.

About The Company
PSCS is a Mumbai based multidisciplinary software design and development consultant. With over 18 years’ experience, PSCS specializes in creating websites, software, ecommerce portals, mobile apps, designing databases, developing bespoke applications, automated robotic software, and many more catering to a wide variety of automation needs for various verticals. PSCS is ‘The best advertisers in India’ and the only company certified by Facebook having more interactive brands on Twitter. Quoted as ‘Living Legends’ according to LinkedIn, PSCS is the highest followed Indian brand on Pinterest.

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