[Infographic] HR Lessons That You Can Learn From The Avengers

[Infographic] HR Lessons That You Can Learn From The Avengers-feature image
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The Avengers isn’t just a great superhero movie but also a repository of great HR lessons. Here’s 5 HR lessons that can be learnt from The Avengers.

Every Company Needs a Phil Coulson: Your organisation needs an HR manager like Phil Coulson of SHIELD, a badass trail-blazer who’ll not stop short of finding the best talent for the company and protecting its interests at all cost

Ego in an Organisation= Ultron Level Disaster!: Much like Tony Stark’s ego in Age of Ultron created a humanity-hating robot, egotistical employees in an organisation can be ticking time-bombs of pain and misery. Don’t let the Tony’s of your company overestimate their capabilities and create problems for the rest of the workforce.

Archer or Super-Soldier, They are all in this together: Just like the Avengers, every employee, irrespective of their role, has some extraordinary talent within them that could be beneficial to a company. Your job as the HR, is to find this inner talent/skill/quality and help folks use it at work.

Delegation Saved the World!: In an organisation, delegation is important to inform employees of their roles and responsibilities. Just like each Avenger has a role to play, delegating tasks based on individual qualities will yield best results for your company.

Assemble: All for one, One for all: Always remember that 5 fingers make a fist and a fist can punch through a wall. A team that sticks together, grows together, irrespective of whether it’s the earth’s mightiest heroes or your organisation’s greatest warriors!

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Published On: April 23, 2018

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