15+ Best Virtual Phone Number Providers in India in 2024

15+ Best Virtual Phone Number Providers in India in 2024-feature image

According to Researchsandmarkets.com, the virtual phone numbers have gained a huge popularity, and this industry is expected to cross over $912 billion by the year 2030.

So, in today’s interconnected world, having a reliable virtual number can make all the difference in establishing a strong presence for businesses. And when it comes to Indian virtual number providers, there is no shortage of options.

In this blog, we will guide you through the top 15 Indian virtual number providers to expand your customer base and stay connected with friends and family back home.

From free Indian phone numbers to advanced call forwarding features, we’ve evaluated each provider based on reliability, affordability, and overall user experience.

What Is an Indian Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual Indian phone number is a unique type of phone number that operates over the internet instead of traditional phone lines. This innovative technology offers a convenient way to make calls via the internet, without the need for SIM cards, traditional landlines or mobile networks. Nowadays, anyone can get a free Indian phone number instantly with just a stable internet connection.

Users can easily access and use these virtual free Indian numbers through several devices, such as smartphones, VoIP phones, computers, etc. It requires only a stable internet connection.

List Of 15+ Best Virtual Phone Number Providers in India

Here is a list Of 15+ best virtual phone number providers in India:-

1. CloudTalk

This virtual phone number solution is designed specifically for individuals and SMBs. It is an AI-powered conversational intelligence platform and offers solutions like sentiment analysis, auto call transcriptions, and even intelligent searching.

Features of CloudTalk

  1. Smart dialer and call transfers
  2. Automatic IVR and call queueing
  3. Call monitoring with real time dashboard
  4. Seamless CRM integration

Pros and Cons of CloudTalk

  • Easy and quick setup process, even for newbies
  • Robust IVR and call routing
  • Amazing call quality
  • No free plan available
  • Mobile app is not very user friendly

CloudTalk Pricing

CloudTalk offers 3 types of paid plans:

  1. Starter: Starts at $25/month
  2. Essential: Starts at $30/month
  3. Expert: Starts at $50/month

2. Phone.com

Phone.com is an amazing and budget-friendly solution for both small and large organizations. Customers can choose from a wide choice of services that enable them to get both local and international phone numbers for global reach.

They can choose from a variety of services like local, vanity and toll-free numbers, so that they can find a perfect number to align with their business.

Features of Phone.com

  1. HIPAA compliance solution
  2. Both call recording and analytics features
  3. Video conferencing feature
  4. Text messaging and voicemail

Pros and cons of Phone.com

  • Offers both local and international numbers
  • CRM integration available
  • Volume discounts available
  • Limited number of minutes for basic users
  • It gets unresponsive sometimes

Phone.com Pricing

Phone.com offers 3 paid plans with a 30-days of money back guarantee:

  1. Basic: Starts at $14.99/month/user
  2. Plus: Starts at $21.99/month/user
  3. Pro: Starts at $31.99/month/user

3. Google Voice

Google Voice mobile and desktop view virtual number app

Google Voice is a robust voice calling application that works with every device. The app offers a virtual phone number India and enables you to take care of both professional and personal calls. You can easily get an online Indian number with Google Voice and also from countries like the UK, Denmark, Singapore etc.

Features of Google Voice

  1. Automatically transcribe voicemails
  2. Call recording and call forwarding
  3. Gmail callings available
  4. Spam detection and protection

Pros and cons of Google Voice

  • Low-cost international calls
  • Easily sync with Google Workspace apps
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • There is limitations on call forwarding
  • No team collaboration

Google Voice Pricing

Google Voice offers 3 plans:

  1. Starter: Starts at $10
  2. Standard: Starts at $20
  3. Premier: Starts at $30

4. Line2

Line2 dashboard screenshot

Line2 is a cloud-based platform with customizable features. It sets up your new phone line within minutes without any new hardware. It offers unlimited calls, SMS, and MMS within the U.S. and Canada. Moreover, with Line2’s mobile app and browser access, you’re always connected, everywhere.

