Best Embroidery Software for Digitized Embroidery Designs [Free & Paid]

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Want to create elegant digital embroidery designs? Opt for the best Embroidery Software for digitizing your daily processes.

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What is Embroidery Digitizing Technique

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As we all know, embroidery is the queen of fashion clothing since times immemorial. Since its introduced date back to the 5th century, embroidery has witnessed major developments. The most talked about development being digitization of embroidery. The blend of latest technology with beautiful handmade thread designs has greatly impacted fashion.

Nowadays, with embroidery digitizing technique, intricate designs and time-consuming patterns can be created quickly and accurately. This essentially means that designing now, is fun. It is no more a painstaking process - thanks to digitizing software.

What is Embroidery Designing Software

The patterns are easily fed in embroidery software free and premium to produce designs, which are then fed into sewing machines for impeccable finish. Machine embroidery digitizing software free or paid has a pool of design patterns. Additionally, the embroidery stitching tool has needles to stitch in the pattern you pick.

Embroidery software free allows adding objects, lines, letters and other embroidery designs from a vector drawing. From machine embroidery to cross-stitch and other hand-woven embroiders, everything is possible with photo embroidery digitizing software.

How Free Embroidery Digitizing Software Can Help

Free embroidery software performs all important embroidery functions, such as, start and stop, color change and other unique functions. A majority of updated model sewing machines usually have versatile input file formats. All types of artwork can be converted into stitch files with photo embroidery digitizing software.

List of 6 Best Free Embroidery Digitizing Software

Since we are familiar with embroidery digitizing software now, let’s look some of the best free embroidery software to look out for in 2020.

  • my editor

Free embroidery software

WingsXP has my editor as its free embroidery software. It is an easy to use viewing and editing software that is loaded with innovative features.

For those looking to make simple embroidery design changes, my editor software is just a click away. With the help of this software, you can easily view your designs with actual thread colors and make the required changes. You can also fit in any information in your designs.

Additionally, my editor free embroidery software includes extra browsing and saving capabilities. Not only this, it also includes tools to manage materials and improve production.

Unique Functionality:

This free digitizing software is a complete package of advanced stitch editing that can single as well as multiple embroidery stitching. To see the embroidery design in a realistic way, you can use the software’s Preview3D tool.

Features of my editor:

  • Advanced stitch editor
  • Design preview with different fabrics to be included
  • Provides array tool to create beautiful designs
  • You can also rotate and resize designs
  • Automatic emailing of embroidery files
  • Provides editing tools like Cut, Copy and Paste, Group, Ungroup
  • Copy and paste functions to merge open designs
  • You can figure out embroidery sequence of any designs

Price: It’s a free embroidery digitizing software.

Compatible OS: Windows XP (Service Pack 3 or later) or Vista, 7, 8.1, 10

  • DRAWings PRO X

DRAWings Software Image

DRAWings is an embroidery software that is apt for graphic designing, embroidery, and textile and screen printing. With impressive features and latest service packs installed, the software works perfectly as an embroidery software for MAC OS as well as Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Not only this, the embroidery tool makes crafting with cuts and stencils possible. Computerized quilting and fabric painting are the other facilities its offers to its users.

You can use this software’s cutwork tool to draw the area you want to be cut. Simply assign it to cutwork and let your embroidery machine process this information. Then, use 4 cutting needles and the instructions manual to convert the embroidery machine to cutting device so that the software cuts the area you designed.

To create your paper craftwork quickly, simply import an existing cut design, or create your own design. Then use from the many paint fill tools available to paint the areas you want. Once you export the specified areas to be cut, simply export it to your Cutter.

Unique Functionality:

In DRAWings PRO X package, Wings’ modular 6 embroidery tool comes with 3 modules which are: Basic, Text and Editing modules. Available only for Windows OS, Wings' modular 6 is a free addition that is complementary to DRAWings PRO X software. You can download this software as a free embroidery software.

Features of DRAWings PRO X:

  • Its lettering tool includes pre-digitized fonts
  • Envelope on text
  • Cutwork tool that helps with cutting needles used in embroidery machines
  • Multi-hooping support
  • Allows rotating and moving the hoops
  • You can view the rotating process
  • The new knife cut tool helps split objects precisely
  • Name drop ability
  • Automatic button holes
  • Thread palette search ability
  • The advanced auto re-ordering system

Pricing: It’s one of the most popular embroidery software, and its PRO XI package is available at ₹ 1.56 Lacs.

Compatible OS: Windows 7, 8 or 10 & MacOS

  • BuzzEdit v3

BuzzEdit Software Image

Compatible with Windows 7/ 8/ 10/ Vista/ XP, BuzzEdit is a powerful embroidery software and stitch editor that helps customize and create embroideries. An all-inclusive software, BuzzEdit is essentially considered a layout program, a basic digitizing program, an auto-hooping program.

