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Hospital Management System from Qmarksoft facilitates the hospitals and nursing homes to efficiently manage various departments, patients, doctors and other associated elements for eminent performance contributing to enhanced productivity. The modular software is an ultimate package for overall operations and processes management in the clinics. Easy to use and simple to deploy software is a web based solution that allows access to the management features and tools from anywhere across the globe. This highly integrated software allows email and SMS integration to communicate with the patients, doctors and administration effortlessly.
Product Features

Hospital Management System is an automation software solution that relieves the hospitals from overall management worries and allows to focus on services offered effectively. This innovatice software equips the hospitals to manage patient’s registration records, complaints and diagnosis, outdoor/indoor receipts, outdoor/indoor bill, reminders to patient's bill, pathology lab and reporting, medicine counter purchase, sale and stock etc. Admin can access and manage all operations effectively from this web based solution. Empowered with useful reports, the solution facilitates the hospitals in effective decision making with analytical data available with the customizable reports.
Primary features of Hospital Management System consist of:
  • Patient Management: In-patients and out-patients along with their registrations, medical history, complaints, diagnosis etc. can be well managed efficiently with this exclusive patient handling module.
  • Doctor Management: This module deals with the capturing of information about doctors on panel, their schedules and remuneration. All appointments with the doctors can be scheduled and managed along with the prescriptions and diagnostic reports of the patients in this module.
  • Agent Management: Hospitals can manage their marketing agents with all vital details along with DCR, incentives and TA etc. in this specially designed module.
  • Employee Management: Staff management, capturing their details, schedules, remunerations, profiles and job responsibilities can be efficiently managed in the Employee Management module.
  • Expense Management: All expanses such as staff remunerations, e-bills, telephone bills, purchases etc. in the hospitals can be well managed and monitored in this module.
  • Stock Management: All hospital stocks along with medicine counter stocks can be readily managed in this module. Stock transactions, issue and returns- every detail can be captured to administer the stock status and utilization.
  • Administration: An interactive administration dashboard available within the software allows the hospitals to manage labs, nursing, and other departments effortlessly and efficiently.
  • Reports: A wide variety of reports allow the hospitals to audit and manage analytical data for effective decision making.
  • Email and SMS: Email and SMS integration in the software enable easy and quick tool for effective communication between administration, doctors and patients.
About The Company

Qmarks has positioned itself with success in custom software design and development. This innovative company provides complete software implementation process, starting with requirement analysis, software design and development, software quality assurance testing, software deployment along with software maintenance using modern software development platforms, software development tools & technology and latest software engineering practices. Qmarks offers web design services across many segments i.e. e-commerce, dance and culture, government, finance and investment, Tourism and wild life, Training and Institutions and many more. It offers impeccable web design solutions complying with W3C standards.

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