Features of Line2

  1. WFi, 4G and LTE accessibility
  2. Call screening and blocking option
  3. VM transcriptions and voicemail recordings
  4. Call forwarding with sequence

Pros and Cons of Line2

  • Offers Android and iOS app
  • Easy setup
  • Handle calls with caller ID
  • Limited third-party integration
  • Reporting and analytical features are not that great

Line2 Pricing

Line2 paid plan starts at $15.99 per month, and if you subscribe to a yearly plan, it will cost you $13.75 per month. The plan comes with a 30-days money back guarantee.

5. CallHippo

CallHippo mobile view

CallHippo is one of the leading virtual phone systems in the market. It only takes 3 minutes to fully set up this software. You can easily integrate CallHippo with multiple systems and have access to robust analytics and reporting features to elevate your customer satisfaction.

Features of CallHippo

  1. Power dialer and smart switch for easy calling
  2. International connect
  3. Smart call transfer
  4. Call barging and recording

Pros and Cons of CallHippo

  • Offers a robust performance dashboard
  • You can easily get numbers that is cost-effective as well
  • Multiple integrations with APIs
  • Some users have experienced technical problems like login crashes
  • Customer service could get better

CallHippo Pricing

CallHippo offers 3 paid plans, and a free Basic plan:-

  1. Bronze: Starts at $16/month/user
  2. Silver: Starts at $24/month/user
  3. Platinum: Starts at $40/month/user

6. DialerHQ

DialerHQ mobile view

DialerHQ is a desktop app and a comprehensive business phone solution. It provides the tools for growth, with real-time analytics, a user-friendly interface, and high customization. You can start your free trial and experience personalized telephony tailored to your unique needs irrespective of your business scale and size.

Features of DialerHQ

  1. International texting and calling.
  2. Real-time and data-driven analytics.
  3. Easily record and route calls.
  4. Robust contact management feature.
  5. Multi-user control and access.

Pros and cons of DialerHQ

  • Easy to set up and use
  • You can choose your own virtual number
  • Get international number from over 100 countries
  • The network coverage of international numbers is not that great

DialerHQ Pricing

DialerHQ offers three paid plans, and each plan comes with a 10-day free trial.

  • Starter: Starts at $7.99/user/month
  • Professional: Starts at $11.99/user/month
  • Ultimate: Starts at $19.99/user/month

7. 8×8

8×8 is one of the well-known virtual business phone numbers in India and offers cloud-based communication solutions for companies. The software mainly focuses on virtual Indian phone numbers and helps businesses establish a solid local presence. 8×8 empowers enterprises to effortlessly connect with Indian customers and enhance their visibility for effective communication.

Features of 8×8

  1. Robust analytics for each interacted customer
  2. Seamless CRM integrations
  3. End to end encrypted security
  4. Unified communication
  5. Engage with customers with SMS, call, voice and chat apps API

Pros and Cons of 8×8

  • Excellent audio quality
  • Unlimited call supported in the USA and Canada
  • Video conferencing option for easy and better communication
  • You need to be a tech savvy to fully understand and set up this platform
  • There are limited features in lower plans

8×8 Pricing

The paid plan of 8×8 is available on request. You can contact them through their official website.

8. Nextiva

Nextiva dashboard view

Nextiva is a tool that works on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) modules to provide business phone services. It helps businesses set up cloud-based contact centers to make and receive calls. By integrating Nextiva’s call center tools, businesses can effectively manage and improve their communication systems. It enables businesses to have seamless interactions with customers.

Features of Nextiva

  1. Seamless communication with VOIP, video and chat
  2. Host audio and video meetings
  3. Strong collaboration feature to bring your team together
  4. Access to all historical and live data for analysis
  5. Integrate with various VOIP and CRM tools

Pros and Cons of Nextiva

  • Unlimited call, fax and text nationwide
  • Free virtual, auto attendant and toll-free numbers
  • 24×7 customer support
  • There are multiple cases for call drop and phone disconnects

Nextiva Pricing

The pricing of Nextiva is available on request through their website.