What’s more? This software is a customizer and an automatic wreath and border creator. It’s apt for embroidery stitch editing, basic digitizing and customization. Simply add, delete or move stitches with BuzzEdit to enjoy embroidery stitching tool editing capabilities.

An interesting feature of BuzzEdit v3 is that it helps you easily create continuous borders which are accurately aligned. Additionally, you can change design colors, add new color breaks, or simply rotate and flip designs with this efficient software.

Unique Functionality:

BuzzEdit users you can easily get latest templates with details such as design name, improved graphics, cross hair options and much more. You can conveniently try BuzzEdit as a free tool for embroidery for 21 days to get an idea about how the software works.

Features of BuzzEdit v3:

  • Powerful stitch editing facilities
  • Helps with digitizing & auto-hooping
  • It provides advanced layout functions
  • There is the customizer facility
  • Wreath and border can be created automatically

Price: BuzzFeed version three is available at ₹ 12,145 on online websites.

Compatible OS: Vista, Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, XP

  • Embrilliance Essentials

Embrilliance Essentials Software Logo

An embroidery software, Embrilliance Essentials is compatible with both Mac and PC.  This embroidery tool is user-friendly and fun to use.

This software is flexible in a way that it can write to both, a USB flash drive as well as a floppy disk. This clearly signifies that you can use this software with older computers or computer compatible embroidery machines.

As the name suggests, the software has its ‘essentials’ defined for every embroiderer. Let’s take a quick look at these. By using your PC or Mac, you can:

  • Easily merge embroidery designs in almost all formats, even if these designs are in .ZIP files.
  • Use stitch recalculation to resize any embroidery designs.
  • In Multi-Line, Circle and Monogram modes, add lettering to your embroidery designs. If need be, you have the freedom to even make LARGE embroidered letters and spiral text.
  • Get project advice regarding some difficult embroidery tasks as well as materials.

Unique Functionality:

You can use Embrilliance Essentials as a free embroidery software for a limited time as it offers free DEMO downloads as well as a free trail to use.

Features of Embrilliance Essentials:

  • No limit to the number of installations on different systems
  • Provides scalable embroidery fonts
  • Three types of free design libraries
  • You can resize embroidery designs
  • It helps with stitch recalculation
  • Allows colorizing of embroidery designs

Price: Embrilliance Essentials embroidery design software starts at ₹ 9,875.

Compatible OS: Windows & Mac OS.

  • SewWhat-Pro

SewWhat-Pro Logo

SewWhat-Pro has superior integrated project management features, such as easily editable thread colors, manufacturer brands and editable table for entering project information.

Not only this, with its ability to easily read and write thread color “txt” files for different projects, this software climbs up the ladder to become one of the best embroidery software available.

Unique Functionality:

A plugin is available from myriaCross. This plugin essentially, converts cross-stitch files to embroidery files. For those of you who want free embroidery software, simply use SewWhat-Pro for free until the trial period expires.

Features of SewWhat-Pro:

  • Graphic separation of patterns
  • Helps resizing a pattern at constant density
  • Allows writing compact flash cards for all types of machines
  • Provides an editable table where you can enter project information
  • You can read and write thread colour as ‘txt’ files for all types of embroidery projects
  • Provides multiple thread palettes
  • User-defined and customizable thread palettes

Price: You will get SewWhat Pro embroidery software at around ₹ 19K/-

Compatible OS: All Windows OS, including VISTA and XP

  • Wilcom Embroidery Studio e3

Wilcom Embroidery Studio e3 is one of the most popular embroidery design software among professional digitizers and apparel decorators. This embroidery designing software helps with embroidery designing, decorating, editing and lettering. You will get access to 200 plus professional embroidery fonts to create amazing embroidery designs quickly and accurately. 

Unique Functionality:

The update 6 of Wilcom Embroidery Studio e3 comes with many new features and also the usability issue has been fixed.

Features of Wilcom Embroidery Studio e3:

  • Helps with all types of printing & cutting
  • It also helps with engraving and decoration functions
  • Diverse embroidery fonts
  • Helps with bitmap graphics
  • Provides complete professional control

Price: Wilcom Embroidery Studio e3 if upgraded to the latest version, you can enjoy advanced features. The e4.2 Designing version is available at the price of around ₹ 9K per month.

Compatible OS: Windows 7 & Windows 8 operating systems.


Digitizing is an interesting process. Lots of advanced embroidery digitizing software to convert simple artwork into a digital file. These embroidery patterns are then stitched on the surface of the fabric using automatic embroidery machine.

A digitized file is of utmost importance since it guides an embroidery about how to stitch the desired design on the garment. Scan through to opt for some of the best embroidery digitizing software available in the market.


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