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Shivit Inventory Control Management System (ICMS) is a cutting edge software solution that equips the enterprises with efficient materials management and planning. All-inclusive, functionality-rich software, ICMS addresses all vital requirements for smooth management of inventories and materials procurement function of small to large scale organizations. Shivit ICMS caters to all activities involved in the flow of materials including materials requirement determination, generating purchase orders, receipt of goods and many more. The software solution enables reliable maintenance of real-time records for item-wise, location-wise Stock count and its valuation.

Product Features
Shivit Technologies ICMS is a highly integrated solution automating all inventory control operations such as demand management, order entry, financial accounting, automatic calculation of material requirements, generation of payables, issue of material upon authorization to departments and shop-floor management among others. ICMS also assists in production, distribution and supply plans based on valid and real-time record of the inventories. Shivit ICMS can also be integrated with other packaged software applications such as full suit ERPs.

Eminent features of ICMS consist of:
  • Managing supplier details and material supplies
  • Barcode integration for accurate tracking of material movement
  • Maintaining item rates, specifications and lead times
  • Support for any level of material variation
  • Management of multiple locations and delivery destinations
  • Automatic determination of material requirement
  • Netting from available stock and scheduled receipts to generate net purchase requirements
  • Detailed item and PO level purchase histories with elaborate change logs and audit trails
  • Real-time reports for item-wise and location wise stock levels
  • Real-time inventory valuation
  • Comprehensive system of procurement and material movement authorizations
  • Materials Issuances, receipts and intra-transfers
  • Location and valuation of acceptable substitutes
  • Generate relevant accounting information
  • Processing of physical stock counts and reconciliation
  • Processing of high volume requisitions, orders, exceptions, cancellations etc
  • Optimized lot-sizing and procurement
  • Real-time views of stock levels and valuation
  • Accurate tracking of materials through all stages of processing, including work-in-process
  • Complete control over flow of goods from ordering to dispatch
  • Customized reports for efficient decision making
About The Company
Shivit Technologies ICMS has been designed with niche cloud technology to allow the enterprises for anytime anywhere access of entire inventory management system. The software contributes to enhance the overall productivity thereby improving the business performance and allowing the enterprises to focus on other business aspects. The solution is a perfect match for automation needs of inventory management in businesses of any size and type.

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