How can Healthcare Technology Improve Patient Care?

How can Healthcare Technology Improve Patient Care?-feature image
August 24, 2023 4 Min read

People often talk about the impact of technology in the context of IT, computers and the internet. While these are pivotal to the tech-boom, their direct impact in our day to day life is often overlooked. For example, we don’t realise how crucial technology has been in healthcare. Growth in healthcare technology has not only improved medical care but also the administrative aspect.

You can thank technology for that. Healthcare technology has improved hospital management by leaps and bounds and you can read about the best healthcare management.

How Technology Impacted Patient Care?

Patient care has seen vast improvement in the last few years, thanks to technology. Advancement in healthcare technology and hospital management tools have made patient care easy and efficient. From making appointment quick to providing quick access to medical history, technology has allowed inventions like hospital management software to bloom which is helpful for both patients and hospitals.

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  • Electronics to the Rescue

The use of electronic devices has had a significant impact on patient care. Doctors and healthcare professionals have seen their work efficiency improve through the use of electronic devices. Tablets and smartphones have allowed them to stay updated on their work schedules, patient records, OT availability, pathology laboratory updates, etc. The need to input information manually, fill-out long ardent sheets and do time-consuming paperwork has reduced significantly for gadget-friendly hospital administrators. Doctors can simply enter any necessary information into their tablets and smartphones, and access it on the go.

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Apart from helping doctors, electronics have improved the patient experience in hospitals and clinics. Patients can use hospital-provided tablets to access their medical records, view pharmaceutical details, call nurses and other administrative staff, access the internet through Wi-Fi connections and leave feedback. The use of technology is also reassuring to patients as they feel secure knowing that their caretakers and doctors can access their medical information at once and diagnose their problems quicker.

  • Improved Diagnostic Process

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Digitising medical records isn’t simply about making patient information available at a moment’s notice. Digital records allow repositories of patient data to be created that doctors and researchers can share and use for studying. This data helps medical professionals better diagnose causes of illness and the best cure possible. The data can also be used to automatically identify risk factors and recommend the right preventative treatment by comparing insights from thousands of similar medical cases.

  • Administrative Tasks Made Simpler

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Healthcare technology has made hospital management a lot easier as well. Hospital Information System can be used to keep track of medicines in stock and in supply. Also, the expiry of medicines can be tracked using HIS to prevent any chance of harmful medication. There has been a significant impact on blood bank management as well. HIS systems can record and display the volume of different groups of blood in the bank. It can also be used to enter information of newly procured blood bags, track consumption and analyse stock reports to understand the volume and type of blood that is required.

Which HIS software can ensure complete hospital management?

From front desk management to patient care, there are a lot of ways that hospital information systems like Med-E-Nova has improved healthcare. Med-E-Nova can perform different functions like dialysis care, OPD, laboratory functioning, pharmaceutical management and OTs. Additionally, front office management, laundry management, MIS reports, accounting, inventory, HR and recruitment are just some of the things that this software can handle for any hospital.

Through technological advancement in healthcare, surgeries and surgical care have vastly improved. Inventions like VR cameras, laparoscopic instruments and robots are further revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

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