10. OpenPhone

OpenPhone screenshot

OpenPhone is a comprehensive virtual phone number provider for businesses. It centralizes calls, texts, and contacts across all devices. With OpenPhone, teams can access the dedicated workspaces for phone numbers which make it easy to collaborate and manage conversations. The tool automatically records calls, transcribes voicemails, and multiple VOIP features.

Features of OpenPhone

  1. Keep track of all important contacts at one place
  2. Use it on the app or the web
  3. Team collaboration
  4. Integration to automate your workflow
  5. Call transcriptions, forwarding, routing, and more

Pros and Cons of OpenPhone

  • An in-app contact list for easy contact management
  • Offers an AI text messages responder and writer
  • High quality call forwarding
  • Message forwarding rates are very high

OpenPhone Pricing

Openphone offers 3 paid plans:

  1. Standard: Starts at $13/user/month
  2. Premium: Starts at $20/user/month
  3. Enterprise: Available on request

11. Dialpad

Dialpad dashboard

Dialpad is an AI-driven solution for organizations looking to enhance their customer experience. It has an in-built speech recognition and NLP (Natural Language Process) that helps businesses to provide support to customers, drive sales and bring messages, calls, and meetings at one place.

Features of Dialpad

  1. Unlimited callings and meetings
  2. Automatic spam call detection
  3. Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 integration
  4. Real-time reporting and analysis
  5. AI powered calls and voicemails

Pros and Cons of Dialpad

  • ProsHIPAA & BAA compliance
  • Multilingual chat and call support
  • Number porting and forwarding
  • Requires additional costs for advanced and add on features
  • Only 10 participants in video conferencing

DialPad Pricing

DialPad offers 3 paid plans:

  1. Standard: Starts at $15/user/month
  2. Pro: Starts at $25/user/month
  3. Enterprise: Available on request

12. Vonage

Vonage is a trustworthy and cloud based VOIP solution. It offers a unified communication platform, which makes communication channels simpler, promotes real-time collaboration, and increases overall work efficiency. Vonage also offers features like speech analysis, ACD systems, and CRM integrations, which make it a versatile platform for businesses to manage their phone communications.

Features of Vonage

  1. Communication APIs to reach customers with messaging, video and voice
  2. AI virtual assistant
  3. Contact center quality management
  4. Intelligent IVR
  5. Real-time analysis dashboard
  6. Workforce management

Pros and Cons of Vonage

  • High customizable solution
  • Salesforce chatbot integration
  • Easy to use interface with real time visibility
  • The add on features are a bit expensive

Vonage Pricing

The pricing plans for Vonage are available on request on their website.

13. RingCentral

RingCentral app and desktop view

RingCentral is a versatile cloud-based communication service provider that lets organizations send or receive texts or calls across various devices. It also offers multiple video and audio-conferencing tools. The dashboard of RingCentral is quite easy to navigate, and its integration feature is the best in the industry. It is a solid fit for every budget-conscious user and individual looking to try out advanced phone system platforms.

Features of RingCentral

  1. Auto call recording
  2. Advanced call handling and monitoring
  3. Real-time analytics for businesses and IT administrators
  4. Robust IVR and SSO (Single Sign-on)
  5. Integrations with Google and Microsoft

Pros and Cons of RingCentral

  • Quite easy to set up and use
  • Works with hybrid, on-premises or remote communications
  • Available on phone, desktop and web apps
  • Customer support could get better
  • Some additional features need extra money

RingCentral Pricing

RingCentral offers 3 paid plans

  1. Core: Starts at $30 per month
  2. Advanced: Starts at $35 per month
  3. Ultra: Starts at $45 per month

14. Mitel

Mitel is a well-known provider of phone numbers in the USA and has also started to get recognition in the Indian market. With over 50 years in the market, Mitel offers businesses a range of PBX solutions, including cloud-hosted and on-site systems. Some of their popular products include MiCloud Flex, MiVoice Business, and MiCloud Connect.

