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About PSCS freKart Ecommerce Solution

freKart is a complete bundle of automated features and tools empowering the businesses with impeccable ecommerce marketplace development tools. Businesses, irrespective of their types and sizes can create their own eStore and marketplace online on the go. The solution enables to manage catalogues, vendors, orders, delivery and all other vital components on fingertips with cloud-based ecommerce solution. The payment gateway and virtual wallet integration helps the online businesses to process the orders and generate invoices online for order completeness effortlessly. freKart allows the complete inventory management based on automatic stock updating from within the solution itself as and when a transaction place.



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About PSCS

PSCS is a Mumbai based multidisciplinary software design and development consultant. With over 18 years’ experience, PSCS specializes in creating websites, software, ecommerce portals, mobile apps, designing databases, developing bespoke applications, automated robotic software, and many more catering to a wide variety of automation needs for various verticals.
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Stunning first class store front with prebuild design. Change look and feel of the website with just one click. 200+ Luxury beautiful themes, for all industries, from
Get stricking tools & assistant from our build in tools and partners. Which help you sell online and offline, Our Partner carries excellent marketing networks who can gain traffic on your store.
Accept Payment on Phone with IVR, SMS, Email or WhatsApp, Showcase Multiple payment option, Offline and Online payment solution from
Simple and fully integrated logistics services. Ship to India and the world. We make it possible. No additional contracts or integration needed, 20+ logistic company with price comparison
Effortlessly manage your store Access analytical system about sales and members. See what they like to buy, when and how with repeat order made easy on click.
Share a your creatives and product with password protection and limit login access with invitations with a strong analytical system feeding with valuable information.
freKart Comes with free POS (Point of Sales) System with all plan. Which works on all devices Android, IPAD IOS, Windows, PCs, Touch Screen, Tablet and mobile. do more on the go with wireless card swiping facility.
Single system for all your online and offline transaction, Manage your stock and inventory for office, retain store, mobile site, facebook store, go-down, warehouse and offline all in one system.

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freKart Ecommerce


  • 200+ Design Themes
  • ECommerce Marketing
  • Accept Payment
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Database Management


How freKart helped ANNA to set up her online web store and also helped her increased SALES with fever time spending on Maintenance on the website and sales.



Below are some frequently asked questions for PSCS freKart Ecommerce Solution

Q. Can I bulk import products to the store?

Yes, bulk import of products is possible, with a csv file (MS Excel).

Q. How much time would it take for me to set up my entire website?

That would depend on the number products you have. However, we have tried to keep the store building process extremely simple, with a bulk management facility which is Microsoft Excel compatible, which allows you to create multiple instances of a similar product, which may have minor differences only in pricing or some other aspects, vis-a-vis going through the entire process of adding a product and it's details right from scratch for every individual product you wish to sell. We also have a bulk upload tool, which can import all the product images.


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