5 Visitor Policies To Keep Your Office Secure

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Visitors to an office building come in different capacity. There is a wide range of visitors, starting from the business guest, to the interviewee, and delivery personnel. They can be one-time visitors or re-visitors, coming to your office for different purposes.

Every visitor is not always welcome. Visitors who can bring threat to the workplace in any manner need to be stopped from making a visit. Visitor policies come as a saviour in such a case.

Visitor policies ensure the safety of employees, clients and workplace assets. It helps in maintaining the confidentiality of company’s operations. Any organization, irrespective of its size, needs a visitor policy.

If your company doesn’t have a visitor policy place, it’s time to put your efforts towards creating one. If you have one, make sure you revamp the same periodically, depending upon glitches in the existing one. Here’re some points that needs to be considered while creating visitor policies for your organization.

Authorizing Power

A corporate office have different people, from a receptionist to a manager, holding the power to authorize a visitor’s admission. This varies as per the size of the company. For instance, in a startup, the owner directly greets a visitor but so is not the case in an MNC.

Authorization should be given to selective people in your organization to manage the visitors. This will help in avoiding any hullabaloo later. In case of inappropriate authorization, one might be blaming others that they permitted some visitor whereas he/she was not welcome.

Therefore, just like other roles & responsibilities, this one should also be defined clearly.

A visitor management software can make this process easier and automatic.  This software can be used to send an instant notification to the host about the person’s visit via email or SMS. And authorization to visit the premises is given by enabling host authentication. Moreover, the visitor management software allows role based access control. Therefore, only authorized person in your company can enjoy the access to the software.

Identify Visitor

You can identify something only by differentiating it from others. Similarly, to identify a visitor, he or she must be differentiated from other people at the workplace.

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Assigning a visitor’s badge is one of the best ways to approach the matter of identification.

This job of alloting badges can be easily managed by visitor management software.

The software comes with powerful features of face detection, ID recognition and digital signature. Visitor’s details are automatically captured, which facilitates in creating visitor badges with all required information. Details like name, purpose, arrival & departure time, and who approved the entry can be entered in the system as soon as a visitor arrives, and can be printed within seconds as a badge. 

Area open for visitor

Have you seen in corporate areas that there are many gates but entry to a visitor is allowed only from a specific gate? It is done to ensure the safety of the area. If safety and security are the major concerns for your organization as well, then visitor policies are important. The policy should mention about areas which can be accessed by the visitors. For instance, a  visitor may have access to the conference room and not to the back office.

Educate staff about visitors policy

Your task doesn’t end at creating visitor policies, as you need to train your staff as well regarding the same. Employees should be educated that security is their responsibility too. They should be allowed to question in case they identify any unknown face (without the visitor’s badge) and report the same to the front desk team. After all, no one wants to encounter a situation involving security breach. In order to ensure safety of all the employees in the building, it is important for them to be well aware of the organization’s visitor policy.

Maintain Visitor’s Record

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A Visitor Management Software plays an imperative role in making your workplace safe and secure. It helps in maintaining a complete record of visitors from the point of entry to exit. The visitor’s past and present data is maintained on cloud for future references. You can absolutely up tight your security game with a Visitor management software.

You can up tight your security game with a Visitor management software such as Vizitor App. Vizitor visitor management system is developed in India and provides touchless check-ins for visitors. This visitor management app comes with an offline first approach feature which allows it to function properly even in areas with poor connectivity. It lets you take the control and know what’s going on in office premises within the real time. And you can access your space 24*7 in just a few clicks.

Create Safe Workplace for Employees & Visitors

Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way businesses function across the world. Social distancing is the new norm that is being practised in workplaces to avoid health hazards. In the same spirit, offices around the world are fast adapting contactless visitor management apps like Vizitor App, which provide touchless check-in and visitor registration services.

Further, in case of an emergency, no-touch visitor management apps help manage all visitors and employees present within the company premises. By using visitor screening software, organizations can send invites to visitors for different time slots and avoid overcrowding.

Visitor management software is going to be an influential factor in the days to come for making offices safe and disease free for employees as well as visitors.

Pro Tip

Don’t just make visitor policies, but focus on creating an environment where employees feel secure and visitors feel welcomed.

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