Features of Mitel

  1. Instant SMS and Mail notifications
  2. Video and call conferencing
  3. Seamless integration with multiple CRMs
  4. International numbers available
  5. Enterprise grade security

Pros and Cons of Mitel

  • Highly customizable and flexible
  • Import contacts from CSV, Google and Microsoft 365
  • No free trial options
  • Sound quality can be laggy sometimes

Mitel Pricing

Mitel’s paid plan pricing is available on request on their official website.

15. Grasshopper

Grasshopper desktop and mobile view app for virtual number

Grasshopper is a virtual phone system that is available on both mobile and desktops. It has features like India VoIP number and WiFi calling. This solution is great for businesses as it provides virtual phone numbers, customized greetings, and call handling rules for easy call forwarding. Moreover, you can also have separate phone numbers for personal and business use.

Features of Grasshopper

  1. Custom greetings and instant response
  2. Voicemail transcriptions
  3. Call forwarding and transfers
  4. Business texting
  5. Handle call simultaneously

Pros and Cons of Grasshopper

  • Toll-free, vanity and local phone numbers
  • Offers a virtual receptionist named Ruby
  • Multiple call options
  • Limited scalability
  • Steeper learning curve

Grasshopper Pricing

Grasshopper offers 3 paid plans

  1. Solo: Starts at $26/user/month
  2. Partner: Starts at $44/user/month
  3. Business: Starts at $8$/user/month

16. Aircall

Aircall mobile view and dashboard view app for virtual number

Aircall is a user-friendly cloud-based phone system for sales and support teams. It seamlessly integrates with customer relationship management and helpdesk tools, providing productivity features and security policies. It improves communication for these teams and enables remote work by connecting them anywhere.

Features of Aircall

  1. Virtual phone and call centers.
  2. IVR menus.
  3. Blacklist numbers according to your preference.
  4. Unlimited and simultaneous calls.

Pros and Cons of Aircall

  • Great customer support
  • Works on Desktop, Android and iOS
  • Call monitoring and analytics
  • No toll-free calls are included in unlimited plan

Aircall Pricing

Aircall paid plan starts at $30/license and it is billed annually.

Types of Indian Phone Numbers

There are commonly five types of free Indian virtual numbers:

  1. Indian Landline Phone Numbers: These types of phone numbers have 10 digits and consist of the area code in front of them. Additionally, the numbers also have the Indian country code that is +91. Here’s the list of Indian phone numbers:
  • With 2-digit area code: +91 (AA) (XXXXXXXX)
  • With 3-digit area code: +91 (AAA) (XXXXXXX)
  • With 4-digit area code: +91 (AAAA) (XXXXXX)
  1. Indian Mobile Phone Numbers: The phone you use, most probably would have an Indian mobile phone number. This type of number has 10 digits and starts with two digits of the access code. Moreover, it has 3 digits of provider code, and it ends with a 5-digit subscriber code. The format of this number is +91 9XXXXXXXXXX
  2. Indian Toll-Free Phone Numbers: These types of numbers are mostly used by businesses and enterprises. Indian toll-free numbers have ten or eleven digits, and it starts with a toll-free code. The number looks like 1800XXXXXX or 1860XXXXXXX, and it may or may not consist of Indian country code (+91).
  3. Indian Vanity Phone Numbers: Indian vanity phone numbers are the numbers that are similar to toll-free, but these are customized ones and made by businesses to represent their identity or brand.
  4. Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC): BYOC is a new concept that allows business phone number India to bring their own carrier (telecom provider) to manage their communications infrastructure. This enables companies to have more control over their telephony requirements and gives them the flexibility to choose the best carrier that meets their needs.

What are the Benefits of Having a Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual phone numbers offer several benefits that can greatly improve communication for businesses and individuals alike. The benefits of using virtual phone numbers are:

