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Retail Management System Software is comprised of an integrated set of retail solutions designed to manage a multi-channel global enterprise productively, profitably and with an emphasis on achieving a seamless customer shopping experience. Retail Management software from Swastin Technologies helps retailers from various industries successfully implement end-to-end solutions to integrate their sales channels, order management, inventory and other operations in order to have the right information at the right time.

Product Features

Retail Management System Software is a renowned bundle of automated solutions for retail businesses. The solution helps the retail businesses to not only run smooth operations but also equips them to manage all aspects of retail businesses including stock management, customer management, supplier management, billing and invoicing and any more. The software provides an array of useful reports for effective decision making perfectly. This highly integrated software facilitates barcoding and email and SMS communication effortlessly. The software is a secure and robust solution that supports multi-currencies, units, go downs and financial years with an interactive interface. The primary features of Retail Management System include:

Products: All products can be listed and categorised in the system without hassle. The items can be barcoded and labelled accurately. The product details can be fetched as and when required. The pricing details along with quantity of hand and other related information can be stored and accessed.
Suppliers: Supplier management is an effortless task with this software. Users can record the supplier details such as contact information, items offered, pricing details and performance can be specified that can be referred anytime while making purchases.
Purchases: From getting quotations to generating invoices for the purchase orders, all processes can be expertly executed painlessly with just a few clicks. Purchase returns can also be tracked easily.
Sales: Sales operations including marketing activities can be effectively carried out with specialized sales features available within the software. The solution allows tracking all sales transactions and sales return with all vital information.
Inventory: Complete inventory management is facilitated in the system seamlessly. The stock is auto-updated after a stock transaction takes place in the system. The stock transfers can be recorded and closing and opening stocks can be administered efficiently.
POS: Point of Sale activities along with capturing all daily transactions, coupon redemptions, discounts management etc. can be smoothly performed in this feature rich solution. Generation of invoices/ billing can be done flawlessly.
Accounting: The software allows businesses to maintain their accounts with ease. The simplified and automated accounting operations include debit & credit note creation, balance sheet, journal, ledger, bank reconciliation, cash book & bank book maintenance among many more.
Reports: The software provides report builder for quick, easy and accurate analysis of the business and accounts position that contributes to effective decision making. 

About The Company
Swastin Technologies is an innovative software development company that endeavours to provide comprehensive automation solution for every vertical including healthcare, education, manufacturing, hospitality and many more. Swastin is a team of dedicated professionals that walks an extra mile to deliver state-of-the-art cost effective software solution.

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