  1. Cost Effective: The main reason why you need a virtual number is its cost effectiveness, as it does not require hardware or any expensive PBX setup. It requires only a stable and strong broadband connection. Therefore, its maintenance fees are minimal. Furthermore, the call rates of virtual phone numbers are much lower than any traditional phone or landline. This saves a lot of money for businesses and individuals.
  2. Scalability and Flexibility: With a traditional phone system, you might need to buy new hardware, set up new lines, and deal with the complexities of managing multiple physical phones. However, you can easily scale your phone system with a virtual number provider. It’s easy to add or remove numbers as per your changing business needs without any additional infrastructure. Additionally, these numbers offer unmatched flexibility. Whether you’re working from an office or remotely from home or on the go, your calls will always reach you wherever you are.
  3. Easy call management: You will find that most virtual phone services offer a range of call management features such as call routing, IVR menus, Voicemail, call forwarding and more. These features are designed to improve your business’ call-handling process and ensure a positive experience for your customers.
  4. Builds a strong professional presence: With a virtual phone number, you can establish a local presence in different areas without physically being there. Customers will see your business as accessible and trustworthy, and it will help you to increase credibility and customer loyalty. Furthermore, a virtual phone number can separate your personal and professional lives.
  5. IVR integration: Another significant benefit of a virtual phone number is the integration with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. IVR allows you to create customized virtual attendants that greet callers and direct them to the appropriate department or agent. This automated system helps with efficient call routing which saves both time and resources for your business.

What Documents Required to Buy India Virtual Phone Number?

If you want to buy virtual number in India, then you don’t need to go through any confusing legal paperwork. Simply choose one of the providers that suits your preference, fill in the required information, and you’re all set. In some cases, you may be asked only to provide proof of address and ID.

Moreover, you don’t need to have an address within the country. Most Indian virtual number providers don’t have any special documentation requirements for getting a virtual phone number in India.

How Do We Select the Best Indian Virtual Number Providers?

Here are a few important factors we considered when selecting the best virtual number providers in India:

  • Call Features: We examined the availability of important call tools like call forwarding, routing, IVR and more. A rich set of phone features can enhance the customer experience.
  • Community Documentation and Resources: We assessed the availability of documentation, tutorials, forums, and other educational resources created by the software community. Comprehensive resources facilitate learning and problem-solving, reducing the learning curve for businesses and individuals.
  • Integration Capabilities: We investigated how well the software integrates with other technologies, services, and APIs, such as CRMs or third-party plugins.
  • Security and Privacy Features: We examined the security and privacy features offered by each software to ensure your users’ data is well-protected. Robust security measures are essential to safeguard sensitive information and maintain user’s trust.
  • Community Feedback and Reputation: We considered the overall reputation and feedback from the software’s user community, including user reviews and ratings. A positive community reputation is a strong indicator of a reliable and effective development tool.
  • Customization and Extensibility: We looked at how customizable and extensible the software is, allowing businesses to tailor it to their specific call requirements. Customization and extensibility empower you to adapt the software to your unique needs and preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • The virtual phone number world is rapidly growing, set to reach $912 billion by 2030.
  • Types of Indian virtual numbers include landline, mobile, toll-free, vanity, and BYOC options.
  • Virtual phone numbers are cost-effective, scalable, and offer advanced call management features.
  • The registration process for obtaining a virtual Indian number is straightforward, typically requiring minimal documentation.
  • Consider call features, documentation, integration, security, feedback, and customization when selecting a provider.
  • There are several reputable Indian virtual number providers, each with unique features and pricing.
  1. How can I get a virtual Indian mobile number?

    To get a virtual Indian mobile number, you can sign up with Indian virtual number providers. They offer these numbers through online registration and provide you with a virtual mobile number for use.

  2. Is a virtual phone number legal in India?

    Yes, virtual phone numbers are legal in India. They operate over the internet and do not require traditional phone lines. However, it ensures compliance with relevant regulations and permissions for business use.

  3. How can I get a free virtual phone number in India?

    Many virtual number India providers may offer free trials or basic plans with limited features. To get a free virtual phone number in India, you can sign up with these virtual number providers and explore their no cost options.

  4. How can I get a virtual Indian number on WhatsApp?

    Many virtual number India providers may offer free trials or basic plans with limited features. To get a free virtual phone number in India, you can sign up with these virtual number providers and explore their no cost options.

  5. What are some of the providers for virtual Indian phone number for OTP?

    Aircall, Grasshopper, and CallHippo are some of the best providers for virtual Indian phone number for OTP.

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